Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alvin Greene's Attack Ad Smears Jim Demint as Evil, UnAmerican, Bigot and a Maniac

Read the text behind Demint at the beginning of the video ad. It is tempting to call Democratic Party's nominee for Senate in South Carolina, Alvin Green, the most embarrassing Democrat ever. But that threshold is so high...

Video: Laura Ingraham Demolishes Lefty Marc Lamont Hill on Obama, Racism and Immigration

No comment is needed. Just watch the video. A transcript can be found here.

Fail: Obama pushed unemployment benefits extension at news conference by featuring woman convicted of drug fraud

It looks like President Obama should have completed a background check on the three unemployed Americans he featured at his Virginia news conference where he pushed for an unemployment benefits extension. One was convicted of a drug charge a month before she lost her job. Here is what President obama had to say about her.
"We need to extend unemployment compensation benefits for women like Leslie Macko, who lost her job at a fitness center last year, and has been looking for work ever since. Because she's eligible for only a few more weeks of unemployment, she's doing what she never thought she'd have to do. Not at this point, anyway. She's turning to her father for financial support."

I doubt most Americans would want to pay her unemployment benefits if they had the following information.

The Washington Examiner reported:
One of the unemployed was Leslie Macko, a Charlottesville, Va, woman who reportedly had been dismissed from her job as an aesthetician at the spa of the Atlantic Coast Athletic Club (ACAC) in Albemarle Square, according to Charlottesville's CBS 19:

CBS19's Jessica Jaglois has learned that Macko was found guilty of prescription drug fraud in March 2009, one month before Macko lost her job at ACAC. She served a one year probationary sentence.

It's Time for Democrats to Tremble in Fear Again: It's August Recess Town Hall Time.

The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 requires Congress to take a recess every August, unless there is a war. Of course, Congress can change this anytime they choose. Big spending Democrats are probably wishing there was a good reason to skip the recess this year. They have to face their voters at Town Halls again. The National Republican Congressional Committee put together this video collection of Town Hall experiences to welcome Democrats back to Washington last fall. If you haven't seen it, you are really going to enjoy this video.

Bad News for Democrats, There May be Back-to-Back Ethics Trials of House Democrats

The ethical charges against Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) are well know. There have been conflicting reports about whether Rangel has been able to make a deal that would prevent an embarrassing trial. Democrats, including President Obama, seem ready to throw Rangel under the bus. Additionally, the House Ethics Committee is very close to charging Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) with ethical lapses for the $12 million in TARP money she allegedly help funnel to a bank partially owned by her husband. Waters is reportedly going to force a public trial.

The Hill reported:
Multiple news outlets reported Friday night that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has chosen to face a trial on ethics charges.

How to flush $7.4 billion down the toilet (video)

World Governments have pledged at least $7.4 billion to the Palestinian Authority in the last three and a half years. This includes $900 million from U.S. taxpayers last year and $400 million taxpayer dollars pledged in June of this year. This shocking video shows how much of that money has been wasted on corruption and stupidity.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Republicans...err...I Mean Democrats Try to Repeal Part of Obamacare

Democrats forgot to read the health care reform bill before they rammed it through Congress. Consequently, they have discovered a need to repeal part of it.

The Politico reported:
Democrats proposed repealing new IRS reporting requirements that small business has warned would be overly burdensome. But they attached a new tax on Americans conducting business overseas— essentially a poison pill for Republicans who are unlikely to support a new tax.

If they had read the bill and knew anything about business, Democrats would have known this was a bad idea. If they succed in repealing this section, the bill will become a budget buster by CBO scoring, unless they cut somewhere else.

Friday Funny

From William Warren:

Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell if Hillary Clinton Runs in 2012; She Will Win (video)

Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell saying he does not believe Hillary Clinton will run for President,she will win.

Taliban Plan to Kill Informants Outed By WikiLeaks Documents

The person or people responsible for the WikiLeaks Afghanistan documents release should be tried for treason. They will soon have blood on their hands. Pfc. Manning (pictured above) has been implicated in the leaks.

The Telegraph reported:
The Taliban has issued a warning to Afghans whose names might appear on the leaked Afghanistan war logs as informers for the Nato-led coalition.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said they were studying and investigating the report, adding “If they are US spies, then we know how to punish them.”

Oh My! Another Poll Showing Hillary Clinton Could Beat Obama in 2012 Presidential Primary

Here is another poll from Synovate-eNation showing Hillary Clinton could beat president Obama in a 2012 primary match-up.
If he was to face a challenge, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is best poised to challenge him, according to a new Washington Whispers poll. Some 61 percent said Clinton, a 2008 primary challenger to Obama when she was a New York senator, could beat the president in a primary.

Heartache: Andy Griffith Pimps for ObamaCare

In the most disappointing video I have seen in a while, Andy Griffith pimps for ObamaCare.

Demo Rep. Anthony Weiner Double-Downs on Crazy (Videos)

Here is a video of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) flipping out on the House floor last night.

And here is the double-down on crazy from a FOX News appearance this morning.

On a brighter note GOP Rep. Peter King (R-NY) verbally smacks Weiner around in the bottom video.

(Video) Congressman Mike Pence reams Democrats for branding Tea Party as "extremists"

Republican Congressman Mike Pence invokes the words of Thomas Jefferson and reams Democrats in this impassioned defense of the Tea Party movement.

From the video via Breitbart:
"Yesterday we learned of a new effort by Democrats in Washington to attack American citizens who speak their mind and peaceably assemble as ‘extremists or radicals.’ Demeaning tea party citizens, or other Americans who are simply saying ‘no’ to runaway spending, takeovers and bailouts, is beneath the dignity of a great political party and it smacks of desperation."

Obama Administration Proposes Amnesty by Administrative Fiat

When President Obama's Cap and Trade bill stalled in the Senate last year, he decided to ignore the will of the legislator and the American people and change the rules to allow EPA to regulate CO2 as a pollutant. When President Obama's health care reform bill was rejected by the American people and stopped by a filibuster in the Senate, Democrats cut backroom deals, held votes in the middle of the night and changed the rules to pass health care reform as a reconciliation bill. Now, President Obama's amnesty immigration reform bill is stalled out in Congress. A CNN poll released in April found two-thirds of Americans were opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Obama lacks the votes in Congress and doesn't have the support of the American people to change Congresses mind. What will he do? Will he abide by the will of Congress and American citizens? President Obama could care less about what the 'little people,' or Congress for that matter, think. He will attempt to ram through his liberal agenda by administrative fiat. Obama will change the rules to give as many illegal immigrants amnesty as possible if he can get away with it.

NRO reported:
According to an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memo going the rounds of Capitol Hill and obtained by National Review, the agency is considering ways in which it could enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” — that is, without the consent of the American people through a vote in Congress.

You can read the entire memo at NRO. Here is a screen capture of the first paragraphs.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

EPA rejects petitions to reverse its 2009 decision to regulate CO2 as a pollutant

The states of Virginia and Texas, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups petitioned the EPA to reverse it's December 2009 decision to regulate CO2 as a pollutant. Not only did EPA completely dismiss the Climategate scandal, they are claiming global warming is getting worse.
The petitions to reconsider EPA’s Endangerment Finding claim that climate science cannot be trusted, and assert a conspiracy that invalidates the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. After months of serious consideration of the petitions and of the state of climate change science, EPA finds no evidence to support these claims. In contrast, EPA’s review shows that climate science is credible, compelling, and growing stronger.

Here is the Monthly Mean Surface Temperature Anomaly chart for 1996~2010 from NASA GISS. Does this look like global warming is "growing stronger" or stalled out since 1998?

One of the reasons EPA cited for continuing belief in global warming was loss of Arctic sea ice. However, that isn't a representation of the entire Earth's temperature. A better gauge is Global Sea Ice Area. Here is a chart from the University of Illinois' The Cryosphere Today. Do you see clear evidence of global warming?

Good News! Arizona Boycotts Failing!

In an effort to fight the boycotts, The Greater Phoenix Economic Council and Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce have launched a new website. They may not need it. The boycotts seem to be failing anyway.

FOX News reported:
Recent data compiled by a market research group show hotel bookings across the state -- as well as in tourism hot spots Phoenix and Scottsdale -- have been on the rise the past two months.

Video: Delusional Nancy Pelosi Claims She "Drained the Swamp"

Nanci Pelosi's cheese has completely slipped off her cracker. If Pelosi really wanted to "drain the swamp" in Washington, she would start with the Congressional Black Caucus.

From the video of Pelosi's Daily press conference:
“Drain the swamp we did as this was a terrible place. We made a tremendous difference, and I take great pride in that."

From the Republican Governors Association: 14 Weeks (video)

I hope you enjoy this motivational video from the Republican Governors Association. If you weren't motivated to get out and take this country back in November, you will be after watching this video. Watch and learn what this 2010 midterm election is all about.

Tingles Fears Judges Ruling Blocking Arizona Immigration Law Will Be "Killer for Democrats"

I don't ofter agree with Chris Matthews, but I believe he is right on this occasion. The vast majority of voters support the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Much of the voter backlash building in the country is against the size and power of the federal government. Matthews is correct this ruling is going to "dramatize" that point in voters minds.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Transcript at NewsBusters:
CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Let me finish tonight with this federal injunction against the new Arizona immigration law.

First of all, it is a killer issue politically for the Democrats this fall and a huge windfall for the Right. It will anger even those people who believe the Arizona law went too far. It will dramatize the main case raised by the Tea Party people, that the federal government in Washington has become too powerful, that the rights of states have been terribly abridged. That is the political consequence and it will be felt mightily this November.

Joy Behar Jokes on Twitter About Fellating Obama During Interview

President Obama will appear on 'The View' today. He will be the first sitting President to appear on ABC's daytime talk show. Women are the target audience for 'The View' and Obama is trying to shore up this demographic before this November's elections. Democrats need the 'soccer mom' vote to help stem the bloodbath headed their way this fall. Among the critics of President Obama's foray into into fluffy daytime TV is Rosie O'Donnell. Radio Equalizer quoted O'Donnell as saying,
"I don't really think sitting presidents should go do fluffy daytime TV shows."

In spite of the criticism, 'The View's Joy Behar is excited about the visit. She tweeted this yesterday.

Bret Baier Offers Proof Howard Dean is Lying About FOX Sherrod Coverage

Howard Dean keeps trying to brand FOX News as a bunch of bigots responsible for the Shirley Sherrod firing resignation. However, FOX News never mentioned Sherrods Name or showed the video until after she was forced to resign by White House pressure. Bret Baier fast forwards through the days programing to prove Dean isn't telling the truth.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Neil Cavuto: Obama’s Poll Numbers Dropping Because People Don’t Trust Him Anymore (video)

After that statement, Cavuto proceeds to list many of the reasons people can't trust President Obama anymore.

Irony: Harry Reid's Filibuster Reform Bill Doesn't Have 60 Votes to Stop Filibuster

Harry Reid promised liberal activists he would support a filibuster reform bill and continue to ram Obama's socialist agenda down America's throat. However, he would need 60 votes to get cloture and bring the reform bill to a vote. He doesn't have them.

The Hill reported:
Five Senate Democrats have said they will not support a lowering of the 60-vote bar necessary to pass legislation. Another four lawmakers say they are wary about such a change and would be hesitant...

Was an al-Qaeda cell in Algeria killed by a WMD experiment?

Reportedly, an Algeria al-Qaeda cell was trying to weaponize the "Black Death" and got their just reward.

The Telegraph reported:
The group of 40 terrorists were reported to have been killed by the plague at a training camp in Algeria earlier this month.

Demo Rep. Maxine Waters is concerned the country is being run by the "Enemy Right-Wing Press" or something

The country is being run by the right-wing press? Aside from talk radio and a few blogs, the only media in the county that will report the conservative side of the news is FOX News and a few newspapers. Most journalists are liberal Democrats who voted heavily for Obama. The nonpartisan Center for Media Studies found FOX News to be the most fair and balanced in a 2007 study (small pdf). A PPP Poll released this year found FOX News the most trusted name in news among the major networks and for good reason. Of course, Maxine Waters doesn't know this information because the liberal media she is addicted to won't report the facts. Consequently, she has developed a distorted and almost deranged world view. Here is what she said today at the Urban League’s Centennial Celebration in Washington.

From ABC News:
“The enemy,” according to Waters, is the conservative media. “The same people enemy that just killed off ACORN and other things,” she said.

“The right-wing press is using that platform to literally do their organizing, to intimidate you and basically run this country.”

Rangel Tries to Get Out of Ethics Charges by Having an Unethical Meeting?

There are allegations Charlie Rangel's attorney met privately with Democrats without a Republican from the Ethic Committee present. This could torpedo any hope Rangel has for a deal. At least one Republican has to agree and in the now heightened partisan atmosphere, that is unlikely to happen.

Politico reported via Hot Air:
Rep. Charles Rangel’s chances of cutting an ethics deal are in jeopardy over allegations that he met privately with Ethics Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) Monday night without any Republican members of the bipartisan panel present.

Oops! Obama's Hispanic Poll Numbers Slip

IN 2008, President Obama received 67% of the Hispanic vote. Last November, a Associated Press-GfK poll found 68% support for President Obama. This July, a Associated Press-Univision poll has found Obama's support down to 57%. This comes on the heels of President Obama's immigration reform push. When Hispanics realize there will be no immigration reform this year, that bump will wear off and Obama could see Hispanic support numbers below 50%.

AP reported:
President Barack Obama’s once solid support among Hispanics is showing a few cracks, a troubling sign for Democrats desperate to get this critical constituency excited about helping the party hold onto Congress this fall.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Walks Back Nancy Pelosi's "Drain the Swamp" Promise

In October 2006, Nancy Pelosi promised to "drain the swamp" she claimed Washington had become. Of course, that was a Republican swamp. Pelosi has certainly failed to keep her promise since Democrats have gained control of the House. Now, her right arm, Steny Hoyer, wants nothing to do with the claim.

The Hill reported:
Pelosi famously vowed in 2006 to “drain the swamp” that ensnared Republican members and their leaders during the George W. Bush administration.

During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Hoyer clarified that he has never used that phrase.

What? Lefty Environmentalist Doubts Global Warming? (video)

This video is surprising, but global warming skeptics need all the support they can get. If left-wing environmentalists want to help prevent spending trillions of dollars on a farce, more power to them. Perhaps we can take some of the money saved and address some real environmental problems. One thing is for sure, when the left starts doubting Al Gore, the scam is over.

From the video:
"This global warming thing is an invention..."

Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot Indicates Democrats Will Go Belly Up This November

The latest Rasmussen survey has found a 10 point lead, among likely voters, for Republican candidates in the Generic Congressional Ballot. If this lead is accurate and holds, the political ground will move this November and a historic Republican landslide of will occur.

Rasmussen reported:
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely Voters would vote for their district's Republican congressional candidate, while 36% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

Republican Governor’s Association Ad Mocks Rory Reid For Dropping His Last Name From Ads

Rory Reid, son of Harry Reid, is polling so far behind in the race for Nevada Governor, he is trying to distance himself from his own last name. The Republican Governor’s Association has some fun with a video ad by using Rory's own words to prove he is running away from his last name. Enjoy!

Rory Reid's Name Used in an Ad?

Keith Olbermann Equates Tea Party With Klan

Keith Olbermann tweeted this at a conservative tweeter Sunday.

The attempt to brand the Tea Party as racist continues. Perhaps Olbermann only thinks associating someone with the Klan is a bad thing if they are Republicans or oppose Obama's policies. . He spoke buoyantly about former Sen. Robert Byrd's early life Klan membership. In this video of his comments shortly after Byrd's death, he seemed mainly concerned about how losing a Senator would affect the Democrats plans to pass their financial reform bill.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama has completely lost touch with mainstream America

President Obama has taken four vacations in a month. This is far beyond the wildest dreams of most Americans. They are lucky if they have a job and can barely pay their bills in this economy. Obama claims he and Michelle are "not far removed" from what most Americans are suffering.

He says he and first lady Michelle Obama took a hit like everybody else when the economy nearly collapsed, telling ABC that a college fund for daughters Malia and Sasha has gone "up and down'' with the stock market.

Obama says the first couple is "not that far removed from what most Americans are going through.''
Accent is mine.

Yet, Obama golf, vacations and parties almost nightly when in the White House. This seems to be a long way from the suffering this economy has wrought on ordinary Americans. President Obama clearly has lost touch with mainstream America; if he ever was. President Obama is just another liberal elitist who thinks he knows what is best for us peons.

Shirley Sherrod’s Husband: “We Must Stop the White Man and Uncle Toms From Stealing Our Elections”

Shirley Sherrod has been portrayed as a martyr after being accused of racism and forced to resign after an edited videotape of her March NAACP speech was released. The video is damning, but at the end she does speak of her redemption. Many people have been critical of the video and claimed her comments were not in context. It is going to be difficult to do the same for this January video of her husband, Charles Sherrod. How do you put the sentence, “We Must Stop the White Man and Uncle Toms From Stealing Our Elections,” in any context that doesn't seem steeped with racism?

Via Dan Riehl:

Shirley Sherrod is married to Charles. Apparently, she is able to tolerate his opinions...

Obama is Working Hard (Not)

Being President is a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Our country is facing many serious problems; high unemployment and a stagnant war in Afghanistan are just couple of them. Many Americans have a vision of President Obama rising early for a busy eighteen hour day. Let's check his schedule and see how he is doing.

Obama quits work at lunch on Friday after a light morning.

Obama doesn't resume work until lunch on Monday.

You have to wonder if the 9.5% of Americans unemployed wouldn't be willing to work a little harder for:
$400,000 per year, along with a $150,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment.

John Kerry When Pressed About Yacht Tax Evasion: "Can I get out of here, please?"

The liberal elites who are running the country now think they are exempt from the rules that apply to ordinary people. This was highlighted last year by the revelations that many of President Obama's cabinet nominees had tax problems. More recently, we have Charles Rangel and John Kerry proving again liberals think they are the lords of common man and not subject to the same rules , or taxes, we have to live with. Of course, Kerry denies the obvious.

My Fox Boston has the complete story.
A spokesman for the senator says Kerry never intended to evade taxes...

NYT Issues Correction for Article Alleging Tea Party Racial Slur was Directed at Rep. John Lewis

Andrew Breitbart has offered a $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund for anyone who can prove Tea Party protesters hurled racial epithets at Rep. John Lewis and members of the Congressional Black Caucus during an anti-Obamacare rally in Washington March 20, 2010. You can see from this video the crowd was boisterous and noisy, but you don't hear any racial epithets. Apparently, the New Your Times can't find any evidence either. They are walking back the claim.

From Power Line:
..there is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol, came from Tea Party members.

You can see a screen capture of correction at American Power.

Chris Matthews Has Freudian Slip. Calls Obama "OCarter" (video)

During a discussion about the possibility House Democrats reelection strategies, Chris Matthews called President Obama "President OCarter."

From the Video via NewsBusters:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Will the Democrats running for the House re-election, they’re all running for re-election under the Constitution, and the Senate candidates, will they run away from President OCarter? I mean, will they run away.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Calling Dr. Freud, calling Dr. Freud.

MATTHEWS: I know. Will they run away from President Obama?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Video: Co-founder of RCP Handicaps the GOP Chance of Regaining Senate

RCP’s Tom Bevan reveals his take on Republican's chances for regaining control of the U.S. Senate.

Maureen Dowd has figured out Obama's race problem. He has too many white guys working for him.

President Obama has certainly tripped over the race issue several time. The worst was the Crowley, Gates affair that required a beer summit to put to bed. Now, Obama is caught up in the firing forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod after Andrew Breitbart showed part of her inflammatory NAACP speech. President Obama has already had to call Sherrod and apologize. Maureen Dowd thinks she knows what Obama's problem is. He has too many white guys working for hum.

The NY Times reported:
The first black president should expand beyond his campaign security blanket, the smug cordon of overprotective white guys surrounding him...

Otherwise, this administration will keep tripping over race rather than inspiring on race.

Fantastic Video: Chris Wallace Reams Howard Dean for Accusing FOX News of Racism

Howard Dean accused FOX News of racism for covering the Shirley Sherrod and Black Panthers stories. After Wallace floored former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean with the information Shirley Sherrod was forced out before FOX ever mentioned her name or showed the video, Dean was practically sputtering.

Video: CNN Panelist Says of Tea Party, ‘We Think Your Ideology is Racism’

When liberals don't have any other cards to play, they play the racism card. Democrats are working a strategyof branding the Tea Party as racist.

CNN: Tea Party Ideology Is Racist, States Rights Is Racist

Obama Admin Urged British Officials to Use "Compassion" Fiction as Reason for Lockerbie Bomber Release

We now know the Lockerbie bomber may live another ten years, in spite of being released on the humanitarianism fiction he had only three months to live. Where did the British get the idea for this farce? They may have gotten it from the Obama administration. Politics UK is reporting, deputy head of the US Embassy in London Richard LeBaron, sent the following letter to to Alex Salmond, Scottish first minister.
It read: "If Scottish authorities come to the conclusion that Megrahi must be released from custody, the US position is that conditional release on compassionate grounds would be a far preferable alternative to prisoner transfer."

This is a slap in the face of victims families.

Harry Reid Promises Netroots Convention: "We're going to have a public option,"

President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi still have unfinished items on their Socialistic agenda. Harry Reid promised the Daily Kos Netnuts Netroots convention there would be a public option.

American Spectator reported:
"We're going to have a public option," Reid said. "It's just a question of when."

Reid's general comments reflected the same overall message to progressives that President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered earlier today. It essentially boils down to: We've done a lot of stuff, but... Read more here.

Harry Reid also indicated he is planning on changing filibuster rules.

Harry Reid to Netroots Convention: America “would be in a lot more trouble if we weren’t around.” (video)

Well, America would be a lost less Socialistic. If you think that is better...

Harry Reid to Netroots Convention: America “would be in a lot more trouble if we weren’t around.” (video)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rangel Using Campaign Cash to Pay Legal Bills

Charles Rangel, a key member of Pelosi's most ethical congress "evah," is using campaign money to pay his legal bills while fighting ethics charges. This is obscene.

The NY Daily News reported:
That leaves the Harlem Democrat with no choice but to run for, and win, a 21st term in the House to keep raising campaign money to pay legal fees - which top $1.7 million, records show.

"It's perverse - he's got to keep doing it," said Solomon Wisenberg... Read more here.

Does Community Organizer Voter Registration Ad Encourage Non-Citizens to Vote? (video)

Texans Together appears to be a bunch of community organizers that would make Barack Obama proud. They have put out this Houston Votes ad. The ad clearly is playing on Hispanics fear of the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Taken at face value, the ad could be seen as encouraging non-citizens to register and vote. In the ad, a policeman stops a Hispanic looking man and asks him if he is from around here. The man replies no. Upon further questioning, it is revealed the man is from Mexico, but here legally. The policeman then asks to see the man's documents. The announcer then asks us, "Don't want this to happen?" Then he tells us to vote. The ad shows a voter registration form and the announcer says, "Fill out this one or fill out theirs." If the man stopped had been a U.S. citizen, the ad would have made sense, but the Hispanic man in the ad admits he is here legally from Mexico. This would make him a non-citizen and ineligible to vote. Watch the video and form your own opinion.

Houston Votes "Policeman" from Curiosity Shoppe on Vimeo.

President Obama Urges Liberal Bloggers On

President Obama sent a video to the Kos Netnuts Netroots Nation convention urging liberal bloggers to keep fighting. Conservatives also held a blogging convention in Las Vegas at the same time. They are still waiting for their encouraging video.
He says "change is hard," and he urged hundreds of activists and bloggers in the audience to "keep making your voices heard."

Liberal bloggers get together. What could possibly go wrong? (video)

Liberal bloggers have gathered in Nevada for the annual Daily Kos sponsored event, Netroots Nation. Here is a video sample of what you are missing. Liberal talker and MSNBC Host Ed Schultz becomes unhinged and mocks Glenn Beck for going blind,
“I’m Sorry He Won’t See The Country He’s Trying to Destroy”

Does being a liberal drive people insane?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod in Context: She is still race baiting and inciting class warfare (video)

The full video Shirley Sherrod in context is damning. Even more damning is the applause form the NAACP audience.

Via Jim Hoft:

Nebraska town bans illegal immigrants from renting property, gets sued by ACLU

The liberal ACLU has sued a Nebraska town over immigration regulations.

The WSJ reported:
Remember Fremont, Nebraska? In June, citizens of the 25,000-person town voted in favor of banning illegal immigrants from renting property or landing a job in the town.

The law, which requires town officials to evaluate the citizenship of anyone renting property, has put the town at the center of the roiling immigration debate.

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of landlords, tenants and employers in Fremont.

Sharron Angle: "Harry Reid Has Done More for the Foreclosure Rate"

Harry Reid claims he has "Done more for Nevada." Sharron Angle fisks that claim in this video ad.

Obama Plans Yet Another Vacation

Does Obama do anything besides plan vacations? Do you remember when Bush was criticized for going to his home in Texas?

President Barack Obama is taking his family back to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for summer vacation next month.

The White House announced the vacation plans on Friday, one day after disclosing that the Obamas would overnight somewhere along Florida’s oil-threatened Gulf Coast on the weekend of Aug. 14.

The Obamas are scheduled to arrive on the Massachusetts island on Aug. 19 and return to the White House on Aug. 29.

Facebook Deleted Sarah Palin Post Critical of Mosque Near Ground Zero, Claim Automated System Was Responsible.

Facebook deleted a Sarah Palin Post that was critical of a Mosque being built in NYC near Ground Zero. Facebook claims an automated system was responsible. Assuming Facebook isn't lying, their automated system flags posts critical of Islam? Facebook needs to provide more details, but don't hold your breath.

The Politico reported:

Facebook issued an apology Thursday for deleting a post by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes explained in a statement that a Palin post criticizing the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York City was removed by an automated system and had nothing to do with the content of the post.

The Most Liberal Senator Dodges His State Yacht Tax

Well known tax hiker and the man National Journal rated as the most liberal Senator four times, has registered his 76-foot luxury yacht in Rhode Island instead of his home state of Massachusetts. This move has saved him approximately $500,000 in sales and excise taxes. Liberals love to raise taxes, but they want someone else to pay them.

The Boston Herald reported:
Sen. John Kerry, who has repeatedly voted to raise taxes while in Congress, dodged a whopping six-figure state tax bill on his new multimillion-dollar yacht by mooring her in Newport, R.I....

But instead of berthing the vessel in Nantucket, where the senator summers with the missus, Teresa Heinz, Isabel’s hailing port is listed as “Newport” on her stern....

Cash-strapped Massachusetts still collects a 6.25 percent sales tax and an annual excise tax on yachts. Sources say Isabel sold for something in the neighborhood of $7 million, meaning Kerry saved approximately $437,500 in sales tax and an annual excise tax of about $70,000.

Kerry lost his most liberal Senator title to then Senator Barack Obama in 2007.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's fun video: Glenn Beck Takes Olbermann’s Shirley Sherrod “Special Comment” Apart (video)

If you would enjoy watching Glenn Beck mock Keith Olbermann, watch this video.

Today's fun video: Glenn Beck Takes Olbermann’s Shirley Sherrod “Special Comment” Apart (video)

Climate Change Bill Suffers Senate Meltdown

Today, Harry Reid said about the Democrats Cap and Tax bill,
"We know we don’t have the votes..."

One thing is certain. If Harry Reid doesn't have the votes now, he will have less in 2011.

The Politico reported:
Senate Democrats pulled the plug on climate legislation Thursday, pushing the issue off into an uncertain future ahead of midterm elections where President Barack Obama’s party is girding for a drubbing.

Rather than a long-awaited measure capping greenhouse gases — or even a more limited bill directed only at electric utilities — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will move forward next week on a bipartisan energy-only bill that responds to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and contains other more popular energy items.

“It’s easy to count to 60,” Reid said. “I could do it by the time I was in eighth grade. My point is this, we know where we are. We know we don’t have the votes [for a bill capping emissions]. This is a step forward.”

It's come to this: City of Newark stops buying Toilet paper.

This may be the dirtiest budget cut of all.

My Fox New York reported:
Things are getting so bad in Newark that the mayor has ordered the government to stop buying toilet paper.

It's part of Newark Mayor Cory Booker's belt-tightening plans that include reducing most city workers to a 4-day work week and shuttering city pools.

House Ethics Committee Drops Bomb on Charlie Rangel

A key member of Nancy Pelosi's 'most ethical congress ever' has been charged with multiple ethics violations. The exact nature of the charges hasn't been revealed. Stay tuned.

MSNBC reported:
A House investigative committee on Thursday charged New York Rep. Charles Rangel with multiple ethics violations, a blow to the former Ways and Means chairman and an election-year headache for Democrats.

The committee did not immediately specify the charges against the Democrat, who has served in the House for some 40 years and is fourth in House seniority. The announcement by a four-member panel of the House ethics committee sends the case to a House trial, where a separate eight-member panel of Republicans and Democrats will decide whether the violations can be proved by clear and convincing evidence.

Desmond Tutu reveals that Bush cares more about Africans than Obama

President Bush made a huge financial commitment to fighting H.I.V. in Africa. He formed the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief program. Since 2004, this program has spent $19 billion on antiviral drugs for Africans infected with H.I.V. Undoubtedly, this has saved millions of lives. President Obama isn't so generous with his homeland.

The New York Times reported:
Under the Bush administration, about 400,000 more African patients received treatment every year. President Obama’s Pepfar strategy would reduce the number of new patients receiving treatment to 320,000 — resulting in 1.2 million avoidable deaths over the next five years, according to calculations by two Harvard researchers, Rochelle Walensky and Daniel Kuritzkes. Doctors would have to decide which of the 22 million Africans afflicted with H.I.V. should receive treatment and which should not.

From Journolist Emails: Eric Alterman, Author of What Liberal Media: “F**king Nascar Retards”

The Daily Caller has released more of the Journolist emails. These feature the liberal media celebrating President Obama's victory and discussing people they 'will no longer have to listen to." Eric Alterman, author of What Liberal Media, reveals his respect for those us in fly-over country who are more conservative than them.
“F**king Nascar Retards"

The Daily Caller
LAURA ROZEN: People we no longer have to listen to: would it be unwise to start a thread of people we are grateful we no longer have to listen to? If not, I’ll start off: Michael Rubin.

MICHAEL COHEN, NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION: Mark Penn and Bob Shrum. Anyone who uses the expression “Real America.” We should send there a$$ to Gitmo!

JESSE TAYLOR, PANDAGON.NET: Michael Barone? Please?

LAURA ROZEN: Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich (afraid it’s not true), Drill Here Drill Now, And David Addington, John Yoo, we’ll see you in court?

JEFFREY TOOBIN, THE NEW YORKER: As a side note, does anyone know what prompted Michael Barone to go insane?


SPENCER ACKERMAN: Let’s just throw Ledeen against a wall. Or, pace Dr. Alterman, throw him through a plate glass window. I’ll bet a little spot of violence would shut him right the f**k up, as with most bullies.

JOE KLEIN, TIME: Pete Wehner…these sort of things always end badly.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Video: ACORN Reconstruction MORE Assaults Chase Bank Branch to Celebrate Obama Signing Financial Reform Bill

How do leftists celebrate passage of Obama's financial reform bill? If you are a former ACORN organization with a new name, MORE, you storm a bank with bullhorns and shut it down for an hour.

From YouTube:
As President Obama signed the financial regulation bill, the remnants of Missouri ACORN, reconstituted as MORE, assault a Chase Bank sales branch in St Louis. 40 angry leftists stage a protest including children, bullhorns, signs, professional organizers, and tips to a local news crew that involved storming the AMDOCS building and shutting down business for an hour. this morning.

Video: ACORN Reconstruction MORE Assaults Chase Bank Branch to Celebrate Obama Signing Financial Reform Bill

Republican Rand Paul Holds Steady lead in KY Senate Race Against Democrat Jack Conway

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul won the Kentucky GOP Senate primary in May. Democrats were excited by the victory in belief Rand Paul was vulnerable in the November election. VP Joe Biden predicted a victory for the Democratic candidate Jack Conway. The latest Rasmussen survey doesn't offer Democrats much hope making Biden's prediction come true. Rand Paul is holding steady at 49% for the third consecutive survey. Conway trails with 41% support.

Rasmussen reported:
It’s the same story in Kentucky’s race for U.S. Senate again this month. Republican Rand Paul continues to hold a modest lead over Democrat Jack Conway.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Paul picking up 49% of the vote, while Conway earns support from 41%. Four percent (4%) would prefer another candidate, while six percent (6%) more are not sure.

Support for both Paul has been at 49% for three straight surveys while Conway has held steady at 41% or 42%.

UK PM David Cameron One Ups Obama on Crappy Gifts and Gives Him Graffiti Art

President Barack Obama's gave a set of DVDs to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Then, he gave queen Elizabeth an iPod containing his speeches. The British are now getting even. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has returned Obama's crassness by giving him Graffiti art.

The BBC reported:
A painting by a graffiti artist was among the official gifts to Barack Obama from David Cameron on his first trip to Washington as prime minister.

The work, Twenty First Century City, is by Ben Eine, said to be one of the PM's wife Samantha's favourite artists.

The 39-year-old artist recently sprayed the entire alphabet on shop shutters in a London street.

House Tea Party Caucus Formed

Great news. The Tea Party has a caucus in the House. No democrats have joined so far.

Here is a list of members via CNN’s Political Ticker:
Michelle Bachman of Minnesota (founder of the caucus) Todd Akin of Missouri Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland Joe Barton of Texas Gus Bilirakis of Florida Paul Broun of Georgia Michael Burgess of Texas Dan Burton of Indiana John Carter of Texas (Republican Conference secretary) John Culberson of Texas John Fleming of Louisiana Trent Franks of Arizona Phil Gingrey of Georgia Louie Gohmert of Texas Peter Hoekstra of Michigan Walter Jones of North Carolina Steve King of Iowa Doug Lamborn of Colorado Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming Gary Miller of California Gerry Moran of Kansas Mike Pence of Indiana (Republican Conference chairman) Tom Price of Georgia Pete Sessions of Texas (National Republican Congressional Committee chairman) Lamar Smith of Texas Cliff Stearns of Florida Todd Tiahrt of Kansas Joe Wilson of South Carolina

Republican Hispanic Group Filing Motion Against Obama's Arizona Lawsuit

A Republican Hispanic group is opposing the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona’s new immigration law. We have to wonder what kind of names they will be called by the left.

FOX News
The Arizona Latino Republican Association will become the first Hispanic organization in the country to actively oppose the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona’s new immigration law.

Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, Inc., said he will be joined by ALRA Chairman Jesse Hernandez and members of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association at an announcement Thursday morning in Phoenix.

ALRA will become the first group of Latino Americans to “put a foot forward legally” in support of S.B. 1070 by filing a motion to intervene against the Justice Department’s lawsuit challenging Arizona’s immigration policy, Klayman said.

“This is a way to tell the country that, ‘Hey, we’re Americans too and we believe in the rule of law,” Klayman told “It’s a way to say, ‘We got here legally and we contributed a great deal. We want the rest of the country to recognize that we’re with you’ [in the national immigration debate].”

Quinnipiac University Poll: Any Republican Could Beat Obama in 2012

A Quinnipiac University Poll has found 48% of voters don't think president Obama deserves reelection. By a margin of 39 - 36 percent, voters would elect any republican running against Obama.
A year after President Barack Obama's political honeymoon ended, his job approval rating has dropped to a negative 44 - 48 percent, his worst net score ever, and American voters say by a narrow 39 - 36 percent margin that they would vote for an unnamed Republican rather than President Obama in 2012, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 48 - 43 percent approval for Obama in a May 26 national poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University and a 57 - 33 percent approval last July, just before the political firestorm created by opposition to his health care plan galvanized political opponents and turned independent voters against him....

American voters also say 48 - 40 percent Obama does not deserve reelection in 2012.

Daily Caller will break the story tomorrow: Journolist targeted FOX News and Wanted Them Shut Down

The Daily Caller has more from the Journolist files. The liberals of Journolist targeted FOX News and wanted them shut down. Tucker Carlson broke the news tonight on Hannity last night.

Video via Jim Hoft.

GOP Rep. Sue Myrick: Strip Jihadi Blogger Samir Khan of America Citizenship Over al-Qaeda Magazine

Samir Khan is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Saudi Arabia. His family immigrated here when he was seven years old. For a while, Khan ran an extremist blog, called "Inshallahshaheed" ("A martyr soon if God wills"), that called for the death of U.S. troops in Iraq. Now, Khan is is the editor-in-chief of Inspire, Al Qaeda’s new online magazine. GOP Rep. Sue Myrick is calling for Samir Khan to be stripped of his naturalized U.S. citizen.

FOX News Reported:
A North Carolina man suspected of running Al Qaeda’s new online magazine should be stripped of his American citizenship and charged with providing material support to the terrorist group, a U.S. lawmaker said Tuesday.

U.S. intelligence officials believe that Samir Khan, a 24-year-old web-savvy radical from Charlotte, N.C., is the editor-in-chief of Inspire, Al Qaeda’s new online magazine that features an article purportedly written by Usama Bin Laden, as well as instructions on how to make a homemade bomb.

On Tuesday, Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Khan should be stripped of his citizenship and charged with aiding and abetting Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ObamaCare will put 16 million more Americans on Medicaid and Make Their Patient Outcomes Worse

Obamacare care will extend coverage to 32 million Americans according to Democrats. Half of that extended coverage will come by adding 16 million people to Medicaid rolls. Unfortunately for them, many times Medicaid patients have poorer outcomes than those with no insurance at all.

Reason reported:
Avik Roy makes a frequently overlooked point: Numerous studies suggest that Medicaid, the federal-state partner program that provides health coverage to low-income individuals, produces sub-par health outcomes. And that’s not only when compared with private insurance. In numerous studies looking at health outcomes for patients with specific maladies, Medicaid recipients fare worse or no better than those who have no insurance at all. And the cost for those outcomes is enormous; in 2008, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers, Medicaid accounted for more than a fifth of total state spending. Care to take a guess where fully half of the health insurance expansion in ObamaCare comes from? That’s right: According to the CBO’s projections, 16 million individuals are expected to enter Medicaid by the end of the decade. In some cases, that means that individuals who were previously on private health insurance will end up being shifted to Medicaid.

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Gets Testy Because Conservative Wants Equal Talking Time With Liberal Guest

Why conservatives even bother going on MSNBC is beyond me. At best, it offers a chance to let the liberals make fools of themselves.

Video via NewsBusters:

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Gets Testy Because Conservative Wants Equal Talking Time With Liberal Guest

Did NJ Demo Rep. John Adler Plant a Fake Tea Party Candidate?

Democrat Rep. John Adler is locked in a hotly contested race with Republican Jon Runyan for the NJ-3 congressional seat. The Adler released a highly questionable poll showing their candidate up by 17% over his GOP challenger. Questionable internal campaign polls aren't surprising. What shocked local political aficionados was the 12% to Independent Tea Party Candidate Peter DeStefano. No one had ever heard of him. DeStefano had no online campaign presence until after his name surfaced in an internal poll released by Rep. Adler. He had his name placed on the ballot by getting 237 signatures on a petition. He is running to the right of Republican Jon Runyan. The founder of the local Tea Party has no idea who Peter DeStefano is.
The tri-county West Jersey Tea Party said Peter DeStefano, who is running on the NJ Tea Party line this fall, was not representative of the movement.

"Peter DeStefano is not, and I emphasize, not a Tea Party candidate, by any stretch," said William Haney, the group's founder.

Haney is the founder of the Burlington County Tea Party, which changed its name to West Jersey to reflect the expansion of the group.

Aside from DeStefano's sudden appearance on the ballot and in Adler's poll, there are some other strange things about him. DeStefano is as critical of Runyan as he is of Adler. Strangely, he changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat earlier this year before settling on Unaffiliated shortly before filing his petition. That is very strange for someone running on the right of the GOP as Tea Party candidate.
But his party registrations are only fuel on the smoldering fire as they show a switch to Democrat in April after more than a decade as a member of the GOP. In June, just five days before the primary that he says set him on his course, he switched his registration again, this time to unaffiliated.

Even stranger is the fact many of the signatures on his petition are longtime Adler supporters and Democratic activists.
Republicans said it was troubling that longtime allies and donors to Adler had signed DeStefano’s petition. They include Marshall Spevak, who has worked for the Camden County Democratic Committee, pollster Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Adler’s 2008 congressional campaign, and Adler’s state Senate office. He works on the campaign of Chris Coons, a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Delaware.

sked through a Facebook message last Thursday about his signature on the petition, Spevak wrote: “Yes, I signed that petition. I did so with regret because I was very disappointed in the Congressman’s (Adler’s) vote on health care.”

Runyan campaign adviser Russell responded: “That’s the most ridiculous, dishonest political spin I’ve ever heard....

GOP candidate Jon Runyan smells a rat.

Mainstream Media Plotted to Kill Rev. Wright-Obama Story in 2008

The Daily Caller is reporting documents from Journolist, a listserv comprised of several hundred liberal journalists, like-minded professors and activists prove the mainstream media tried to kill damaging stories about Obama's pastor of 20 years, Reverend Wright, in 2008. This is just the latest revelation of liberal pro-Obama bias in the news media. Recently, a MSNBC co-host admitted working with the White House on gulf oil spill talking points. Earlier this month, the editor of US News and World Report and publisher of the New York Daily News, Mort Zuckerman, admitted he endorsed Obama and actually “helped write one of his speeches.”

The Daily Caller reported:
It was the moment of greatest peril for then-Sen. Barack Obama’s political career. In the heat of the presidential campaign, videos surfaced of Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, angrily denouncing whites, the U.S. government and America itself. ...

Watching this all at home were members of Journolist, a listserv comprised of several hundred liberal journalists, as well as like-minded professors and activists. The tough questioning from the ABC anchors left many of them outraged. “George [Stephanopoulos],” fumed Richard Kim of the Nation, is “being a disgusting little rat snake.”

Others went further. According to records obtained by The Daily Caller...

Demo Rep. Dave Obey Spent $30K in Polling 8 Days Before Announcing He Was "Bone Tired" and Retiring

"Panic-stricken" might have been a better reason for retiring U.S. Rep. Dave Obey to use as an excuse for not running for reelection.

Retiring U.S. Rep. Dave Obey paid more than $30,000 on polling just eight days before announcing his retirement, according to the longtime congressman's latest filing with the FEC....

Newt Gingrich: "The President is, sadly, the opposite of Ronald Reagan" (video)

Newt Gingrich nails President Obama on the Sean Hannity show last night.
“The president, sadly, is the opposite of Ronald Reagan… Reagan told the truth.”