Wednesday, February 15, 2012

President Obama: I didn't fundamentally change Washington, but I did set up a new government website

Uh, thanks. I am sure when people sent Obama to Washington, a new government website was the change they were hoping for.

Via Weekly Standard:
In an interview tonight with News Channel 8’s Keith Cate from Tampa, President Obama praised his administration’s ability to “[use] the Internet more effectively” so that folks, “If they need a government service, they don’t have to navigate through 50 websites, they can go to one website so on those fronts we’ve done a lot, we’ve made a lot of progress.”
The president’s answer came in response to this question from Cate: “One final question, during the last campaign you talked about fundamentally changing the way Washington does business, a more efficient, more transparent, more creative Washington. Have you succeeded in that goal? Are we fundamentally better off? Is Washington a better place, is it working more efficiently?”
President Obama’s is unable to say that he has fundamentally changed “the way Washington does business.” Instead, he is only able to tout some website, pointing only to the smallest changes around the edges.
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