Sunday, January 31, 2016

Here is proof positive John Kasich doesn't get this years voters...


Higher Education Update: University of Kentucky offers college credit for eating tacos...

Well, this is embarrassing... 

Via Eater:
It counts towards a degree — really.
Students at the University of Kentucky now have the distinct privilege of being able to get college credit for eating tacos. According to Munchies, the university is offering an undergraduate class called “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South,” and the professor behind it wants to use tacos as an avenue for students to learn more about how people can forge social connections through food.
“This class allows our students to explore the issues of immigration, inequality, workers, intercultural communication, and literacy through the prism of food,” Steven Alvarez, an assistant professor from the school’s writing, rhetoric, and digital studies department told Munchies.
Through coursework that involves writing restaurant reviews, sampling tacos, and collecting data, students are meant to explore their community and develop skills to analyze “transnational community food literacies and how these connect the stories of people and food across borders,” Alvarez said.
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: FBI Hillary Clinton investigation is “far more advanced than we the public knows.”

The rest of the panel did not disagree...

Via Daily Caller:
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Friday that sources have told him that the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton is “far more advanced than we the public knows.”
Friday on “Morning Joe,” panelist Cokie Roberts predicted that if Hillary Clinton gets indicted, her run for president would be “over.” (RELATED: Rep. Issa: FBI ‘Would Like To Indict Both Huma [Abedin] And Hillary Clinton’)
“Most of us around this table are hearing from multiple sources … that the Hillary Clinton investigation [by] the FBI is far more progressed,” Scarborough said. “Mika and I have been hearing it from the top officials in the Obama administration for actually several months now, and we can’t go to a meeting in Washington where we don’t hear this.”
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Mystery sniper assassinating ISIS leaders in Libya...

Today's feel good story.... 

Via IB Times:
Islamic State (Isis) commanders fighting in Libya are thought to have been targeted by a lone sniper, who has killed 3 high-level jihadis in just 10 days. As Daesh (IS) extremists gain ground in the war-torn north African country, a sharpshooter is said to be at work in the city of Sirte, systematically picking-off IS commanders one-by-one.
And, according to local media in the former Muammar Gaddaffi-stronghold, IS are now sweeping the city hunting for the marksman, dubbed on social media as the ‘Daesh hunter’. The coastal city has been overrun by the terror group, who now roam the streets freely.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Democrats run away fro Bernie Sanders tax proposals...

Will Democrats support Bernie when Hillary is indicted?

Via The Hill:
Democrats are not on board with the tax hikes Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed to pay for his single-payer healthcare proposal, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday.
“We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes,” Pelosi said during a press briefing to launch the Democrats’ yearly issues conference in Baltimore, Md. “We do want to have a fairer tax system, and … we hope that we can do that this year.”
Sanders on Monday acknowledged that his “Medicare-for-all” healthcare plan would require tax hikes on the middle class.
“We will raise taxes, yes we will,” Sanders said during a Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa.
The Vermont senator, who’s running neck and neck with front-runner Hillary Clinton in Iowa just days ahead of the state’s caucuses, emphasized that the individual savings achieved under his healthcare plan would offset the costs of the tax increase. He called critics of the strategy “disingenuous.”
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Iran's Khamenei brags on Twitter about humiliating American sailors...

Obama and Kerry rewarded this behavior. 

Walt Disney World sued for outsourcing tech jobs...

I went to Disney World once. I hated it. It was a huge waste of money in my opinion. Here is a great reason to boycott Disney.

Two former Walt Disney World tech employees filed federal lawsuits against the company Monday, accusing it and two outsourcing firms of conspiring to replace workers with less costly foreign ones using H-1B visas.
The lawsuits were filed in federal court, in the Middle District of Florida, by Leo Perrero and Dena Moore, who were among 250 Disney tech workers laid off about a year ago. The lawsuits seek class-action status.
Defendants include HCL Inc. and Cognizant Technologies.
Sara Blackwell, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said the lawsuits aim to “kick them [outsourcing companies] at their business model, to stop them from systemically abusing the immigration system.”

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump Dumps Fox News Debate...

I agree with Trump. To Hell with Fox News and Megyn Kelly. 
MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he will not attend a debate scheduled for Thursday night in Des Moines, an unexpected twist just days before voters here launch the election process.
"I probably won't be doing the debate. I'm going to have something else in Iowa," he said during a press conference in a high school workout room on Tuesday afternoon.
After the press conference, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed to The Washington Post that Trump would "definitely not" participate in Thursday's Fox News debate.
“He’s definitely not participating in the Fox News debate," Lewandowski said. "His word is his bond."
He said Trump would remain in Iowa as planned and would instead host an event in the state to raise money for wounded warriors and other veterans groups.

Amusing Tweet of the Day: Hillary will soon have to be rolled down the campaign trail!

Was the @CNN #DemTownHall staged with the candidates having the questions in advance?

Well, it was CNN and they did have the audience practice clapping....

Monday, January 25, 2016

FOX News Poll: Trump beating Cruz by 11 in Iowa...

Trump bests Ted Cruz in Iowa and now receives 34 percent support among Republican caucus-goers.  Trump was at 23 percent in the Fox News Poll two weeks ago (January 4-7).
Cruz is second with 23 percent -- down a touch from 27 percent.  Marco Rubio comes in third with 12 percent, down from 15 percent.  No others garner double-digit support.
Among caucus-goers who identify as “very” conservative, Cruz was up by 18 points over Trump earlier this month.  Now they each receive about a third among this group (Cruz 34 percent vs. Trump 33 percent).
There’s been a similar shift among white evangelical Christians.  Cruz’s 14-point advantage is now down to a 2-point edge.

ISIS releases video of Paris attackers beheading people, threatens the UK

Ah, the religion of peace...

Via Daily Mail:
ISIS have released a barbaric propaganda video showing the Paris attackers beheading prisoners and training with weapons before they carried out the city massacre which left 130 people dead.
The video features threats from Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the attacks, and also shows each of the other militants carrying out a horrific execution.
The video finishes with the jihadi group issuing a threat to carry out their next terror attack in the UK in reaction to Britain’s decision to carry out airstrikes in Syria.
A threat is made against the UK with video using footage of the House of Commons vote in favour of strikes in Syria.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rasmussen: Trump isn't the only one who is angry...

I am angry about what Obama and democrats have done to this country. I am also angry at Republicans for whistling by the side of the road while it happened. 
Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump recently responded to critics of his abrasive campaign rhetoric by saying he would “gladly accept the mantle of anger” because the government is being run by “incompetent people.” Voters, especially Republicans, share that sentiment.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (67%) are angry at the current policies of the federal government, including 38% who are Very Angry. Thirty percent (30%) say they are not angry at these policies, but that includes just nine percent (9%) who are Not At All Angry. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
This is consistent with regular surveying since 2009, and it appears this anger is finally bubbling up in support of outsider presidential candidates like Trump and Bernie Sanders. This anger peaked at 75% in 2010, the year Republicans regained control of a portion of Congress.
But voters remain even angrier with Congress: 84% feel that way, with 53% who are Very Angry. Only 13% are not angry at Congress, including three percent (3%) who are Not At All Angry. This, too, is in line with surveying for the past several years. Read more here...

Beards may be healthy...

Nature causes men to grow hair on their face. There must be a good reason.
Beards may contain bacteria which could potentially be developed into new antibiotics, a study has found.
Researchers found that clean-shaven men were actually more likely to harbour infection-causing bacteria resistant to antibiotics when compared to bearded men.
The study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, tested swabs from the faces of 408 hospital staff with and without facial hair.
According to the results, clean-shaven men are more than three times as likely to be carrying methicillin-resistant staph auerus (MRSA) on their cheeks as their bearded counterparts.
Clean-shaven men were also more than 10 per cent more likely to have colonies of Staphylococcus aureus on their faces, a bacterium that causes skin and respiratory infections, and food poisoning. Read it all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CNN tries to rescue Hillary Clinton campaign...

Right before the Iowa Caucus and on a Monday night...

Via Vanityfair:
A hastily scheduled town-hall-style event, announced Wednesday by CNN and scheduled to take place just one week before the Iowa caucuses, could be a saving grace for Hillary Clinton, whose presidential campaign has faced an unexpectedly formidable challenge from Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.
The prime-time gathering will air Monday at nine P.M., a huge change from the three debates that the Democratic National Committee scheduled on inconvenient weekend nights. The odd scheduling and limited number of debates provoked criticism from Sanders and fellow candidate Martin O’Malley for giving them inadequate time to make their case to the American public, especially in comparison to the numerous Republican debates that have drawn record-breaking numbers of viewers.
Clinton largely abstained from weighing in on the call for more Democratic debates, prompting accusations that D.N.C. chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was strategically scheduling the debates to give Clinton the best possible chance of coasting to the nomination. (A town-hall event—which is technically not a debate, since the candidates do not have to address each other—does not need to be sanctioned by the D.N.C.)
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Bernie should demand equal time and before the Iowa Caucus...

Bernie is kicking Hillary's butt in New Hampshire...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Fun Video: Jake Tapper asks Hillary if FBI has interviewed her yet (She looks pissed)


Vermont gives up on Bernie-care...errr...single-payer

The U.S. is where the rest of the world comes to avoid their countries healthcare systems if they can. Why would we want to emulate their systems?

Via Boston Globe:
For decades, liberal activists yearned for a European-style, single-payer health system that they argued would lead to more affordable, efficient, and comprehensive medical coverage for all citizens. When Vermont four years ago enacted a landmark bill to establish the nation’s first single-payer health care system, they saw their long-sought dream about to be fulfilled.
But reality hit last month. Governor Peter Shumlin released a financial report that showed the cost of the program would nearly double the size of the state’s budget in the first year alone and require large tax increases for residents and businesses. Shumlin, a Democrat and long-time single-payer advocate, said he would not seek funding for the law, effectively tabling the program called Green Mountain Care.
“In my judgment, now is not the time to ask our Legislature to take the step of passing a financing plan for Green Mountain Care,’’ Shumlin said.
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

War on Coal: Obama bans new coal mining on public land...

It some areas, coal mining was the only good job.

Via Washington Times:
The Obama administration announced a moratorium on new coal development on public land Friday while it studies the impact of the U.S. leasing program on climate change, prompting fresh criticism that President Obama is ramping up his “war on coal.”
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced the initiative.
“Given serious concerns raised about the federal coal program, we’re taking the prudent step to hit pause on approving significant new leases,” said Ms. Jewell, who added that existing coal leases would continue to provide for the country’s electricity needs.
“We haven’t undertaken a comprehensive review of the program in more than 30 years,” she said, “and we have an obligation to current and future generations to ensure the federal coal program delivers a fair return to American taxpayers and takes into account its impacts on climate change.”
It’s the latest step by Mr. Obama to combat climate change and follows a pledge he made in Tuesday’s State of the Union address “to change the way we manage our oil and coal resources, so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet.”
Speaker Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said the impact of the move “will be terrible: lost growth, lost jobs, and lost revenue that would have gone to schools, bridges, and roads.” Keep on reading…

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Fun Video: Bike Thieves taught a lesson in hilarious electric seat prank...

This cracked me up.

Stupid: Josh Earnest said Friday that Republicans seemed “unhappy” that 10 U.S. Navy sailors

No Josh. We are unhappy they captured them and held them on their knees at gunpoint in the first place. Obama doesn't seem concerned about it, but he has been kneeling before Muslims for years. Itis absolutely bizzare that Kerry called this behavior helpful.

Via The Blaze
White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Friday that Republicans seemed “unhappy” that 10 U.S. Navy sailors, captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard this week were released, and said following their advice would have led to war…
“I think the only people unhappy about it are the Republicans for some reason,” Earnest told reporters…
“If followed advice of some of the Republican critics of the administration, we’d probably be in a bloody war with Iran right now over our sailors,” Earnest added. “The fact is our sailors right now are out of harms way.”

Rand Paul flips off the media...

Someone wasn't happy not having a seat at the big debate table...

Video: Carly Fiorina Takes a Shot at Hillary Clinton During Fox Business GOP Debate

“Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband,”

Thursday, January 14, 2016

GAO Report: IRS may be choosing you for audit based on your political beliefs...

Somewhere, Lois Lerner is smiling...

Via ATR:
Serious internal control flaws mean the IRS may still be unfairly selecting Americans for an audit “based on an organization’s religious, educational, political, or other views,” according to a pair of reports released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) today.
As GAO notes, certain deficiencies increase the risk of unfair audit selection based on a taxpayers First Amendment rights. As the report finds:
“The control deficiencies increase the risk of selecting organizations for audit in an unfair manner—for example, based on an organization’s religious, educational, political, or other views.”

Liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: Stolen Valor is free speech...


Via Fox News:
A federal appeals court on Monday tossed out a veteran’s conviction for wearing military medals he didn’t earn, saying it was a form of free speech protected by the Constitution.
A specially convened 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the First Amendment allows people to wear unearned military honors.
Elven Joe Swisher of Idaho was convicted in 2007 of violating the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a misdemeanor to falsely claim military accomplishments. President George W. Bush signed it into law in 2006, but the U.S. Supreme Court struck it down in 2012 as a violation of free speech protections.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Video: Hillary Clinton Vows Never to Say 'Illegal Immigrant'

Pandering 101...

Democrats invite CAIR to State of the Union...

CAIR is on the UAE terrorist list...

Via The Hill:
Two officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations will be attending the State of the Union address Tuesday as guests of Democratic lawmakers.
Reps. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.) and Alcee Hastings (Fla.) will both be hosting representatives from CAIR chapters in their respective states, the group announced Monday.
Lofgren will be bringing Sameena Usman, a government relations coordinator in the San Francisco office, while Hastings will host Nezar Hamze, the chief operating officer of the nonprofit’s Florida branch.
The announcement comes days after Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim elected to Congress, challenged Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to bring a Muslim American as one of his guests to the speech.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Actual Good News: FOX News reports FBI is seriously investigating Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation corruption...

It's about time....
EXCLUSIVE: The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.
This track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.
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Hypocrite Alert: Anti-gun Hollywood gets security armed with automatic weapons for Golden Globes...

Why wasn't this even a gun-free zone????

Paul Ryan caves on political correctness...

Paul Ryan: "I was wrong" to refer to "makers" and "takers"

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stupid "The View" audience applauds when Whoopi claims we have to get rid of automatic weapons, that are already banned

Gun ignoramuses confuse semi-automatic with automatic all the time. Sen. Rand Paul sets her straight, but she doesn't seem to be listening. What liberals want is what happened in Australia where the government seized semi-automatic weapons and only allowed most people to have single shot guns.

Former top Homeland Security official: Student visa program is allowing dangerous enemies into the US


Via Daily Mail:
The student visa program is allowing dangerous enemies into the US, a former top Homeland Security official claims.
Claude Arnold, retired special agent of Homeland Security Investigations, said that the program invites 1.2 million foreigners into the U.S. each year.
He told told that most student visa recipients take advantage of America’s system of higher education and leave when their terms expire.
But every year approximately 58,000 overstay their visas and dropout of contact with authorities.
Tens of thousands of immigrants have fallen off the government’s radar and ‘it is only a matter of time before there is some horrible act, or some act of terrorism’, according to Arnold.
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 13 points...

Is Hillary feeling the "Bern?"

Via Fox News:
Bernie Sanders is ahead of Hillary Clinton by a 50-37 percent margin among New Hampshire Democratic primary voters.
That’s according to the latest Fox News poll, released Friday.
Martin O’Malley receives three percent.
Sanders has increased his advantage over Clinton since mid-November, when he was up by just one point (45-44 percent).
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Ted Cruz explains the tough facts to a Dreamer...

Ted Cruz to DACAmented Youth: As President, I Will Deport You

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton told aid to send secure info through nonsecure system with no identifying heading

Game changer...
Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has repeatedly maintained that she did not send or receive classified material on her personal account. The State Department claims none of the emails now marked classified were labled as such at the time they were sent.
However, one email thread from June 2011 appears to include Clinton telling her top adviser Jake Sullivan to send secure information through insecure means.
In response to Clinton's request for a set of since-redacted talking points, Sullivan writes, "They say they've had issues sending secure fax. They're working on it." Clinton responds "If they can't, turn into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure."
I don't see how Hillary avoids an indictment after this revelation.

Strange: U.S. Hellfire missile shipped to Cuba...

Incompetence or espionage?

Via WSJ:
An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014, said people familiar with the matter, a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind.
The unintended delivery of the missile to Cuba has confounded investigators and experts who work in a regulatory system designed to prevent precisely such equipment from falling into the wrong hands, said those familiar with the matter.
For more than a year, amid a historic thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, American authorities have tried to get the Cuban government to return the missile, said people familiar with the matter. At the same time, federal investigators have been tracing the paper trail of the wayward Hellfire to determine if its arrival in Cuba was the work of criminals or spies, or the result of a series of blunders, these people said.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trump trying to recruit Democrats and Independents to become Republicans...

The Establishment used to claim we had to pursue diversity and broaden the base to win. Now that Trump is actually doing it, they have lost their enthusiasm.  

Via NY Times:
At a campaign event for Donald J. Trump in Mississippi last weekend, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — two African-American YouTube stars who go by the names Diamond and Silk — rallied the roaring crowd with a plea. “Ditch and switch! Ditch and switch!” they yelled.
The pitch was directed at Democrats and independents in the audience, urging them to become Republicans and vote for Mr. Trump if they really want to show their support.
It could be an important strategy for Mr. Trump as the pace of primary season picks up, and he looks to turn his raucous campaign events into voters, delegates and ultimately the Republican nomination. To accomplish that, Mr. Trump will be relying on people who do not tend to vote and trying to persuade some Democrats and independents to change parties so that they can vote in states that allow only registered Republicans to participate.
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Secret Service blocks reportrs from asking Hillary questions...


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mainstream Media Bias Alert: Senior Newsweek Writer Compares Ted Cruz Supporters To Nazis…

No bias here...

The morons had second thoughts.
If this had been done to Hillary supporters, Newsweek would fire Alexander Nazaryan.

Hackers cause power outage in Ukraine..

Iran or North Korea will soon do this here. They have absolutely no fear of Obama...

Via Washington Post:
Hackers caused a power outage in Ukraine during holiday season, researchers say, signalling a potentially troubling new escalation in digital attacks.
“This is the first incident we know of where an attack caused a blackout,” said John Hultquist, head of iSIGHT Partner’s cyberespionage intelligence practice. “It’s always been the scenario we’ve been worried about for years because it has ramifications across broad sectors.”
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Josh Earnest goes "Birther" on Ted Cruz...

I thought democrats believed all "Birthers" were crazy racists. They must be evolving on the issue now that Obama is near the end of his second term.

Via Breitbart:
Earnest then seemed willing to feed the narrative questioning Cruz’s citizenship. “It would be quite ironic if after 7 or 8 years of drama around the president’s birth certificate if Republican primary voters were to choose Senator Cruz as their nominee,” he said. “Somebody who actually wasn’t born in the United States and only 15 months ago renounced his Canadian citizenship.”

Ted Cruz Ad: Invasion

Nailed it...

North Korea has the hydrogen bomb?

Add this to Obama's accomplishments...

Via Gizmodo:
The US Geological Survey has noted seismic activity—a magnitude 5.1 earthquake—near a known North Korean nuclear test center. The last time this happened, it was thanks to the underground detonation of a nuclear device.
North Korea has yet to issue a statement on the event, so for the time being, the USGS report is all there is to go on: a magnitude 5.1 earthquake was logged 12 miles northeast of Sungjibaegam at about 8:30 p.m. ET.
In 2013, the USGS recorded another 5.1 earthquake in the same place. That turned out to be caused by an underground nuclear test, so it’s not much of a leap to assume the same trigger for today’s event.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton promises more gun control if she is elected President...

I don't think this is a winning issue for Democrats. 

Obama to announce his latest unconstitutional power grab at noon today...

Obama is attacking the Second Amendment again...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tweet of the Day: Montel Williams unhinged...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Irony: Anti-violence activists get in skirmish with one another at rally...

Not true believers....

Via NJ Com:
A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark.
Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city’s attempts to curb it.
The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist. In a release announcing the event, the two said they planned to ask Mayor Ras Baraka to “unleash his quality of life plan in addressing ongoing violence facing Newark residents.”
As the group spoke to reporters, however, a group of Baraka supporters including activist Donna Jackson and Tyrone “Street Counselor” Barnes began heckling and shouting from the base of the steps.
It soon evolved into an intense face-off between Jackson and Muhammad, which then erupted into a skirmish between members of the two camps. At one point, Barnes put his hands around Muhammad’s neck and pushed him to the ground.
Organizers and other participants said the skirmish lasted only a few minutes, and there were no serious injuries.
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Tweet of the Day: Obama Year In Review

Number of classified Hillary Clinton emails...1274

Hillary claimed the number was zero...

Via Politico:
More than 1,200 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server during her time at the State Department have now been deemed classified, after the agency publicly released its eighth batch of the messages late Thursday.
The agency released roughly 5,500 more pages of emails from the private email account that Clinton exclusively used during her four years at Foggy Bottom, with an additional 275 messages now upgraded to classified, bringing the total number of retroactively classified emails that moved through Clinton’s unsecured server to 1,274.