Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump rescinds pledge to support GOP 2016 nominee...

Game on. I have never seen anything like the attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump by the GOPe, many conservatives, democrats and the mainstream media. They are terrified their cushy worlds will be turned upside down when Trump wins. It's like Trump poked a hornets nest with a stick. He doesn't need their money and the elites that control this country are terrified they will lose their power. Could you have imagined a year ago the GOP front-runner, a man who has brought a ton of new voters into the party, would be called a clown, bigot, conman, misogynist, racist, and a Hitler wannabe? And that was often by fellow Republicans. Trump has had as much as $150 million in negative campaign ads run against him by his opponents and their SuperPacs and they and the media now claim he can't win in November because his negatives are too high. Doh! Trump has been threatened with prosecution for inciting a riot in spite of the fact his supporters have never rioted. Now, they have charged his campaign manager with simple battery in what has to be the lamest charge I have ever seen. Party leaders and several other candidates are actively and openly plotting to thwart the will of the voters at the July convention and give the nomination to someone who didn't get the most votes. If that happens, the Republican Party is finished. Trump should form a 3rd party and take his supporters with him.

Via Politico:
Donald Trump has rescinded his pledge to support the Republican nominee for president.
“We’ll see who it is,” he said Tuesday during a CNN town hall.
He said he had been treated “unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment. He said he was unsure whether the Republican establishment was plotting to take the nomination away from him during the convention in Cleveland.
He also said he didn’t need Cruz to promise to support him should Trump win the nomination.
“I’m not asking for his support,” Trump said.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here is why you should never shop at CVS

 This is what America has come become...

Army veteran is FIRED as a CVS manager after trying to stop two shoplifters

He then confronted the two men, as they tried to flee the store with stolen prescription drugs.
One of them, he says, was carrying a screwdriver. Morici says one of the men tried to hit him with it, but he blocked it.
After meeting the two suspects at the front door, a struggle ensued, and Morici says he disarmed of the screwdriver.
The two suspects got away.
Morici's boss arrived a short time later and said he was being terminated as a result of his actions.
He told the news station: 'My main concern just everyone's safety in the building. I reacted out of instinct.
'I've never been let go from a position-- especially something like that.' Read more here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Obama still wants to import 100,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees...

Slow learner...

Via Washington Examiner:
In a brief Easter weekend radio address, President Obama vowed to decimate the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but he said the United States will do so by offering an example of freedom, tolerance and open society.
“Our openness to refugees fleeing ISIL’s violence; our determination to win the battle against ISIL’s hateful and violent propaganda — a distorted view of Islam that aims to radicalize young Muslims to their cause,” are paramount in the fight, Obama told Americans during his weekly radio address.
Admitting entry to Syrian and Iraqi refugees has become a divisive issue in the U.S. as well as Europe, but Obama made clear he has no plan to back off his promise to admit 100,000 to the U.S. this year.
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

DHS Jeh Johnson: Illegals are “in effect” citizens

Uh, no.

Via Washington Examiner:
The nation’s top immigration officer said that the “11 million” undocumented aliens in the United States are “not going away,” are “in effect” citizens, and added that deporting the few the administration wants out is unpleasant.
Jeh Johnson, secretary of Homeland Security, told Harvard University students this week that the administration is focused on its plan to integrate illegals into America, despite the policy being tied up in court.
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Elizabeth Warren is cheering Bernie Sanders on...

Socialists of a feather flock together...

Via USA Today:
Progressive icon Elizabeth Warren still isn’t ready to endorse a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. But she says she’s cheering on Bernie Sanders.
The Massachusetts Democrat’s comment came Thursday in response to a question about whether Sanders, a democratic socialist, should drop out of the race against front-runner Hillary Clinton.
‘‘He’s out there. He fights from the heart. This is who Bernie is,’’ Warren said, according to a video of the news conference. ‘‘He has put the right issues on the table both for the Democratic Party and for the country in general so I’m still cheering Bernie on.’’
Warren wouldn’t say who got her vote in the Massachusetts primary. She said she will endorse a candidate but she doesn’t have a timeline.
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey #Cruzbots, Scott Walker believes an open convention would pick someone not running...

Ted Cruz and his supporters seem to have given up on beating Donald Trump and are working to keep Trump under 50% of delegates. If they succeed, the GOPe will control the convention and there is no way in hell Cruz will be the nominee. Cruz should pick up the phone and join forces with Trump.

Via Madison:
If the Republican Party finds itself with an open convention in July, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes the nominee may not be Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.
“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker told reporters Thursday. “I mean, who knows. The one thing I qualify — it’s like the qualifications you see on those ads you see for car dealerships. I think any of us who comment on this election have to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything.”
The governor, who ended his own presidential campaign in September, has yet to endorse a candidate. He plans to decide whether to endorse within the next few days, he said.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama Administration: Yeah, released Gitmo detainees are responsible for Americans deaths...

And they just don't care...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans have been killed by prisoners released from the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a senior Defense Department official told lawmakers Wednesday, triggering sharp criticism from Republicans opposed to shuttering the facility in the wake of deadly attacks by the Islamic State group in Brussels and Paris.
Paul Lewis, the Pentagon's special envoy for Guantanamo detention closure, declined to provide the GOP-led House Foreign Affairs Committee with details. He would not say whether the incidents occurred before or after President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.
"What I can tell you is unfortunately there have been Americans that have died because of (Guantanamo) detainees," Lewis said during an exchange with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It begins. Lamestream media begins effort to limit Trump media exposure...

Chris Wallace and Fox News led the way...
Donald Trump will no longer be allowed to phone in to NBC’s Meet The Press. If Trump wants free media coverage on the Sunday show, he will now be forced to appear on camera in person.
Jim Ruttenberg of The New York Times reported, “On Friday, Chuck Todd, the moderator of “Meet the Press,” told me he had only grudgingly allowed Mr. Trump to call in to his show earlier in the campaign, determining that he would rather have Mr. Trump take questions via phone than not at all. Now, Mr. Todd said, he will no longer allow Mr. Trump to do prescheduled interviews by phone on the NBC program.”
Todd was following the lead of Chris Wallace and Fox News Sunday, which was the first Sunday show to ban the Trump phone in interview.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Whut? Obama Says, “We Have A Lot To Learn From Cuba About Human Rights…”

Flashback to 1992: Sharpton Endorses Shooting Police Officers…

Sharpton sounds deranged...

Trump to meet with The Establishment today...

Hopefully, he will be accepting their surrender...

Via Fox News:
Donald Trump will reportedly meet Monday in Washington with nearly two dozen influential Republicans, with the apparent hope of improving relations with the GOP establishment.
The Republican presidential front-runner will be in the nation’s capital to speak at the annual policy conference for AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a major pro-Israel group.
Trump’s meeting with Republican lawmakers and other party leaders, as first reported by The Washington Post, will be his first major discussion with them since last fall, when he was on Capitol Hill to protest President Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

Confirmed: University of California stabbing spree was Jihad.

Another Muslim got religion...

Via The Blaze:
The University of California student who went on a stabbing spree on the school’s Merced campus was inspired by the Islamic State, the FBI on Thursday said its investigation had concluded.
Faisal Mohammad, 18, who was shot and killed after stabbing four individuals last November had self-radicalized, the FBI said in a statement.
The federal law enforcement agency said Mohammad had pro-Islamic State propaganda on his computer and had visited other extremist websites prior to the attack.
“Investigators developed information that he may have self-radicalized and drawn inspiration from terrorist propaganda,” the FBI’s statement said.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

ICE tries to explain why they let illegal immigrant who killed woman go...

Not near good enough...

Via Daily Caller:
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Sarah Saldana gave a baffling — and seemingly inaccurate — explanation during a Senate hearing on Tuesday for why federal immigration agents failed to detain an illegal alien who killed a 21-year-old Iowa woman in a drunken street race in Omaha in January.
ICE ignored a detainer request made by the Omaha police department last month for 19-year-old Eswin Mejia, Saldana said, because his victim, Sarah Root, had “not passed away” at the time the illegal alien drunk driver bailed out of jail.
That comment appears to be inaccurate since Root died hours after the Jan. 31 crash, in which Mejia was street racing with a .241 blood-alcohol level — three times the legal limit.
Mejia, a Honduran national, left jail on Feb. 5 after posting $5,000 bail. He is now on the run.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The dead must have voted again in Illinois Demo primary...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today The USS Rubio Will Capsize and Sink in a Florida Trumpcane...

It's over for Marco Rubio. He will be lucky to get second in his home state. His failure tracks back to the Gang of Eight and his inability to address that huge mistake. 
It is widely anticipated that Marco Rubio is going to get shellacked on his home turf in Tuesday's Florida presidential primary. A very unsympathetic Friday profile in the Tampa Bay Times suggests that part of the reason this is so is that Rubio's entire career has consisted of sweet-talking influential individuals into giving him big opportunities only to drop those individuals like hot rocks when another better thing comes along. The idea is that now, when he needs home-state support more than ever, Rubio has no one on the ground to rely on; a number of past allies in fact went on the record to tell the Times exactly how little they like lil' Marco and how bad he is at actually doing the jobs he's chosen for.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton: "We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business"

The War on Coal is a war on peoples ability to support their families. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Irony: 4 Police Officers Injured By "Peaceful" Anti-Trump Protesters....

This looks like a BLM, MoveOn organized event....

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton refuses to answer if she will drop out if indicted....

So, the answer is likely no.
"If you get indicted, will you drop out?" he asked her.
The former secretary of state refused to answer the question.
"Oh, for goodness," she started when Ramos pressed her on the issue after she initially danced around it. "It's not going to happen. I'm not even answering that question."
The FBI has been looking into whether any classified material was mishandled during Clinton's tenure at the State Department from 2009 to 2013. The agency has said, however, that she is not a target in the investigation.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Obama to skip Nancy Reagan's funeral for a hipster festival...

I am guessing there is a very nice golf course near the festival...

Via Daily Caller:
President Barack Obama will not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral this Friday, and will instead be in Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest festival.
His wife, Michelle, will be present at the funeral.
Following the former first lady’s death Monday, Obama said, “As somebody who is lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well, I know how much she meant not just to President Reagan but to the country as a whole.”
The South by Southwest festival includes film, music, and technology conferences. On Friday, there will be film festival screenings, including for the new Peewee Herman movie, and SXSW comedy.
Obama will deliver a keynote address, urging “the audience to apply their ideas and talents in working with technology for future world issues.”

Will Hillary blame auto manufacturers for drunk drivers next?

Liberal think...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fear of Trump runs Michael R. Bloomberg from 2016 presidential race...

Trump has all the right enemies...

Michael R. Bloomberg, who for months quietly laid the groundwork to run for president as an independent, will not enter the 2016 campaign, he said Monday, citing his fear that a three-way race could lead to the election of a candidate he thinks would endanger the country: Donald J. Trump.
In a forceful condemnation of his fellow New Yorker, Mr. Bloomberg said Mr. Trump has run “the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears.” He said he was alarmed by Mr. Trump’s threats to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the country and to initiate trade wars against China and Japan... Read more here...

61 million future Democrats now in country...

15.7 million are illegal and should be deported.
There are a record 61 million immigrants and their American-born children in the United States, including an estimated 15.7 million illegally here, according to a new analysis of 2015 U.S. Census data.
The estimated number of undocumented immigrants is one of the highest ever.
The analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 45.3 million, or three-fourths of the 61 million, are legal immigrants and their children. The report out Monday notes that the so-called “Gang of Eight” immigration bill supported by GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio would have doubled that number of legal immigrants.
Calling the people who came here illegally "illegal immigrants" is wrong. Immigrants come here legally. The others are interlopers at best, an invading army at worst.

Most Accurate Hillary Pic Ever?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton authored and sent over 100 classified emails...

Of course they weren't marked classified or secret at the time because it was Hillary Clinton's job to classify them correctly. She was trained and authorized.

Via WaPo:
Hillary Clinton wrote 104 emails that she sent using her private server while secretary of state that the government has since said contain classified information, according to a new Washington Post analysis of Clinton’s publicly released correspondence.
The finding is the first accounting of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s personal role in placing information now considered sensitive into insecure email during her State Department tenure. Clinton’s ­authorship of dozens of emails now considered classified could complicate her efforts to argue that she never put government secrets at risk.
In roughly three-quarters of those cases, officials have determined that material Clinton herself wrote in the body of email messages is classified.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Donald Trump Posts BBB "A" Rating for Trump University

I am unsure if they changed it later, but Trump clearly had an A rating for his university at one time.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donald Trump causes first illegal immigrant to be deported...

One down, twelve million to go.

Via Daily Caller:
An Egyptian immigrant in the U.S. on a student visa is getting deported after making threatening remarks about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
According to the website Egyptian Streets, Emad El-Din Ali Mohamed Nasr El Sayed, was arrested three weeks ago after police say he posted a death threat against Trump on Facebook.
“I am willing to kill Donald Trump and serve a life sentence,” El Sayed said on Facebook. “[T]he whole world would thank me for doing that.”
It may or may not have been serious, but in any case it appears likely to cost El Sayed. He was arrested by local police Feb. 12.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

David Axelron implies Trump voters are poor and dumb....

Flyover country...

Via Daily Caller:
During CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage, David Axelrod implied that Georgia voters are poor and dumb, resulting in Donald Trump’s primary victory in the state.
“You know, the thing that interests me,” the former Obama advisor told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “we’ve just discussed Virginia and how Trump has won Georgia.” (RELATED: Trump Wins GA Republican Primary)
“When you look at the difference between these states, it really is a difference in income and education,” he continued. “Georgia has more of the downscale vote. Trump has done better there. Rubio has been trying to appeal to upscale, highly educated voters, such as those you find in northern Virginia. He apparently is in the hunt to win or come close to winning a state tonight, and that’s the pattern that I think this race is going to follow.”

Hump Day Video: Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot