Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video: Timeline Report on the Obama Team’s Evolving Stories on the Benghazi, Libya U.S. Consulate Terrorist Attack

It's obvious the deception was intentional...

Cover Up: Obama administration offers to pay defense contractors legal costs if they will not send out October lay off notices triggered by sequestration...

Cover Up: Obama administration offers to pay defense contractors legal costs if they will not send out October lay off notices triggered by sequestration.

Via National Journal:
The White House moved to prevent defense and other government contractors from issuing mass layoff notices in anticipation of sequestration, even going so far to say that the contracting agencies would cover any potential litigation costs or employee compensation costs that could follow.
Some defense companies—including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and EADS North America—have said they expect to send notices to their employees 60 days before sequestration takes effect to comply with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires companies to give advance warning to workers deemed reasonably likely to lose their jobs. Companies appeared undeterred by a July 30 guidance from the Labor Department, which said issuing such notices would be inappropriate, due to the possibility that sequestration may be averted. The Labor Department also said companies do not have enough information about how the cuts might be implemented to determine which workers or specific programs could be affected should Congress fail to reach a compromise to reduce the deficit, triggering $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, half from defense, half non-defense. For 2013, that would amount to $109 billion in spending cuts.

Sen. Barbara Boxer warns New Black Panthers About Intimidating Voters...

Did I say New Black Panthers? I meant to say Tea Party...

Via RCP:
“I know everyone’s paying attention, I know the Obama campaign is ready to act on this. But I realized that there are two important federal laws, the Voting Rights Act, passed in the 60s, and Voter Registration Act passed in the 90s, that have criminal and civil penalties for people who try to intimidate a voter. And I wanted to make sure that the Justice Department is moving on these cases. So I did hear from them today, and although they can’t confirm or deny any particular case because I wrote about Ohio, they did say that they had opened up 42 investigations this year, which is good to know,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on Friday.
“They are pursuing, enforcing these laws, and they said I could say that anyone within the sound of my voice, anyone in this country who feels they’re being intimidated can call their nearest FBI office because it is a federal offense to harass someone, to intimidate someone. Think about all the people that worked so hard and struggled and went to prison and put their life on the line for the right to vote,” Boxer said.
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Fail: Congressional Black Caucus gives Eric Holder award for being a role model...

A role model for what? How to stonewall Congress and fail to enforce illegal immigration laws? Holder was held in contempt of Congress this year.

Via Breitbart:
Attorney General Eric Holder was awarded the Congressional Black Caucus’s Chair Award last Saturday at the Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, DC. In her keynote speech for the event, First Lady Michelle Obama gushed over Mr. Holder’s “outstanding contributions to our nation.” [...]
According to the event’s brochure, Mr. Holder’s award “is presented to an individual whose work and accomplishments stand as a role model for the African-American community and the African Diaspora.”
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Obvious: UCLA study finds Republican women are more feminine the Democratic women..

And they are a whole lot better looking too...

Via HuffPo:
Republican congresswomen appear more “feminine” than their Democrat counterparts, according to a new study by UCLA psychology researchers.
“Female politicians with stereotypically feminine facial features are more likely to be Republican than Democrat, and the correlation increases the more conservative the lawmaker’s voting record,” said study author Colleen M. Carpinella, a UCLA graduate student in psychology, in an article posted to the UCLA Newsroom website.

So what makes a woman “stereotypically feminine?”
Certainly, individuals are easily biased by outside factors not related to facial characteristics, including hair style, application of cosmetics, jewelry or clothing style, said Kerri Johnson, the study’s senior author and an assistant professor of communication studies and psychology at UCLA. For this reason, the researchers used a computer program that was “immune to those influences.”
The program, called FaceGen, allows the researchers to measure more than 100 subtle dimensions including the shape of the jaw, the location of eyebrows, the placement of cheek bones, the shape of eyes and the contour of the forehead, to create a score ranging from -40 (highly male-typed) to +40 (highly female-typed). [..]
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Union Fail: Bay City Public School teachers can get caught drunk 5 times and selling drugs in class 2 times before termination...

A three day suspension for getting caught selling drugs in the classroom? I wonder how many children they can moment before they would be terminated?

Via Capcon:
Forget zero tolerance. Bay City Public School teachers for years could be caught repeatedly under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol without being fired.
Teachers in possession or under the influence of illegal drugs could be caught three times before they lost their job, and they got five strikes if they were drunk on school grounds before being fired. A school district official said the language in the union contract that protects teachers for those instances “was incorporated into the teacher Master Agreement in 1997.”
Those protections also were included in the Bay City Education Association teacher’s contract that was agreed to in January. That contract expired June 30 and negotiations on a new contract are ongoing.
Students weren’t given as many chances. The code of conduct for middle school and high school students states that if they are found to be under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, they get a 5-day suspension or a 3-day suspension with counseling on the first offense.
A teacher caught selling drugs in class would get a 3-day suspension without pay with mandatory counseling, but wouldn’t be fired unless the teacher did it a second time.
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MSNBC: Voter ID Laws Suppress Transgender Vote Or Something...

This is a real stretch.

Via Newsbusters:
MSNBC doesn’t just oppose voter-ID reforms on behalf of blacks. In an interview with the DC gay newspaper The Washington Blade, weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry insisted “voter suppression efforts continue to impact transgender Americans.” It came with a lot of leftist lingo.
“They don’t look like what their photo IDs are,” she said. “So if they are self-presenting in front of an election official and they have an ID that says male or female and they’re sort of gender self-presenting in a non-conforming way, of course you end up with the possibility of shame or embarrassment or not being believed to be who you are.” They also don’t have birth certificates with names and gender markers that “are not informative of what their current life is.” Biological truth is an ideological lie:
“All of those things impact the ability of people to have the kind of state-issued ID that is allowable in a lot of these states around voting,” she said. “And so the idea that a person would be a perfectly eligible American citizen who has an opinion about voting and is kept out of it because of those sorts of issues — it goes to the heart of helping us understand that these efforts are really voter suppression efforts, not efforts to keep the election process above board.”
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hillary announces $45 million of your tax dollars are going to Syrian rebels...

Hey, Arab Spring has worked out so well in Libya and Egypt...

Biden touts free Obamacare colonoscopies to seniors...

Just another way Obama is giving to us up the keester...

Via DC Examiner:
In Florida this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden reminded them that thanks to President Obama, they could now get colonoscopies without a co-pay.
During his speech, Biden reminded the audience that some of their Republican friends would distort Obama’s record on Medicare.
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Obama Recovery: Median Income Falls By $3,040 Per Household

If unemployment is up, median income is down and a record number of people are on food stamps, is this really a recovery?

Via Weekly Standard:
Americans must be wondering how much more of this “recovery” they can afford.  New figures from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, compiled by Sentier Research, show that the typical American household’s real (inflation-adjusted) income has actually dropped 5.7 percent during the Obama “recovery.”  Using constant 2012 dollars (to adjust for inflation), the median annual income of American households was $53,718 as of June 2009, the last month of the recession.  Now, after 38 months of this “recovery,” it has fallen to $50,678 — a drop of $3,040 per household.
Yet it gets worse.  Amazingly, incomes have dropped even more during the “recovery” than they did during the recession.  In fact, they’ve dropped more than twice as much as they did during the recession.  From the start to the end of the recession, the real median income of American households fell $1,413, or 2.6 percent.  From the end of the recession to the present day, it has dropped $3,040, or 5.7 percent.  This begs the question:  What kind of “recovery” compares unfavorably with the recession from which it’s ostensibly recovering?
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Obvious: Romney Protestors being paid by Obama supporters...

SEIU Paid Protesters at Romney Cleveland Ohio Rally 

Obama Protesters at Romney Rally admit that they are from SEIU and Paid by SEIU at $11.00/hour.

Scary: 49 percent of democrats want one-party rule...

Will they put conservatives in the Gulag? 

Via Politico:
A record percentage of Americans would prefer that a single political party control the government, with nearly half of all Democrats preferring that a one party be in charge of both the executive and legislative branches, according to a poll released Thursday.
A Gallup poll found that 38 percent of Americans want single-party rule in Washington, while 23 percent want divided government. A third have no preference, down from 39 percent in 2011. At that time, 29 percent wanted divided government, and 28 percent wanted single-party rule. In the past, most Americans have generally had no preference.
Democrats drove the sharp spike in support of one-party dominance, with 49 percent hoping for it, up for 35 percent in 2011. A slightly higher number of Republicans also wished for one party rule, and the percentage of independents jumped from 21 percent to 28 percent.

Unlikely: 1000 children are dying every day due to global warming...

First, it isn't that warm now. We are at the same level as the Medieval Warm Period a few centuries ago. Second, History has taught us that the global population expands during interglacial periods and contracts during ice ages. Warming saves lives,.

Via Daily Beast:
Nearly 1,000 children a day are now dying because of climate change, according to a path-breaking study published Wednesday (PDF), and the annual death toll stands at 400,000 people worldwide.
Climate change also is costing the world economy $1.2 trillion a year, the equivalent of 1.6 percent of economic output, reports the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, a study commissioned by 20 of the world’s governments whose nations are most threatened by climate change and released on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York.
Most of the 400,000 annual deaths are “due to hunger and communicable diseases that affect above all children in developing countries,” concludes the study, written by 50 scientists and policy experts from around the world.
Separately, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has warned that therecord heat and drought that struck the United States and other key global food producers during the summer of 2012 will slash crop yields, raise food prices, and, unless urgent action is taken, “turn into a catastrophe hurting tens of millions over the coming months.”
“The new report is another reminder that climate change’s most savage impact is hunger and poverty,” said Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam International, in a statement. “Behind the statistics are the stories of real families and communities, for whom climate change means putting children to bed with empty stomachs.”

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Journalism Fail: Journalist arrested for spray painting over pro-Israel ad

Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy is a former Reuters reporter and a current favorite of CNN and MSNBC’s weekend morning shows.

Teleprompter Withdrawal: Obama Goes To Ohio And Says, "I Want To See Us Export More Jobs"

President Obama really misses his teleprompter on the campaign trail.
Pres. Obama says at a campaign rally at Kent State University (Ohio) that he wants to export more jobs from Ohio (September 26, 2012).

Code Pink heads to South Waziristan to protest drone strikes. What could go wrong?

I wouldn't be shocked if they were kidnapped and beheaded for being infidels. I wonder if they are taking their vagina suits
USA 26 September 2012: Seven Members of Veterans For Peace are part of a 40-member delegation organized by Code Pink and planning to be in Pakistan between September 28th and October 10th. VFP members Leah Bolger, Dave Dittemore, Bill Kelly, Jody Mackey, Rob Mulford, and Ann Wright will meet with drone victims’ families, elected officials, tribal elders, and residents of South Waziristan, where U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands, while injuring and making refugees of many more. Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin is an associate member of VFP.
VFP President Leah Bolger said, “The use of combat drones is both immoral and illegal. They violate the sovereign airspace of countries that we have not declared war with, and have killed thousands of innocent civilians. Can you imagine how the American public would react if another country murdered our citizens with drones? The U.S. military favors the use of drones because they ‘save American lives’ — when will we start thinking of the lives of others as being as valuable as our own?”

Brazilian Judge Orders Google To Remove“Innocence of Muslims” Film From YouTube…

Welcome to a world where free speech ends when someone is offended. Political correctness is now on steroids.

Via AP:

[I]n a separate case pending against Google, Sao Paulo-based judge Gilson Delgado Miranda gave the site 10 days to remove video clips from “Innocence of Muslims,” which has angered many Muslims around the world by its depiction of the Prophet Mohammed and his followers as thugs. After the 10-day window, Google will face fines of $5,000 a day for every day the clips remain accessible in Brazil, according to the statement on the court’s website.

The company did not respond to requests Wednesday for comment about the case.
The “Innocence of Muslims” ruling resulted from a lawsuit by a group representing Brazil’s Muslim community, the National Union of Islamic Entities, which claimed the film violates the country’s constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for all faiths.

In a statement on the group’s website, Mohamad al Bukai, the head of religious matters for the Sao Paulo-based organization, hailed the ruling.

“Freedom of expression must not be confused with giving disproportionate and irresponsible offense, which can provoke serious consequences for society,” al Bukai said.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Romney Ad: Too Many Americans (Video)

“Compassion should be Measured by How Many People are Able to Get Off Welfare and Get a Good-Paying Job”

Too many Americans are struggling to find work or are living paycheck to paycheck. Mitt Romney will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years and help lift families out of poverty, while strengthening the middle class. We can't afford another four years like the last.

New Global Warming Scare: Climate Change Will Kill 100 Million By 2030...

Al Gore will mount his trusty unicorn and save the planet...
LONDON (Reuters) —More than 100 million people will die and global economic growth will be cut by 3.2 per cent of gross domestic product by 2030 if the world fails to tackle climate change, a report commissioned by 20 governments said on Wednesday.
As global average temperatures rise due to greenhouse gas emissions, the effects on the planet, such as melting ice caps, extreme weather, drought and rising sea levels, will threaten populations and livelihoods, said the report conducted by humanitarian organization DARA.
It calculated that five million deaths occur each year from air pollution, hunger and disease as a result of climate change and carbon-intensive economies, and that toll would likely rise to six million a year by 2030 if current patterns of fossil fuel use continue.
More than 90 per cent of those deaths will occur in developing countries, said the report that calculated the human and economic impact of climate change on 184 countries in 2010 and 2030. It was commissioned by the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a partnership of 20 developing countries threatened by climate change.
“A combined climate-carbon crisis is estimated to claim 100 million lives between now and the end of the next decade,” the report said.

Madonna promises to strip naked if Obama is re-elected...

Finally, we know why Bill Clinton is trying to get Obama re-elected...

Via The Hill:
Later in the show, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her pants to show she had “OBAMA” written in all capital letters across her lower back.

“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I'll take it all off,” she said to cheers and whistles from the audience.

She then began singing a slow, seductive version of “Like a Virgin” while rolling around on a piano top.

Madonna first revealed her body art in early September, during her performance at Yankee stadium in New York.

New Poll: 59 percent of small business owners and manufacturers plan to drop health insurance or dramatically raise prices

Obamacare is failing...

Via Washington Secrets:
A majority of small business owners and manufacturers are mulling drastic changes to comply with Obamacare, with 21 percent set to drop health insurance to workers altogether and 38 percent planning to make employees pay much more.
In a poll done for the National Association of Manufacturers and National Federation of Independent Businesses, 59 percent said that they will have to consider changes once the full law kicks in because increased costs will jeopardize their operations. According to the poll, 67 percent expect Obamacare to raise healthcare costs.
The fears about spending more on health care are adding to growing concerns among small businessmen and women about staying in business, said the poll from Public Opinion Strategies.
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Wednesday Fun Video: Jihadi Work Accident

An IED goes off early and the Jihad ends early for three men.

John Kerry: Deaths In Benghazi The Result Of GOP Budget Cuts Or Something…

Lurch has a bolt or two loose...

Via WaPo:
John Kerry has been trying to think like Mitt Romney as he stands in for the Republican nominee in presidential debate prep with Barack Obama. But in an interview on Tuesday, Kerry said it’s not easy to follow Romney’s train of thought on foreign policy.
“Romney has made clear that not only does he not have the judgment or vision’’ to be commander-in-chief, said the ’04 Democratic nominee, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “but he’s really been all over the map” on Afghanistan and more. [...]
Asked about reports that the security at the consulate in Benghazi was seriously sub-par, though, Kerry made his own accusations: “The answer is, look at who the people are around here who’ve been cutting the budget; Hillary’s been up here and I’ve been screaming about it and Dick Lugar, to his credit,” has been, too.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Spokesperson: The President Killed Osama Bin Laden

Seal team 6 begs to differ... Obama Spokeswomen: The President Killed Osama Bin Laden

Obama finally talks to WH Press. Wants the NFL refs back...

Finally, a topic Obama thinks is important...

Via Washington Examiner:
President Obama is very accessible to the White House press corps, if the topic is sufficiently unimportant.
Obama has been criticized at times for avoiding the White House press while trolling entertainment media for positive coverage, but he took a moment to comment again on the National Football League referee fiasco upon his return to the White House today.
“Terrible,” Obama said of last night’s Packers-Seahawks game as he exited his helicopter.  “I’ve been saying for months, we’ve gotta get our refs back.” The NFL is using replacement referees while trying to negotiate a new contract with the referee union.
The press pool noted that Obama stopped to take the question after ABC’s Devin Dwyer shouted “Packers” at him over the sound of the helicopter “and that word alone was enough to make Obama stop to talk to press for a few seconds.”
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israel will be "eliminated"

Why are we letting this maniac in our country? We should throw him and the entire UN out. 
(Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday disregarded a U.N. warning to avoid incendiary rhetoric and declared ahead of the annual General Assembly session that Israel has no roots in the Middle East and would be “eliminated.”

On Sunday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Ahmadinejad and warned him of the dangers of incendiary rhetoric in the Middle East.

Ahmadinejad did not heed the warning and, speaking to reporters through an interpreter, alluded to his previous rejection of Israel’s right to exist.

“Iran has been around for the last seven, 10 thousand years. They (the Israelis) have been occupying those territories for the last 60 to 70 years, with the support and force of the Westerners. They have no roots there in history,” he said, referring to the founding of the modern state of Israel in 1948.

Poll: Veterans want a new Commander-in-Chief...

Even young veterans are dumping Obama...

Via Politico:
President Barack Obama is trying hard to win veterans, but it looks like they’d prefer a new commander in chief.

The Obama campaign had been hoping that veterans and their families — especially among the post-Sept. 11 generation that served in Iraq and Afghanistan — would be part of their path to victory: They’re a high turn-out demographic and concentrated in battleground states, with nearly 1 million each in North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, and 1.6 million in Florida.

But recent polls make clear that the president’s campaign is losing the battle. Even as Obama leads in Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Virginia, Mitt Romney is up by double digits among veterans in those states. Nationwide, he’s got a commanding 20-percentage-point lead over Obama and has even overtaken the president with younger veterans.

“It’s no contest,” said Maurice Tamman, a Reuters data news editor who has polled on veterans and the presidential campaign.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes, after the election, President Obama will be more flexible on Iran getting nukes...

 Obama more flexible after the election? I wonder where he got that idea?

Via Washington Examiner:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that President Obama’s ‘red line’ about Iranian nuclear weapons is written in vanishing ink.
Ahmadinejad suggested that Obama will give him more flexibility on the nuclear program after the American presidential election.
“Do you believe that he [Obama] will repeat such a policy?” Ahmadinejad said during a Washington Post interview this weekend. That was his reply when asked if Obama will reiterate his oft-stated position that “the U.S. is prepared to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon—that’s Obama’s ‘red line,’” as David Ignatius put it.

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Poll: Middle America abandoning Barack Obama...

Via Washington Secrets:
Middle income Americans aren’t just abandoning President Obama, but believe that his vice president is less qualified than Republican running mate Rep. Paul Ryan to be president.
By margins of up to 22 percent for those earning $60,000-$75,000, likely voters polled by Rasmussen Reports feel that the Wisconsin congressman most known for penning the austere House GOP budget has the chops to be president more than Joe Biden, a long-time senator before becoming vice president three years ago.
The poll tracks the Politico-George Washington University Battleground Poll that found Mitt Romney leading President Obama among the middle class by 14 points, a shocker to some who believed that Romney’s wealthy background would be a turnoff to middle income workers.
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Unlikely: Iran considering pre-emptive strike on Israel

Go for it and give Israel an excuse to destroy Iran...

Via NBC News:

Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel if it was sure the Jewish state were preparing to attack it, a senior commander of its elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying on Sunday.
Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a brigadier general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, made the comments to Iran’s state-run Arabic language Al-Alam television, according to a report on the network’s website.

“Iran will not start any war but it could launch a pre-emptive attack if it was sure that the enemies are putting the final touches to attack it,” Al-Alam said, paraphrasing the military commander.
Hajizadeh, who heads the Guard’s aerospace division, said any attack on Iranian soil could trigger “World War III.”

Comedy Gold: Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012 (Video)

They interviewed about 12 people and they were all completely clueless about current events and the candidates positions. 
Howard Stern contributors Sal and Richard travel to Harlem to interview Obama supporters and ask them why they are voting for Obama. They did this back in 2008, now let's see what happens when they do it again in 2012!

Obama on Israel's concern Iran will nuke them: "Noise" he can ignore...

The possibility of mushroom clouds over an ally isn't something a sane President would try to ignore.
WASHINGTON (AFP) — President Barack Obama likened Israeli pressure on him to draw a line in the sand over Iran’s nuclear ambitions as noise he tries to ignore, according to remarks aired Sunday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently urged the United States to establish what he called a “red line” regarding Tehran’s nuclear program beyond which the United States would be compelled to act.

Iran insists its uranium-enrichment activities are for civilian energy-producing purposes, but the West fears it is for building nuclear weapons.

Israel is seen as pushing a much more hardline approach that would include military action, while Washington instead prefers to let diplomacy and sanctions dissuade Iran from building the bomb.
Obama, interviewed for Sunday’s edition of “60 Minutes” on broadcaster CBS, said he understands and agrees with Netanyahu’s insistence that Iran not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons as this would threaten both countries, the world in general, and kick off an arms race.

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Obama: Terrorist attacke are "Bumps on the road"

Tell that to Ambassador Stevens family...

This may be the first time in history that a President of the United States has called a terrorist attack against the country a “bump in the road.” (September 23, 2012).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chart of the Day: Incumbent President September polling election results

Every incumbent President polling below 50% in September has lost. Obummer is at 47%...

Gallop: 8 percent of Americans say they have a “great deal” of trust in the news media

Trust in the news media is at a record low. 

Via CNS News:
Only 8 percent of Americans say they have a “great deal” of trust in the news media, according to a new Gallup poll.
That is down from 11 percent a year ago and is a record low for the 40 years that Gallup has been polling on the question.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

RNC runs ad welcoming Obama back to Wisconsin...

Well played... Since You've Been Gone...

Amusing Rick Perry Tweet

Amusing: Texas deer hates Obama...

Well, the deer appears to hate Obama yard signs.

Via HuffPo:

A deer in Texas is showing support for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by repeatedly attacking a sign supporting opponent President Barack Obama on an Austin couple’s front lawn.

Tom and Beth Priem said concern over repeated tears in an Obama lawn sign in their front yard led to concern about vandals, reports. Beth Priem sat up one morning with a video camera hoping to catch the culprit and discovered the problem was actually something with four legs. reports:
“Apparently, we have a Republican deer in our neighborhood!” said Tom.  Read more here.

Unlikely: Nancy Pelosi Claims There Is A 60% Chance She Will Be The Next Speaker

And she will be riding a unicorn too...

Via Red Alert Politics:
Nancy Pelosi told reporters Friday that she has a 60 percent chance of retaking the speaker’s gavel from John Boehner come January due to Republican plans to restructure Medicare for those 55 and younger.
“The momentum is coming our way,” Politico quoted Pelosi as saying.
Yet Pelosi’s rhetoric fails to square with polling data suggestingDemocrats may pick up four seats and fall far short of the 25 seats Democrats need to reclaim the majority.
“[O]verall conclusions are pretty similar — modest Democratic gains, but continued Republican control,” Kyle Klondik, House editor for Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” writes.

Chart of the Day: Obama's Legacy

Via Weekly Standard:

Unlikely: Iran Promises To Wipe Israel Off The Map If Attacked…

Iranian military commanders do know Israel has many nuclear weapons, don't they?

Via JPost:
Iranian military commanders on Friday threatened the complete destruction of the State of Israel as the country unveiled a domestically manufactured air defense system as part of a military parade, various Iranian news agencies reported.
“If the Zionist regime makes such a move, there will no longer be a thing called the Zionist regime,” Revolutionary Guards General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said, according to Iran’s Press TV. “The Zionist regime cannot even imagine our response to the military attack of this regime.”
Commander of Iran’s ground forces Brig.-Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan told the semi-official Mehr news agency “The enemy will regret it if it one day decides to attack Iran. We will deliver such a response to them that they will regret their act of aggression.”
The parade, displaying military hardware, marked the anniversary of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. According to Iranian state media, the military displayed Shahab 3, Sejjil, Qadr, Sahab and Zelzal missiles during the parade. Iran has claimed the Shahab 3 has a range that can reach Israel and they have reportedly experimented with integrating a nuclear warhead onto the missile.

Romney more generous than Obama and Biden combined...

Mitt Romney and Ann gave 29.4 percent to charity. Obama and Biden combined gave 23.3%. Joe Biden and his wife Jill gave a measly 1.5 percent of their income to charity in 2011.

Via Politico:
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was far more generous to charities than President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden last year, both in dollar terms and as a percentage of income, tax return data Romney’s campaign released Friday indicate.
Romney and his wife, Ann, gave 29.4 percent of their income to charity in 2011, donating $4,020,772 out of the $13,696,951 they took in.
Obama and first lady Michelle Obama gave 21.8 percent of their income to charitable organizations last year, donating $172,130 out of the $789,674 they made.
Biden and his wife, Jill, gave 1.5 percent of their income away in 2011, with charitable donations totaling $5,540 out of $379,035.
Republicans have mocked Obama and especially Biden for being unusually tight-fisted when it comes to making charitable gifts.
When the Obama campaign released past tax returns for Biden in 2008, it was revealed that the Bidens donated just $3,690 to charity over 10 years — an average of $369 a year.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fail: Boston Herald spins 6 point Scott Brown lead as a " narrow lead"

Fauxchahantas Elizabeth warren has a 1/32 chance of beating Scott Brown.

The Boston Herald:
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has moved into a narrow lead over rival Elizabeth Warren while his standing among Massachusetts voters has improved despite a year-long Democratic assault, a new UMass Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows.

The GOP incumbent is beating Warren by a 50-44 percent margin among registered Bay State voters, a turnaround from the last University of Massachusetts Lowell/Herald poll nine months ago that had the Democratic challenger leading by seven points. Among likely voters, Brown is leading the Harvard Law professor by a 49-45 percent margin, just within the poll’s 5.5 percent margin of error.
BTW, polls of registered voters favor democrats.

Amusing: Jill Biden inadvertently tells us more about Joe than we expected in a campaign speech

At the 30 second mark...

Romney Campaign: Romney paid same tax rate over 20 years as Obama last year...

Via Weekly Standard:
According to a statement released by the Romney campaign that summarizes the rate of taxes the Republican presidential nominee paid between 1990 and 2009, the rate at which Mitt Romney paid taxes is approximately equal to what President Barack Obama paid last year.
“Over the entire 20-year period, the average annual effective federal tax rate was 20.20%,” the Romney campaign states, based on a summary of Romney’s taxes from the firm Price Waterhouse Cooper.
President Obama’s tax rate in 2011 was only marginally higher, at 20.5 percent.
Harry Reid goes bonkers:

MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh: My “Secret Fantasy” Is Romney Getting A “Transvaginal Ultrasound”…

She's hot for Romney...

Hypocrite: Censured tax dodger Charles Rangel calls higher taxes "paying your fair share!"

NY Rep. Charles Rangel does realize he is making himself look like a jack ass, doesn't he?

Via Washington Secrets:
New York Rep. Charles Rangel, censured by the House for ethics violations over squirrely financial dealings like failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and failing to pay income taxes, today called President Obama’s goal of killing some Bush tax cuts “paying your fair share!”
The 82-year-old’s umbrage came in a tweet while he was in the Cannon Rotunda interview area. According to a picture he also tweeted, he was near House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who was in a discussion over the Bush tax cuts.
“My ears perking up to hear Rep. Cantor saying taxes will go up under Pres Obama. It’s called ‘paying your fair share!’” Rangel tweeted just after noon.
His picture shows Rangel waiting to be interviewed with Cantor off to the right, TV light shining off his face as he is being interviewed.
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Scott Brown rips Elizabeth Warren for checking the Native American box at Harvard...

Scott Brown rips Elizabeth Warren for checking the Native American box at Harvard...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clueless: Only 15% of Democrats think recent economic news is bad...

I guess they think record unemployment, national debt and government dependency are a good thing.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — With just 47 days before the general election and Mitt Romney attempting to pivot the focus of the election back on the state of the economy, citizens with Democratic leanings are actually doing an about-face on the economy compared to their Republican counterparts, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center.

New data found that just 15 percent of Democrats believe that recent economic news is mostly poor, a percentage that took a significant drop from the 31 percent of Democrats polled last month who did think that economic news was mostly bad. According to the study, the 15-percent clip is among the lowest percentages during President Barack Obama’s nearly four years in office.

Obama makes case for electing Romney: "You can't change Washington from the inside"

Let's vote Obama out then...

Besieged US Pakistani Embassy Grovels to Muslims on Twitter

Romney Ad Attacks Barack Obama's War On Coal (Video)

War On Coal

Amusing: Monica Lewinsky writing tell all book as revenge against Bubba...

Former President Bill Clinton is a slime ball. Anything Monica Lewinsky does to him is well deserved... 
Monica Lewinsky is reportedly set to write a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton - including her intimate love letters to the ex-president and how he had an insatiable desire for threesomes. 
The former White House intern, 39, reportedly wants revenge on Clinton, who she believes escaped unscathed while she has never been able to shake the disgrace of their Oval Office trysts.[...] 
'Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her,' a friend told the Enquirer. 'She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched.'[...] 
He also laughed about his nonexistent sex life with his wife - and said he thought he was not the only one looking for love outside their marriage.'Monica can describe how Bill went on and on about his insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds,' the friend added.

Shameful: Obama campaign turns American flag into campaign logo...

Team Obama desecrates out flag...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama on national debt: "We don't have to worry about it short term."

The agencies that downgraded out credit rating beg to differ...

Via RCP:
President Obama addressed the debt and deficit, saying it is not a problem in the "short term," during an appearance on CBS's "Late Show" with host David Letterman. Obama also said he did not know what the national debt was when he took office. 

When a concerned Letterman asked him about the debt, Obama laid the responsibility for the U.S. national debt and deficit on his predecessor former President George W. Bush.[...] 

When asked if he remember what the national debt was when he entered office, President Obama said "I don't know what the number was precisely." Obama told Letterman "we don't have to worry about it short term."

Flashback Video: Obama wants democracy with a small "d"

Obama also endorses the Communist ideal of collectivism...
NEW YORK – A 1995 video depicts Barack Obama calling for “democracy with a small ‘d,’” while pushing a society based on collectivism and “common good.”
In the video unearthed by KleinOnline, Obama hails unions and collective bargaining as encapsulating the societal “common good” of which he speaks.
Obama urges society to collectively move “forward” – a word that would later serve as his 2012 campaign slogan.
Obama was speaking in an Aug. 11, 1995 interview pushing his just published book, “Dreams From My Father.” At the time, Obama was a community organizer planning to launch a political career.

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Guess which President has the longest streak of 8% unemployment since the Great depression

It's Obama!
( – Excluding January 2009, the month when Barack Obama was inaugurated, unemployment has stayed above 8 percent, which is longer than under any other administration since the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) started measuring the monthly jobless rate: Over 8 percent for 43 months during Obama compared to a total of 39 months above 8 percent between 1948 and 2008. 
Over the course of 50 years, the unemployment rate in the United Stateswas above 8 percent for a total of 3 years and 3 months; under Obama alone, the rate has been above 8 percent for 3 years and 7 months. 
Also, no other president presided over three consecutive years of average annual unemployment of more than 8 percent before Obama, according to the BLS data. 
The rate was above 8 percent throughout 1975, under President Gerald Ford, and throughout 1982 and 1983, under President Reagan. However, the rate went to 7.8 percent in February 1984 and continued to fall steadily under Reagan – at the end of his second term in 1988, unemployment was down to 5.3 percent. 
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Obamacare tax to hit 6 million; mostly middle class...

President Obama claimed he would never raise taxes on the middle class. He is a liar.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly 6 million Americans — most of them in the middle class — will face a tax penalty for not carrying medical coverage once President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law is fully in place, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday. 
The new estimate amounts to an inconvenient fact for the administration, a reminder of what critics see as broken promises. 
The numbers from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are significantly higher than a previous projection by the same office in 2010, shortly after the law passed.
The earlier estimate found 4 million people would be affected in 2016, when the penalty is fully in effect. The difference — 2 million people— represents a 50 percent increase.

Obama's foreign policy approval is undergoing a meltdown...

Voters have long disapproved of Obama on economic issues, but he had strength on foreign policy issues. That may now be undergoing a radical change.

Via Politico:
Approval of President Obama’s handling of foreign policy has taken a beating since last month, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll taken after violence erupted last week in Egypt and Libya.
The poll found approval among registered voters dropped to 49 percent, down from from 54 percent a month earlier, NBC’s FirstRead reports. The fall was steeper among independents, going from 53 percent in August to 41 percent. Even support among Republicans dropped eight points — from 19 percent to 10 percent.

Obama tell Letterman: “There’s more than enough blame to spread around,”

Barack Obama needs to man-up and accent some of it...

Via Weekly Standard:
In a sit down interview with late night host David Letterman that will be aired later this evening, President Barack Obama continued a trend of blaming others for the problems this country faces.
“There’s more than enough blame to spread around,” Obama told Letterman, according to the pool report. “These problems have been around for a decade or more.”
The president’s statement was in response to this (from the pool reporter): “Letterman lingered on a number of serious topics, asking Obama to explain the nation’s budget crisis at length and to comment on the gridlock that much of the nation sees in Washington.”
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney goes after Hispanic vote

This will only work id Hispanics are smart enough to not be one issue voters.

Via Reuters

But Romney would like to reduce Obama's edge in a Hispanic voting group, which could be critical in several swing states where the Nov. 6 election is likely to be decided.

Romney is making the effort by pointing out that Hispanic unemployment is at 10 percent, higher than the national average of 8.1 percent. He received polite applause throughout his speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles but had to compete with a video message from Obama that was played moments before Romney took the stage.

Romney chose his address to the Hispanic business leaders as a vehicle for launching an effort to provide more specifics of his economic proposals. He has been accused of running a campaign that has been long on rhetoric with little detail about how he would revitalize the U.S. economy.

Romney gave some specifics on how he would improve the U.S. immigration system, pledging to work with Republicans and Democrats for a permanent fix.

He said he would structure the U.S. temporary worker visa program in a way that meets the needs of employers and establish an employment verification system so businesses would know whether new hires were legally eligible for employment.

Gallop: Obama lead falls to 1 among registered voters...

This means Romney is likely up by one percent among people who will actually go to the polls. Registered voter polls typically favor Democrats by 2% or more.

Via Hot Air:
You guys are poll-savvy enough by now to know that samples of likely voters always skew a bit more Republican than samples of registereds, so what we’re looking at here is a de facto tie race at worst. Rasmussen has it 47/45 for Romney today; Gallup’s sample, screened for likelies, would probably be right in line with that.

Here’s what a textbook “bounce” looks like on a graph:

Is Romney's Claim Obama Supporters Feel “Entitled” To Free Stuff Justified?

Watch this video of an Obama supporter in 2008 and decide.

Flashback: Obama Admits “I Actually Believe In Redistribution” Of Wealth…

In case anyone still has any doubts.

Obamacare is still unpopular...

A majority still want to repeal the monstrosity. 

Via Weekly Standard:
As we get further removed from a Republican convention that, at least in prime time (and apart from Paul Ryan), didn’t emphasize the importance of repealing Obamacare, and a Democratic convention at which President Obama was praised for spearheading Obamacare’s passage regardless of the considerable difficulties he faced (namely, the opposition of the vast majority of the American people), Americans’ attitudes toward repeal now seem to have reverted back to what they’ve been across the better part of the past two-and-a-half years. This is good news for the Romney campaign.
The latest polling from Rasmussen Reports shows that, by a margin of 10 percentage points (53 to 43 percent), likely voters support the repeal of Obamacare.  By a margin of 11 points (52 to 41 percent), independents support repeal.
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Romney tells it like it is: Half of Americans as “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government”

Plain talk...
WASHINGTON — During a private reception with wealthy donors this year, Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government.” 
Those voters, he said, would probably support  President Obama because they believe they are “victims” who are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

In a brief and hastily called news conference Monday just after 10 p.m., Mr. Romney acknowledged having made the blunt political and cultural assessment, saying it was “not elegantly stated,” but he stood by the substance of the remarks, insisting that he had made similar observations in public without generating controversy.

The video of Mr. Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, was made in May, offering a rare glimpse of his personal views. Mr. Romney told reporters that he had been “speaking off the cuff in response to a question” at the fund-raiser, and said he wanted “to help all Americans — all Americans — have a bright, prosperous future.” Keep on reading...

Shocking: Florida college professor makes students sign pledge to vote for Obama and democrats

Are young people getting an education at college or a liberal brainwashing?

Via Todd Starnes:
A Florida community college has launched an investigation and placed a tenured professor on leave over reports that she made students in a math class sign a pledge to vote for President Obama.

A spokesman for Brevard Community College told Fox News that Sharon Sweet was placed on an unpaid leave of absence effective immediately after they received a call from a concerned parent.

“The allegations center on her soliciting support in her classes for President Obama in the upcoming election,” said college spokesman John Glisch in a statement to Fox News.

The website, which first reported the allegations, said the students were told to sign a pledge that read: “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”
They were also given bookmarks from - a website paid for by the Obama-Biden campaign — targeting young voters, the website reported.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New low: Obama campaign claims Romney profited off slavery...

How low can they go?

Via Weekly Standard:
President Obama’s campaign made a serious charge against Mitt Romney today when spokesman Ben LaBolt suggested on national television that the Republican presidential candidate had previously profited off slave labor in China.
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Unlikely: Obama Makes “Unwavering” Pledge To Protect Religious Liberty…

The Catholic Church begs to differ...

Via The Hill:
President Obama on Monday made a campaign pitch to “people of faith” in which he reaffirmed what he called his “unwavering” commitment to “protecting religious liberty.”
“I know faith is often used as a wedge in our politics, and with a new election year comes new attacks,” Obama said in the video. “The American people should know this: In a changing world, my commitment to protecting religious liberty is and always will be unwavering. As America’s religious diversity grows, we have the chance to reaffirm the pluralism that has defined us as a nation. A pluralism that is expansive enough to protect the rights of all to speak their minds and to follow their conscience.”

Obama on Republicans: "if they want me to walk the dog or wash their car, I'm happy to do it,"

My SUV is a little dirty...
"I've said if the Republicans need more love, if they want me to walk the dog or wash their car, I'm happy to do it," President Obama said at a campaign event in Cincinnati, OH today.

How did this lightweight get elected President?

Video: Allen West Calls UN Ambassador Rice, “Asinine, Naive, Inept, Incompetent and Borderline Ignorant”

Straight talker...

Pakistani Protesters March on U.S. Consulate - Col. Allen West - Judge Jeanine Pirro - 9-16-12

Gallop: 70% of US Jews still support Obama

It is hard to understand how any Jewish voter could support Obama.
WASHINGTON – The Jewish public in the United States seems to have taken Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel, as well as his dramatic statements about Jerusalem, in stride, as a recent poll revealed that the majority of Jewish voters in the US still support US President Barack Obama.
A recent Gallup poll released Saturday found that 70% of US Jews still support Obama, while the GOP’s candidate has only 25% support – similar to the support given to John McCain in 2008.
The Republicans have been vigorously courting the Jewish vote – as well as that of Israelis who hold dual nationality – during the 2012 presidential campaign, including sending several top GPO senators and congressmen to Israel.
The 2008 presidential race saw Obama win 78% of the Jewish votes in the United States.
A poll held in March found that his approval ratings among American Jewry slipped to 61%.

Report: Some black clergy are telling their flocks to stay home on Election Day

The traditional black church does not support Barack Obama's position on gay marriage.

Via Newsmax:
Some black clergy see no good presidential choice between a Mormon candidate and one who supports gay marriage, so they are telling their flocks to stay home on Election Day. That’s a worrisome message for the nation’s first African-American president, who can’t afford to lose any voters from his base in a tight race.
The pastors say their congregants are asking how a true Christian could back same-sex marriage, as President Barack Obama did in May. As for Republican Mitt Romney, the first Mormon nominee from a major party, congregants are questioning the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its former ban on men of African descent in the priesthood.
“When President Obama made the public statement on gay marriage, I think it put a question in our minds as to what direction he’s taking the nation,” said the Rev. A.R. Bernard, founder of the predominantly African-American Christian Cultural Center in New York. Bernard, whose endorsement is much sought-after in New York and beyond, voted for Obama in 2008. He said he’s unsure how he’ll vote this year. ...

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Update: Iran still wants to kill British author Salman Rushdie...

Iran has upped the reward for killing Salman Rushdie to $3.3 million from $2.8 million.
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian newspapers are reporting that a religious foundation has increased a reward for killing British author Salman Rushdie to $3.3 million from $2.8 million in response to alleged insults to the Prophet Muhammad.
The Sunday reports in the hardline Jomhoori Eslami daily and other newspapers appeared to be a reference to an anti-Islam film that sparked a series of protests across the Muslim world.
The report said that the 15 Khordad Foundation will pay the prize to whoever acts on the 1989 death fatwa issued by Iran’s late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini against the author of the novel “The Satanic Verses,” calling his book blasphemous.

Deranged: Current TV's Bill Press says controversial film maker "guilty as the terrorists who carried out those attacks against our embassy in Libya"

What happened to the days when liberals supported free speech?

Via Newsbusters:

“Now here’s the question though and the question that I ask you and it’s not an easy one, I understand that. What, if anything, should happen to the people who made this video? I gotta tell you, I think they are as guilty, that’s my opinion, I think they are as guilty as the terrorists who carried out those attacks against our embassy in Libya. Look, we don’t know everybody who was involved, but we’ve seen, I’ve seen some of them on television. This is a group of extremist, Muslim-hating, so-called Christians in southern California who are using their religion to stir up hatred against Islam. They’re basing this on their Christian beliefs. They are, I believe, every bit as guilty as al Qaeda members who, think about it, who use the Koran and abuse their religion to stir up hatred against the United States. These so-called Christians, anybody who uses religion to stir up hate, is not a true believer. And certainly Christians who do so are not true Christians.

Flashback Video: Obama Says I Will Have Credibility With Muslim World

How is that Arab Spring thing working out?

Amusing: Colorado Democrat contorts himself into not saying Obama's name (video)

It's almost like Obama is toxic or something...

Obama administration refusing to talk about Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghaz

It's like they want the voters to forget this happened on their watch...
The State Department told reporters Friday afternoon that it won’t answer any more questions about the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans until the investigation into the incident is complete.
“I’m going to frustrate all of you, infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened — not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it — until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that’s its got,” State Department spokeswoman Victorian Nuland told reporters late Friday afternoon.
“So I’m going to send to the FBI for those kinds of questions and they’re probably not going to talk to you about it,” she said.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prohibited Marines from providing security at any American diplomatic installation in Libya.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Muslim Leaders calling for international law against Blasphemy…

Will they cut off the tongues of blasphemers?

Via Arab News:
The Kingdom’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh called on the international community to criminalize acts of abusing great prophets and messengers such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all), according to a statement issued today.
The statement was issued in response film in the United States denigrating Islam and ridiculing the Prophet (pbuh).
Al-Asheikh also appealed to the Ummah to react to any attempt to denigrate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by strictly adhering to the values advocated by the Prophet (pbuh) instead of unleashing violence against innocent people, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The mufti said the attempts of a filmmaker filled with hatred to Islam would not harm the great personality of the Prophet (pbuh) or anything in Islam in any manner but would only reflect on the people who spread venomous ideas.

Obvious: Hollywood to be tapped to pitch Obamacare to public...

The Hollywood moonbats will be more than willing to help...

Realizing that much of the battle will be in the public relations realm, the exchange has poured significant resources into a detailed marketing plan — developed not by state health bureaucrats but by the global marketing powerhouse Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, which has an initial $900,000 contract with the exchange. The Ogilvy plan includes ideas for reaching an uninsured population that speaks dozens of languages and is scattered through 11 media markets: advertising on coffee cup sleeves at community colleges to reach adult students, for example, and at professional soccer matches to reach young Hispanic men.
And Hollywood, an industry whose major players have been supportive of President Obama and his agenda, will be tapped. Plans are being discussed to pitch a reality television show about “the trials and tribulations of families living without medical coverage,” according to the Ogilvy plan. The exchange will also seek to have prime-time television shows, like “Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and Univision telenovelas, weave the health care law into their plots.
“I’d like to see 10 of the major TV shows, or telenovelas, have people talking about ‘thathealth insurance thing,’ ”
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Video: Several news clips of Obama's apology tours

It's always America's fault...

From the Hannity Show:

It has begun: Credit-research firm downgrades U.S. government debt to AA-

Don't be surprised if other credit rating firms follow suit...
NEW YORK — Egan-Jones, an independent credit-research firm, downgraded its rating on U.S. government debt to AA- from AA on Friday, citing the Federal Reserve’s plans to try to stimulate the economy.

The credit rating agency said the Fed’s plans to buy mortgage bonds will likely hurt the economy more than help it.

The plan will weaken the value of the dollar and push up prices for oil and other commodities, Egan-Jones said. That would leave less for consumers to spend on other things.

But at the same time, Egan-Jones warned that the federal government’s borrowing costs are likely to slowly rise as the global economy recovers.

On Thursday, the Fed said it would buy $40 billion of mortgage bonds a month to help the economic recovery.

It’s the second time the Haverford, Pa. shop has downgraded U.S. government debt in five months. In April, Egan-Jones lowered its rating on the U.S. to AA from AA+. It stripped the U.S. of a top AAA rating in July 2011. Read more here...