Sunday, November 1, 2020

My Case for President Donald J. Trump's Reelection

President's Trump's promised accomplishments are many. 

1. Cut more regulations than any President in history. 
2. Cut taxes for 85% of Americans and businesses. 
 3. Created record low unemployment and household incomes that rose $6000 per family. He also brought back 400,000 manufacturing jobs after the previous administration lost 200,000 and claimed it was impossible to bring them back. (See items 1 and 2) 
4. Secured the border. By the end of this year, there will be 500 miles of new wall completed. You may remember about a year ago hearing about caravans of thousands of immigrants heading from Central America to the U.S. Plus border apprehensions were at record numbers. You don't hear that anymore because President Trump put an end to it. 
 5. President Trump released a list of judges who actually believe in the Constitution and not writing law from the bench. He has followed that list for his 3 confirmed SCOTUS Justices. 
 6. President Trump promised to unleash the military and crush ISIS which had taken over a significant portion of the Middle East under Obama-Biden. Do you hear about ISIS anymore? President Trump crushed them like a bug and then killed their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was in hiding. As a bonus, President Trump killed Iran's top terrorist Qasem Soleimani.  
7. President Trump promised to rebuild our military and he has. 
8. President Trump promised to fix the poor service and long waits at the VA for our veterans. He passed laws to allow firing of bad VA employees and allow veterans to get private healthcare paid for by the VA, ending the long waits. 
9. He supported our energy industry. Gas is half price now compared to the Obama-Biden years and America is now energy independent from the Middle East. 
10. In 2018, prescription prices started going down and President Trump has taken action to create additional reductions, especially on insulin.

President Trump has accomplished many things he didn't promise.

1. He passed the first step act, giving 10's of thousands of inmates a second chance.
2. President Trump has been a peacemaker. He has 4 peace deals under his belt and has been nominated for 4 Nobel prizes.
3. President Trump has led a massive effort to fight coronovirus. Remember when you heard daily there weren't enough ventilators and PPE? You don't hear that anymore. Democrats still claim there isn't enough testing, but over 1 million tests are being administered daily and anyone who wants a test can get one now. President Trump mobilized 10's of thousands of hospital beds that turned out to not be needed. The fastest a virus vaccine was ever developed was Ebola. It too 5 years. President Trump's Warp Speed initiative will develop multiple covid-19 vaccines within a year. Democrats unfairly blame President Trump for every death, but Dr. Fauci said President Trump followed his recommendations and Dr. Birx said we would lose 200,000 people to covid if we did everything perfect.
4. The economy rebounded with 33% GDP annualized, growth last quarter. That isn't just a record. It's double the previous record. President Trump is leading us out if the covid economic damage at an astounding pace. We are doing far better than Europe which suffered far more economic harm and is now going back into lock down. 

President Trump overcame many obstacles

President Trump accomplished these things in spite of 93% negative news coverage and countless bogus investigations that uncovered zero illegal activity. President Trump is the most investigated President in history. He was impeached for asking about Biden family corruption in the Ukraine. Most would have given up in the face of what President Trump has been through, but he is a fighter and won't quit. President Trump works 20 hours a day for us.

Is Joe Biden a better candidate?

While President Trump was working hard for us, Joe Biden spent most of this year hiding in his basement. He is clearly low energy and often doesn't know where he is at or what office he is running for. Few people think he will actually last 4 years if he is elected. That give us President Kamala Harris, who is most liberal Senator in the Senate. 

If Biden is elected, we will likely see Sec. of Labor socialist Bernie Sanders, Sec. of the Treasury, fake Indian, Elizabeth warren, and Sec. of Defense Hillary Clinton. Also, Stacey Abrams of Georgia has been touted by Democrats as a possible SCOTUS nominee. Of course, Joe won't tell us who he wants to put on the court or if he will agree to packing it as many democrats advocate. 

Joe Biden promises to shutdown covid. His plan includes the same things President Trump is doing now, but he claims, without evidence, he can do them better. This is unlikely since he accomplished almost nothing in in 47 years. The two things he would do different are shutting down the economy again if he is advised to do so (by who?) and to make us all wear masks while we are driving on the interstate. Do you really want another shutdown? 

Joe Biden claims he will bring back character to the Oval Office. The truth is he got rich on a public employee's salary by selling political influence through his son, Hunter, and other family members. We know that from the contents of Hunter's laptop and a credible whistle blower who has turned over corroborating documents and devices to the FBI. We now know while Pelosi and Democrats were impeaching Trump for asking about Biden family corruption in a phone call, the FBI had an active money-laundering investigation into Hunter Biden and his business associates that is still open today. They also had possession of Hunter's laptop and kept it quite. The mainstream media and tech giants are actively suppressing this information as I type this post. 

Joe Biden is a flip-flopper. He has promised to end fracking and fossil fuels, costing 10 million jobs, but now claims he won't. He promised to repeal Trump's tax cut to 85% of Americans and raise your taxes, but now claims he will only raise taxes on those making over $400 thousand a year. Will the real Joe Biden please stand up? 

Does be have a record of telling the truth? No. Joe Biden was once forced to drop out of a presidential race for plagiarism. Obama-Biden claimed they wouldn't raise taxes on the middle-class, but they did. The Obamacare claim that you could keep your plan if you like your plan was Politifact's lie of the year in 2013.

Closing argument.

Gallop recently found 56% of Americans are bettor off today than they were 4 years ago. This is in spite of covid and Joe Biden supporters rioting in the streets. President Trump is stronger than Biden on the economy and law and order. Biden has never condemned Antifa or BLM in spite of the riots. He never will. 

Vote President Trump for  law and order and a continued economic recovery. Vote like your future depends on it. If Democrats gain more power, add states and SCOTUS Justices and use their media allies to censor the information you receive, you won't ever get a second chance to take your country back. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Antifa Burns Bibles. Democrats Support Antifa And Make Going to Church Illegal. You Figure It Out.

Evil in action... Vote for your lives in November.

Amy McGrath smiles and nods at Red states getting what comes to them on coronovirus.

This evil creature hates you. Don't forget that in November.

Great Trump Ad: Joe Biden Got It Wrong On China Virus

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Google and liberals point to this study to prove cloth masks work, but it has problems...

This study comes to the top on Google, but not Bing or DuckDuckGo when you search "what size particles do cloth masks filter." The top 4 results on Google link back to this study. So, Google really wants you to read it. Liberals will often point you to it when mandatory masks are being discussed.

The study claims face masks, including some cloth, filter particles in the small range of the covid-19 virus. Depending on the material, the filtration rate is 5% to 80% for particles with diameters similar to the covid-19 virus. This seems illogical because the opening in cloth masks are larger than covid-19 virus particles. The study claims many cloth or hybrid material masks will stop the small particles due to electrostatics. I found several problems with the study, which they have already been forced to revise one time.

1. They didn't test the material using actual virus particles. They used salt.

The aerosol particles are generated using a commercial sodium chloride (NaCl) aerosol generator (TSI Particle Generator, model #8026), producing particles in the range of a few tens of nanometers to approximately 10 μm. 

Salt atoms are naturally ionized. I doubt covid-19 particles have the same level of ionization, but this isn't addressed in the study.

2. They don't tell you the humidity level, that I could find, during the test. Everyone knows very low humidity helps with electrostatic charge. Ever been shocked during a kiss after walking across the carpet on a low humidity day? It doesn't happen when the humidity is high.

3. Since your hot humid breath is passing through the fabric, the fabric masks are going to quickly lose a lot of their electrostatic capture ability. If it's hot and you sweat, the mask is actually going to get wet. 

4. They tried to simulate leakage. They estimated a 0.5%~2% leakage around the mask which they simulated by drilling holes. That's laughable for anything less than a N95 mask. By now, we have all worn a cloth mask and know the leakage is significant. The hot moist air leaking out is what fogs your glasses. Many people wear their masks loosely to improve breath-ability. Don't get me started on the bandanas tied around the face or the cloth masks with an exhaust valve. They are laughable. 

5. They only tested at low CFM's to simulate regular breathing and breathing during exercise. Regular breathing expels air at about 7 mph. Coughs can hit 50 mph and sneezes can hit 100 mph. 

6. The materials they checked all had a breath-ability difficulty level of a N95 mask or higher! Experts steer people to fabric masks because they are easier to breath through, but that isn't true is you layer the materials and/or use really tight weaves.  They found quilt material with a batting almost a 1/4 inch thick was very effective. Would you like to try and breath through that all day? 

Here is a chart showing the pressure differentials they tested equaled or were much higher than N95 masks.
7. The study only addresses particle size filtration by various mask materials. It doesn't address the fact that people touch their faces much more when wearing a mask and don't change or wash the mask as often ans recommended.

8. This was a laboratory study, not a real world study. Do masks reduce covid-19 spread in the real world? There are lot's of models that predict they "may" reduce the spread, but if you aren't skeptical of models at this point, I can't help you. Remember when models claimed 2.5 million Americans were going to die from covid-19? Models also claimed the Arctic would be ice free now. It's not. 

Researchers said wearing face masks in public reduced the daily number of coronavirus by as much as 2% in Washington, D.C. and the 15 states that mandated face mask use compared to states that did not.
Many people feel mandatory mask wearing is a violation of their rights. Masks are certainly burdensome on the public. A 2% reduction is almost statistically insignificant.  Let the people who want to wear masks wear them and let the rest of us make our own health choices.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Confirmed: Florida covid numbers exaggerated by lumping in old antibody tests

I have been watching the Florida covid numbers closely . I am traveling to Panama City Beach soon for vacation. Panama City is in Bay county. They haven't had a huge coronovirus problem, but yesterday the numbers jumped dramatically. Here is why from the Bay county covid site.
These numbers are included in the 10,109 record reported yesterday.
The total numbers match at Worldometer, but the daily total is off by one. I don't know why.

This is evidence Florida is including antibody tests in the total and adding in antibody tests from earlier this month.