Monday, September 17, 2012

Gallop: 70% of US Jews still support Obama

It is hard to understand how any Jewish voter could support Obama.
WASHINGTON – The Jewish public in the United States seems to have taken Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel, as well as his dramatic statements about Jerusalem, in stride, as a recent poll revealed that the majority of Jewish voters in the US still support US President Barack Obama.
A recent Gallup poll released Saturday found that 70% of US Jews still support Obama, while the GOP’s candidate has only 25% support – similar to the support given to John McCain in 2008.
The Republicans have been vigorously courting the Jewish vote – as well as that of Israelis who hold dual nationality – during the 2012 presidential campaign, including sending several top GPO senators and congressmen to Israel.
The 2008 presidential race saw Obama win 78% of the Jewish votes in the United States.
A poll held in March found that his approval ratings among American Jewry slipped to 61%.

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