Sunday, June 2, 2019

Did our government admit last week that aliens are real and they are visiting us?

I am referring to this story last Sunday by the New York Times. A casual reading of this story admits no such thing. A summary of the article is that there was an uptick in UFO sightings in 2014 and 2015 and the Navy earlier this year sent out new classified guidance for how to report these sightings. Here is a video released earlier. Language warning.

Several news outlets including FOX News and CNN ran stories on this, but they mostly missed the point on what it meant.

Now the Times doesn't imply these are extraterrestrial in origin and mentions possible software glitches or foreign terrestrial origins as a potential explanation. As interesting as the video and the Navy's interest in the reports is, that isn't the important part of the story.

First some backstory. The Navy got upgraded radar on their planes in 2014. The previous radar was a dish under a cover and basically 1980's technology. The new retrofitted radar, also on the F-35, is more omnidirectional and much more sensitive. That's why the sightings escalated in 2014 and 2015. The story doesn't reveal if this continues until now.

Two pilots spoke on the record and three without being named. This didn't happen without government approval. It is what they said that is the most revealing information. Some of the objects are the spinning tops ,which may be passenger jet liner in size, and others appear to be a sphere inside a translucent cube and more drone sized. They described objects that they could see visually, record on cameras and that also showed up on both radar and thermal imaging equipment. These objects could travel at a hyper-sonic 5000 mph, stop and accelerate at what would normally be incredible G forces; plus they could do 90 degree turns. Sometimes there were whole flocks of these thing and the sightings lasted all day.They had no exhaust plumes. In one case, there was a near mid-air collision with one.

So what are they? Since they show up on radar and infrared, they must be physical objects. We are not talking about the planet Venus or ball lightening. Since they could see them and almost collided with one, they are not software glitches. Could they be a secret project of ours or the Russians or Chinese? The technology described isn't just years ahead of us. It's likely centuries. If anyone on Earth has this technology, the question of how they got it leads back to the conclusion in my headline. If the Chinese or Russians have it, it's game-over for us. They would be demanding our unconditional surrender. Let's face it. It's not terrestrial.We are talking anti-gravity or some type of reactionless drive. We don't even fully understand how gravity works, much less being able to engineer a flyable anti-gravity craft. We do have some theories about reactionless drives, but they are far in out future if practical at all. There are other technological obstacles that would keep us from building these craft. The power demands would be severe and have to fit in a small space. The same for whatever feuled the power source. Also, flying a cube at hypersonic speeds isn't something we would even consider doing now. You could theorize they were from the future or a parallel universe, but the physics of that is even more farfetched than an extraterrestrial visitor.

So why is the government revealing this now? That is unknown, but President Trump is anti-deepstate and this would be one of the deepstate's deepest secrets. I cannot downplay the significance of the conclusions I reached in the above post. This is the biggest story since 9/11, maybe the biggest story ever. I will leave you with this strange video of a UFO over a Netherlands's beach that was published last year.