Friday, August 31, 2012

Asinine: Obama's DOJ sues library because the blind can't use their e-readers

Libraries do have books on tapes...
( – The U.S. Justice Department says it has reached a settlement with the Sacramento (California) Public Library over a trial program the library was conducting that let patrons borrow Barnes and Noble NOOK e-book readers.

DOJ and the National Federation of the Blind objected to the program on grounds that blind people could not use the NOOK e-readers for technological reasons.[...]

A DOJ official told it interviewed a woman who could not participate in the library's e-reader program due to her disability and concluded that the program had violated the ADA.

Payback: Democrats looking for mystery guest for their convention...

How about Bill Ayers?

Biden To Greek Men: “I’m Joe Bidenopoulos”…


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Romney Speech: “narrow-minded…small and insular and piggish"

What? He didn't call Romney a racist too?

Via Newsbusters:
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t even wait for the balloons and the confetti to stop falling before laying into Mitt Romney. Moments after the former Massachusetts governor finished his Thursday night speech at the Republican National Convention, Matthews slammed the supposedly “very dark, very jingoistic, very anti-scientific, and, really, Know-Nothing” elements of the address.
The left-wing host concluded that “on science, on war and peaceI personally think this was a bad address for the American people.” Matthews later went on a tear on how Romney was apparently “narrow-mindedsmall and insular and piggish…to say, we don’t care about the planet we live on, which is getting hotter.”
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Video: Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Full Speech

Mitt Romney had some memorable lines enjoyable zings at President Obama. The most important thing he did is he made Mitt Romeny look human. When he told about how his mother fount out his father died, it was really dust in the convention center.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Full Speech

Amusing: David Axelrod seems confused by Clint Easwood's appearance at the RNC convention...

It's the beginning of the end David. Deal with it...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz criticizes Republicans for having convention during Hurricane Isaac

She does know President Obama didn't drop everything he was dong and rush to a WH command center. Doesn't she?
TAMPA, Fla. — Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC and a Florida congresswoman, dinged Republicans on Thursday for not scaling back their convention further out of respect for Americans caught in the path of Hurricane Isaac.
“They could have taken things down a notch,” Wasserman Schultz said at a Democratic press conference rebutting the Republican convention. “I think it probably was an example of their continued focus on winning at all costs.”
While she said she agreed with the RNC’s decision to scrub the convention’s first day because of safety concerns, “parties and the special interest-funded bashes” still were held “in spite of the fact that our state was getting hit and Tampa was still in the path of the storm.”
“I give them credit for canceling the first day,” she said. “The way they handled it going forward while the rest of the region is getting battered … you know, probably a challenging situation for them. There are other ways they could have handled it other than the path they chose.”

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DNC Chair Debbie (Downer) Wasserman Shultz crashes RNC convention

As hard as it is to believe, someone married this vile creature...

Via Red Alert Politics:
Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz made a surprise visit to the Republican National Convention Center (RNC) in Tampa Thursday afternoon.
Shultz somehow made it through the massive security perimeter of the convention and into the convention center where the press corps is being housed this week. The convention center is next door to the Tampa Times Forum where the official RNC activities are taking place.
Dozens of reporters crowded Shultz, who was wearing a distinguishable pink suit, as she walked down the hallway of the convention center and into the Google Lounge set up inside the bloggers room. Shultz made a brief statement to cameras inside the Google Lounge about the need to support the nation’s veterans, and then promptly walked out of the room. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) also spoke at the briefing about the war in Afghanistan.
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Good News: Romney-Ryan strike fear in Al Gore

I hope he tinkles his pants.

Via Politico:
Not surprisingly, former Vice President Al Gore thinks a President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan will spell doom for the Earth and its environment.

“I would fear for the future of our environmental policy,” Gore said in an interview with TakePart. “Because they’ve made statements that are just completely at odds with the facts, and they seem to be really in lockstep with the large carbon polluters. But just based on their public statements, I would be very concerned about what they’d do.”

Gore didn’t let President Barack Obama off the hook either, saying, “I certainly understand” criticisms against him with regard to environmental policy.

Sad: UN puts accused war criminal on its human rights council

Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir stands accused of torture and the death of thousands, but he is getting a place at the table of the U.N. Human Rights Council. Tell me again why we are funding this clown show?

Via Judicial Watch:
Now the U.N. is allowing Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir, the last person on earth you would go to for anything related to human rights, have a seat on its human rights council. Here is a little background on the ruthless African dictator; He has been charged by the International Criminal Court of war crimes in Darfur and is responsible for killing thousands of his own citizens.

A renowned international human rights organization reminds that the Sudanese government has violently dispersed youth-led protests and that security forces have arrested and detained scores of perceived opponents. The Al-Bashir regime mistreats and tortures detainees and censors the media, the group, Human Rights Watch, writes in its assessment of the north African country. Additionally, Sudan’s indiscriminate bombing in civilian-populated areas has displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

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Amusing: Occupy RNC protesters exhausted...

The idea of one Occupy protester accusing another of being lazy is priceless...

But after lunchtime, the tents were looking pretty cozy.

It didn't sit well with one Occupy Wall Street protester, a 21-year-old woman who would only identify herself as Ducky.

"The same laziness I'm seeing here can happen on the front steps of Domino's and be used as activism," she pleaded.

An older bearded man sitting nearby sighed and got to his feet.
Then, he yelled at her.

Heroes: GOP platform calls for repeal of 16th amendment and federal income taxes! Sort of...

WaPo called this article The 10 oddest items in the GOP platform. They don't seem so odd to me. You decide.
1) Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment! Maybe… “In any restructuring of federal taxation, to guard against hypertaxation of the American people, any value added tax or national sales tax must be tied to the simultaneous repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which established the federal income tax.”

2) Police the universities for liberal bias. “Ideological bias is deeply entrenched within the current university system. Whatever the solution in private institutions may be, in State institutions the trustees have a responsibility to the public to ensure that their enormous investment is not abused for political indoctrination. We call on State officials to ensure that our public colleges and universities be places of learning and the exchange of ideas, not zones of intellectual intolerance favoring the Left.”

3) Defend the Electoral College at all costs. “We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College.” (See here for an explanation of the National Popular Vote compact.) Keep on reading...

Video: Full Paul Ryan Speech

 Paul Ryan's full VP nomination acceptance speech.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amusing: Democrats Banner-Towing Fail Plane Flies Again

Democrats really need to hire a proofreader...

Obvious: Obama wants to cut off GOP money

Citizens United ended the limits on corporation, and union, privately spending money on political campaigns. This had little effect on union because they were already spending all the money they wanted to on campaign under the guise of union activity. Unions may have spent as much as $300 million getting Obama elected in 2008. Since Citizens United, Republican supporting Super-PACS are out fundraising unions.

From The DC:
President Barack  Obama used the online springboard provided by Reddit to dive into the media  crush at the GOP convention, with a skillfully executed call for a  constitutional amendment to curb the free-speech of wealthier people and  corporations.
“I think we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment  process to overturn Citizens United. … Even if the amendment process falls  short, it can shine a spotlight of the super PAC phenomenon and help apply  pressure for change,” Obama said during 4:30 p.m. EST online event.

Moron Versus Moron: Occupy Meets Westboro Baptist Church At RNC In Tampa

When both these groups protest you, you know you are on headed in the right direction...

Reportedly, Yahoo News Washington bureau chief fired for saying Romney's 'Happy to Throw a Party With Black People Dying"

Yahoo News Washington bureau chief: Romney's 'Happy to Throw a Party With Black People Dying"

This is typical of the attitude of the mainstream media towards Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians. You may have heard in the video the laughter from others at his callous joke .
TAMPA, Fla. -- Yahoo News has fired Washington bureau chief David Chalian after he was caught on a hot-mic during an online video broadcast saying that Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, had no problem with African Americans suffering as a result of Hurricane Isaac, a source familiar with the situation tells POLITICO. (Now confirmed: see below)[...]

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.): Yahoo News confirms:
"David Chalian's statement was inappropriate and does not represent the views of Yahoo!.  He has been terminated effective immediately. We have already reached out to the Romney campaign, and we apologize to Mitt Romney, his staff, their supporters and anyone who was offended."
David Chalian has tweeted an apology, but his Twitter bio still lists him as Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief. Chalian needs to update it to Ex Yahoo douche bag.

MSNBC will probably hire him and give him a big raise. Wait...maybe it will be PBS. PBS managing editor, moderator of Washington Week and a senior correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, Gwen Ifill, tweeted her support for David Chalian and called him "God's gift to political journalism."

Liberals launch Ann Romney Twitter Hate Fest

Here is a sample.

Juan Williams: Ann Romney Looks Like "A Corporate Wife" (Video)

Come on Juan. Give up your hatred of the rich and successful.

Buzzfeed winning comment:
Sounds to me like corporate wife is the new racist code word for blue eyed white she-devil. Juan Williams is really letting the mask slip here.

Bill Clinton's CIA turned down opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden in 1999


From McClatchy:
 In late 1999, two years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, a group of Afghan agents loyal to an anti-Taliban guerrilla leader proposed assassinating Osama bin Laden. All they wanted was the $5 million reward the Clinton administration had offered for bin Laden’s capture, says a former Polish spy who was the Afghans’ go-between on the plot.
The CIA rejected the plan, however, saying, “We do not have a license to kill.”
“They gave us the exact location of the houses where bin Laden would be staying in Kandahar, the route he would be taking between his living quarters, his meeting place, and what kind of transportation he would be using,” Makowski told McClatchy in a recent interview, referring to the city in southern Afghanistan that was the Taliban’s seat of power. The Afghans planned to use car bombs to kill the Saudi-born leader of al Qaida.

LA Mayor to GOP: “You can’t just trot out a brown face..."

The party of racial politics accuses Republicans of playing racial politic...
TAMPA, Fla. — Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said that Republicans “can’t just trot out a brown face” to make inroads with the Latino community, an increasingly important growing bloc.

As the GOP prepares to showcase some of its rising Hispanic stars during the next two days of its national convention, the Democratic mayor dismissed Republican overtures toward Latinos as insincere.

“You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate,” Villaraigosa said at a press conference here organized by the Democratic National Committee [he's the convention chair].

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Confirmed: Chinese Government Prefers Obama

Here is a good reason to vote for Mitt Romney. The Chinese government doesn't want you too.
TAMPA - China's state-controlled media lashed out at GOPpresidential candidate Mitt RomneyMonday, warning that his policies would poison U.S.-China relations.

"By any standard, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney'sChina policy, as outlined on his official campaign website, is an outdatedmanifestation of a Cold War mentality," read acommentary in Monday's China Daily."It endorses the ‘China threat' theory and focuses on containing China's risein the Asia-Pacific through bolstering the robust U.S. military presence in theregion."

The Chinese state-owned outlet said that Romney was "provoking" China bypromising to supply Taiwan with aircraft and other military platforms andcalled his China approach "pugnacious."

"[H]is China policy, if implemented, would cause a retrogression inbilateral ties and turn the region into a venue for open confrontation betweenChina and the U.S.," the commentary stated.

Interesting: Mexico requires a photo, a signature, a thumbprint and a voter-registration card that includes holographic security to vote

Eric Holder says they are a bunch of racists!

Via NY Post:
You might call our system “Third World,” but that would be an insult to the Third World. As Fund and von Spakovsky note, to register to vote in Mexico a voter must provide a photo, a signature and a thumbprint. The Mexican voter-registration card includes holographic security, a magnetic code and a serial number. Before voting, voters have to show the card and have the thumbprints matched by a scanner.

Similar safeguards apply in many other countries, along with simple precautions to prevent repeat voting (remember those Iraqis with purple thumbs?) that America lacks.

In the United States, meanwhile, only 17 states even require identification in order to vote. Holder & Co., claim that requiring photo ID would be racist, because getting a driver’s license, etc., costs money. This claim has consistently been rejected by courts, and with good reason: If requiring photo ID to vote is racist, then what about requiring photo ID to exercise other constitutional rights, like buying a gun? More here.

Too Bad Joe Biden Cancelled His Visit and Missed This Amusing Tampa Hooters Sign

The Hooter's sign in this picture mocks Joe Biden for earlier getting the state wrong while campaigning.

The Hooters in Tampa is ready for you Biden!! #RedEye  on Twitpic

Democrats cave; Invite Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan to offer the closing prayer at DNC convention

Obama had previously rejected Cardinal Dolan's off.
.- Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York has accepted an invitation to offer the closing prayer at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

“It was made clear to the Democratic Convention organizers, as it was to the Republicans, that the Cardinal was coming solely as a pastor, only to pray, not to endorse any party, platform, or candidate,” New York archdiocese spokesperson Joseph Zwilling said in an Aug. 28 statement.

As previously announced, Cardinal Dolan will also give the benediction at the close of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Unlikely: Obama Says Of RNC 'They'll Have Some Wonderful Things to Say About Me!'

They will tell the awful truth about Obama's record.

It's Official: Romney is the GOP Nominee

 Over the top....

From Fox News:

Mitt Romney was formally nominated Tuesday as the Republicans’ presidential  candidate, hitting the magic number of delegates late in the afternoon –  capping an eight-year quest for his party’s nomination.
Shortly before 6 p.m., Romney notched the 1,144 delegates needed to claim the  party nomination going into November. The New Jersey delegation delivered the  final delegates that put him over the top. The proceedings, as per tradition,  were part pep rally for the individual state delegations that one-by-one took  the stage and jazzed up the crowd before announcing their delegate  totals. But they also concluded what for Romney has been a protracted and  hard-fought battle for the nomination — he is here in Tampa only after warding  off a rotating field of feisty primary challengers ranging from Rick Perry to  Newt Gingrich to Rick Santorum to Herman Cain.

Karma: Man steals cell phone from Ebola patient, gets Ebola...

Justice is served...

Via Daily Monitor:
Security and medical officials in Kibaale District have registered a case in which a man allegedly went in an isolation ward at Kagadi Hospital and stole a cellular phone from one of the Ebola patients.
The 40-year-old resident of Kyakabugahya LCI in Kagadi Town Council travelled about three kilometers to the hospital to apparently obtain a phone estimated to be valued at Shs60,000 more than two weeks ago.
The suspect allegedly broke into the isolation ward on the night of Tuesday August 14, undetected by hospital guards. The patient, who has since succumbed to the deadly hemorrhagic fever, then reported the theft to the hospital security that then embarked on tracing the alleged thief.
Police detectives began tracking him after he apparently began communicating to his friends using the phone. But as police zeroed in on him, he developed symptoms similar to those of Ebola and sought medication at the hospital.

SEAL led PAC to release new ad criticizing Obama for bowing to foreign leaders...

There shouldn't be any shortage of images for them to use. Obama has bent at the waist for numerous foreign leaders. Liberal heads to explode in 3...2...1...

Via Breitbart:
The controversial super PAC Special Operations for America, led by former Navy SEALs, is set to release a blistering new ad against President Obama Tuesday at the Republican National Convention.

The ad, titled “Bow to Nobody,” depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations; it then proclaims that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody.

Then the punch line: the infamous photo of Obama bowing to the Saudi king.

The ad is sure to provoke massive consternation on the left, which has been in a frenzy ever since Special Operations for America launched. The event at which the ad launches, “Defending Our Defenders: A Salute to the United States Military,” will feature a tribute by Congressman Louie Gohmert, former members of SEAL Team Six, Army Rangers, Gold Star parents, and a few surprise guests.

Amusing Video: Chair Of Democrat Convention Won't Say “Bank Of America”…

Is business really that toxic to democrats?
CNN: Democratic Convention Chair Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa refuses to call Bank of America stadium by its name (August 27, 2012).

Barking Moonbat Alert: Actress Ellen Barkin retweets message to RNC

 If Republicans were saying things like this, democrats would want them arrested for hate crimes.

August 27, 2012 ( – In the aftermath of the Family Research Council shooting, prominent voices on the Left have not tapped down their violent rhetoric against their opponents. Two Baby Boomer celebrities have taken to Twitter to hope pro-life, pro-family individuals and U.S. Congressman Todd Akin suffer a drowning or a same-sex rape, respectively.

On Sunday, Ellen Barkin expressed her hope that Tropical Storm Isaac would smash up the Republican National Convention in Tampa and drown all its delegates.

She retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ” Barkin did not express any disagreement in her retweet.

Monday, August 27, 2012

GM to idle Chevy Volt factory for second time this year

This is the car that was supposed to save GM...
(Reuters) - General Motors Co will idle the Michigan assembly plant that makes the Chevrolet Volt for four weeks from the middle of September to the middle of October, plant suppliers and union sources said on Monday.

It will be the second time this year that the plant, which straddles the border of Detroit and the city of Hamtramck, has stopped making Volts.

GM confirmed the plant idling, saying it will continue to "match supply with demand" for both the Volt and the Chevrolet Malibu sedan that is also made at the plant. The automaker declined to specify how long the plant will be closed.

Interesting. RNC will have giant national debt running during convention...

This is a nice touch. They will also have a separate debt clock that shows how much the debt has increased during the convention.

Women hold topless rally in NYC park, talk about their alien creators. What?

I am guessing the men never heard a word the topless women were saying...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some two dozen topless women protested in a New York City park on a hot, sweaty Sunday as part of what they called "National Go-Topless Day" to draw attention to inequality in topless rights between men and women.[...]

It is legal for women to go topless in public in New York City but laws vary widely across the United States. Heaven and her colleagues say discrimination is unconstitutional and they want full equality.

Similar protests were scheduled in about 30 U.S. cities and 10 around the world, organisers said.
The annual Go-Topless Day was established in 2007 by a former sports car journalist called Rael, who founded a religion called the Raelian Movement after he said he was visited by a space alien in a French volcano park who told him life on Earth was created by extraterrestrial scientists, according to an account on his website.

Occasional references to alien creators did not seem to register with the crowd, which focused mostly on the breasts.

The Party is Over: Taliban behead 17 for attending mixed dance party

Why do they call Islam the religion of peace?
KANDAHAR, Afghanista - The Taliban beheaded seventeen party-goers, including two women dancers, in Afghanistan's volatile Helmand province as punishment, recalling the darkest days of rule by the ultra-conservative Islamist insurgents before their ouster in 2001.

The bodies were found on Monday in a house near the Musa Qala district where a party was held on Sunday night with music and mixed-sex dancing, said district governor Nimatullah. Men and women do not usually mingle in Afghanistan unless they are related, and parties involving both genders are rare and kept secret.

Obama gets over faux outrage at Mitt Romney joke and starts selling Birther buttons...

President Obama's publicist hardest hit...

From Obama's Site:

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Romney 47, Obama 46

This is a poll of registered voters from Washington Post-ABC News. They are usually favorable to democrats by 2 points or more.
TAMPA — The Republican National Convention opens this week with President Obama and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney running evenly, with voters more focused on Obama’s handling of the nation’s flagging economy than on some issues dominating the political debate in recent weeks.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Romney at 47 percent among registered voters and Obama at 46 percent — barely changed from the deadlocked contest in early July.
An interesting finding of the poll was registered voters have little interest in Romney's tax returns. 
Just 20 percent see Romney’s handling of his tax returns as very important to their vote. The issue has attracted considerable attention, largely due to efforts by the Obama campaign and other Democrats to force the Republican candidate to release more than the two years of returns he has promised. On the substance of the issue, public opinion nearly matches the horse race: 47 percent of voters say releasing two years of tax information is sufficient, and 47 percent want more.
Harry Reid hardest hit by this news...

Obama pays tribute to Neil Armstrong by posting old picture of Obama staring at moon


From Obama's Tumblr site:

Based on the phase of the moon, this isn't even a new picture. The picture shows a waxing crescent moon. On August 25th, the moon had already entered a waxing gibbous phase. This is just some file picture Team Obama already had. I don't know what Obama was thinking about in the picture, but it wasn't the passage of Neil Armstrong.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barf Alert: Code Pink Begins Their Vagina Suit Protests (Video)

Send in the insane clowns.  Liberalism is a mental disease.

Amusing: Government Motors bans Obama until after election day...

President Obama won't be making any campaign stops at GM factories this election cycle. In an attempt to make it look fair, they also uninvited Mitt Romney to visit...

Here are two people you won't find touring a General Motors plant during the political season this fall: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

GM, saved by federal loans a few years ago, desperately wants to avoid becoming the centerpiece of campaign rhetoric. So it has banned candidates from its plants at least until after Election Day, Nov. 6, despite the fact that the U.S. Treasury remains its largest shareholder.

The Detroit car giant wants to be viewed as a success story -- not the arm of any campaign. After all, Democrats, Republicans and independents all buy vehicles.

Obvious: Missouri Republicans want Akin to quit, Democrats want him to stay...

Even Todd Akin's supporters want him to go...

Via TWS:
Republicans, by a 47 percent to 37 percent margin, think he should drop out of the Senate contest against Democrat Claire McCaskill, and self-described Akin supporters believe the same by 50 percent to 34 percent, according to a Mason-Dixon survey.  Only Democrats, sensing he’s likely to lose, want him to remain a candidate, 47 percent to 37 percent.

About Obama's promise Obamacare would reduce a family’s premiums $2500 by the end of his first term...

Buried at the end of Forbes article, we learn the ugly truth. It was a lie.
Remember, Obama repeatedly promised that a family’s premiums would go down $2,500 by the end of his first term.  But between 2008 and 2011, the average cost of a family policy went up by nearly $2,500.

And that trend will continue.  As the Washington Post recently reported, “A nationwide study conducted by Milliman Inc. for the Society of Actuaries found that nationwide the premiums in the individual market would increase from 8 to 37 percent in 2014.”

It didn’t have to be this way.  The president could have addressed rising health care costs by encouraging consumer driven health insurance options, which actually bend the health care cost curve.  He chose not to do that and most Americans will be paying more — a lot more — because of it.

Obama's FCC wants to tax your broadband Internet

If it moves, Obama wants to tax it...
The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

The move would funnel money to the Connect America Fund, a subsidy the agency created last year to expand Internet access.

The FCC issued a request for comments on the proposal in April. Dozens of companies and trade associations have weighed in, but the issue has largely flown under the public's radar.

New Romney ad calls out Obama hypocrisy for attacking McCain proposal to cut Medicare

This is going to leave a mark...

"It Ain't Right"

In 2008, Candidate Obama attacked John McCain for proposing cuts to Medicare. As president, Barack Obama cut Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare. Take it from Candidate Obama, "It ain't right."

The Left Eats It's Own: Bob Kerrey being chased and jeered by New School students

This took place in New York. Popcorn anyone?

Cher Tweet: It would be karma if Todd Akin got raped by a man with HIV/AIDS

Cher doesn't even know how to spell Todd Akins' name, but she hates him anyway...

President Barack Obama: That Mitt Romney has "extreme positions"

Anyone who was elected Governor of ultra liberal Massachusetts in 2002 can't be label as "extreme" to any sentient being. Anyone who is planning to vote for Obama in 2012 should ignore the propaganda and consider what are the most important issues facing the country in the next decade. Is it (a)the deficit, exploding growth of entitlements, unbridled illegal immigration taking jobs and stretching social programs, the disintegration of the nuclear family and high structural unemployment or is it (b)access to abortion, gay marriage, inadequate social welfare program spending and too little government regulation. If you believe the (a) you should vote for Mitt Romney. If you answered (b) you are an Obama voter.

President Barack Obama said Mitt Romney has locked himself into "extreme positions" on economic and social issues and would surely impose them if elected, trying to discredit his Republican rival at the biggest political moment of his life.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Obama said Romney lacks serious ideas, refuses to "own up" to the responsibilities of what it takes to be president, and deals in factually dishonest arguments that could soon haunt him in face-to-face debates.

Chart of the Day: Change in Income Under Obama

This chart is from liberal New Republic. They have finally acknowledged the alleged Obama recovery is horrible. Read the article associates with the chart here.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio hunts down deadbeats (video)

 Go Sheriff Joe...

FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

Why Did Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele Decide To Hold This Convention In Florida During Hurricane Season?

Michael Steele responds to that criticism.
“They just need to stop that s***, ok, get over it,” 
From Politico:
Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele lashed out Saturday night at Republicans grumbling over the party’s decision to hold the GOP convention in Florida at the height of hurricane season.
With Tropical Storm Isaac forcing Republicans to cancel the first day of proceedings, some party operatives are privately pointing a finger at Steele, who helmed the GOP when the party settled on Tampa.
“They just need to stop that s***, ok, get over it,” Steele told POLITICO.   “First off, they act like I did nothing for two years and then something they don’t like I did it all.”

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Confirmed: Birther Haters Fail At Grammar

Reportedly, the idiots at are behind the banner.

Video: Allen West Says Barack Obama Is Serving America a Crap Sandwich With a Smile on His Face

That Rep. Allen West sure is a plain talker...

“But let’s be very honest and let’s put it in military vernacular. If you’re feeding a person a crap sandwich with a smile, it’s still a crap sandwich. That’s what you see coming from President Obama. He’s fed America just a load of you-know-what and it’s not done anything for this country than increasing our unemployment, increasing Americans in poverty, increasing the food stamp rolls and we’re heading in the wrong direction.”

New Poll: Scott Brown up by 6 points on Fauxcahontas

Will Elizabeth Warren's tribe rally and push her back into the lead? Not...

Via US Politics Today:
 According to a Kimball Political Consulting survey of registered voters in Massachusetts, Senator Scott Brown has a 6 point lead over Democrat Elizabeth Warren (49 percent to 43 percent) with 9 percent undecided. The figure is just within the survey’s 4 percent margin of error.
President Obama continues to hold a double digit lead over former Massachusetts Mitt Romney (52 percent to 41 percent) with 7 percent undecided. Poll results are based on a sample of respondents most likely to vote in November.
“Senator Brown is winning decisively among independents but Warren still has a chance to come back. The data suggest that for Warren to close the gap it may be time for her to change her emphasis, from the cost of education to job creation,” said Spencer Kimball, Political Consultant and President of Kimball Political Consulting

How Mitt Romney took a lemon real estate deal and made lemonade for one family...

It is hard for many to determine what kind of man Mitt Romney is. Mormons don't usually brag about their virtues. In an absence of personal information from Romney, Obama's campaign is trying to paint Mitt Romney as an evil, greedy, uncaring capitalist. The truth is Romney is a decent and caring man. He once took a real estate deal that went poorly for him and helped one family achieve their dream of home ownership.

Lured by the prospect of buying five rent-to-own houses in the Houston suburbs without putting up any of his own money, Mr. Romney jumped into a speculative deal geared toward “affluent free enterprise capitalists who desire a quality investment with tax shelter benefits,” according to a prospectus. Based on frothy assumptions of a never-ending real estate boom, it was unlike the data-driven, analytical investments that came to define his later successes at Bain Capital. 

The result was a rare Romney flop: The housing market soon collapsed, and he was stuck renting out the houses for years before unloading them, mostly at a loss, in the late 1990s, according to property records. The renters were offered the first chance to buy, but the Stampses could not qualify for a mortgage, recalled Mr. Stamps, who at the time had recently lost his job at an oil company. 

Then I got this phone call, personally, from Mr. Romney, asking if we really wanted to buy the house,” Mr. Stamps, 63, said in an interview the other day at the barbershop he now runs. “I said, yes we did. And he said he would loan us the money. He really helped us when we needed it.

NY Police Need More Time On The Gun Range...

They missed a human sized target 56% of the time at a range of less than 10 feet. I know this wasn't a gun range and hearts were pumping, but come on...

Via NY Times:
As the two officers confronted a gunman in front of the Empire State Building on a busy Friday morning, they had to make a snap decision: Do they open fire in the middle of Midtown?

From a distance of less than 10 feet, the officers, Craig Matthews and Robert Sinishtaj, answered in unison; one shot nine times and the other seven.

Investigators believe at least 7 of those 16 bullets struck the gunman, said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. But the officers also struck some, if not all, of the nine bystanders who were wounded.

Obvious: Republican Woman in Obama ad is really a Democrat

Maria Ciano has been a registered Democrat for 6 years...
Maria Ciano who is featured in the web video has been a registered Democrat since October 2006 according to voter registration records.
“People like me and my family have realized that the Republican Party once was inline with our views, but are no longer,” the Colorado resident says in the video.

Isaac scares off Joe Biden

(Reuters) - Vice President Joe Biden on Friday postponed a campaign trip to Tampa, Florida that had been scheduled for next week on the same day as Republicans open their presidential nominating convention in the city.

An Obama campaign announcement said Biden will not attend events on Monday in Tampa, where the Republican National Convention is being held, due to security concerns.

The campaign said it wants to ensure that all emergency resources are focused on Tropical Storm Isaac, which could impact Florida during the convention.

Image of the Day: Proposed Billboard To Welcome GOP To Tampa

Someone need to erect this immediately...
"Paid for by the committee to oust the Marxist from the White House in 2012"

Via Weasel Zippers:

New poll shows Todd Akin down by 9 points against Claire McCaskill (confirms Rasmussen)

Rasmussen found Akin down by 10 points after his foolish and insenstitve rape remarks. Now a Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll has found Akin losing by 9 points. Todd Akin's candidacy is in serious trouble.

U.S. Senate challenger Todd Akin's support in Missouri has plummeted since his remarks a week ago about "legitimate rape" and pregnancy, putting him 9 points behind Sen. Claire McCaskill in a race he was previously winning, according to a new Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll.

More than half of Missouri voters now view the Republican congressman unfavorably, the poll indicates, and fewer than one in five view him favorably.

Akin's fall is especially dramatic among women. They were about evenly split between Akin and McCaskill in a similar poll at the end of July, but women now oppose him by almost 20 percentage points. Even in rural areas where Akin retains the lead, his support has dropped significantly from a month ago.

Fail: The allegedly pro-woman DNC convention won't offer childcare...

Democrats are also making women credential their babies or they can't bring them to the convention.
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, August 22, 2012 ( - Feminists are denouncing a rule at the upcoming Democratic National Convention that will bar children, including breastfeeding babies, from entering the event without being credentialed.

Critics say that officials for the event slated to begin Sept. 4 in Charlotte make it difficult for moms to credential their children, leaving delegate moms at a loss as to how to provide for their tots.

Top feminist icon Gloria Steinem said that by not even offering child care at the event the Democratic Party will alienate female voters, and that the party should acknowledge that, where there are women, there are occasionally babies too.

Al Qaeda calls for death of Navy SEAL who wrote book account of the death of Osama bin Laden


Is there anybody al Qaeda does not want to kill?
(CBS News) Al Qaeda has wasted no time in calling for the death of the former Navy SEAL who has written a book under a pseudonym which his publisher Dutton calls a first person account of the death of Osama bin Laden.

A jihadist forum, al-Fidaa, located in Malaysia, posted the death calls and provided the author's name and photograph under a headline titled "First Image of One of the Dogs who killed Bin Laden." Dogs are considered unclean in Islam.

Al-Fidaa, which is also used by al Qaeda to recruit suicide bombers, posted comments by one member, Abu (father of, in Arabic) Dujanah al-Kinani, warning that the "lion's cubs," the mujahedeen (holy warriors), are now waiting for the right time to avenge bin laden's death. Usama means "lion" in Arabic. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the new leader of al-Qaeda has called bin Laden, "the lion of Islam." Jihadi online forums sometimes refer to Bin Laden as the "Lion of the Holy Jihad."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Heroes: GOP platform to include protection of Internet Freedom

Best news of the day...

Via The Daily Caller:
Republicans could soon champion the protection of Internet Freedom as an official party issue, The Daily Caller has learned. Language in the final draft of the Internet freedom proposal was obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.[...]

Approval of the newly finalized draft language, however, would make the party the first of the two dominant political parties to fully and officially embrace Internet freedom. It also signals what Republicans view as important and necessary to keep the Internet open and free.

“Internet Freedom”, according to the finalized draft language, would entail the removal of “regulatory barriers” for technology businesses, resistance to international governance of the Internet and the “constitutional protection” of personal data...

Nanny Nanny State Alert:: California legislature passed ban on public display of BB guns

This is asinine. California is extending gun control to children's toys. If Gov. Moonbeam signs the bill, there will be a $100 fine if California parents let the kids take a Red Ryder BB gun out to the yard.
The California state Senate has once again painted a big ol’ ‘’mock me’’ target on its back by passing a piece of legislation that could bill parents as much as two hundred bucks if their kids show off a BB gun in public.

The bill, by Santa AnaDemocratic assemblyman Jose Solorio, requires parents to keep BB guns secure, and if a kid flashes one around at school or anywhere else in public, the parents had better start writing a check for $100 to pay the fine.

So you’re thinking, a BB gun? Really? Like the Red Ryder model that Ralphie wants as a gift in the nifty film ‘’A Christmas Story’’ [and then promptly almost shoots his eye out, as his mother predicted]? A gun not unlike the air rifles that Jack Finch, brother to Atticus, gave to Atticus’ children, Jem and Scout, in the novel ‘’To Kill a Mockingbird’’?
Yes, that kind of BB gun.

Obama on Cardinal Dolan's offer to deliver a blessing in Charlotte: No thanks.

Religion and democrat's base don't mix...

From NY Post:
WASHINGTON — President Obama turned down a chance to have Timothy Cardinal  Dolan deliver a prayer at the Democratic National Convention after Dolan told  Democrats he would be “grateful” to deliver a blessing in Charlotte.
Dolan — considered the top Catholic official in the nation, as head of the  Archdiocese of New York and president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops — tipped off Democrats a few weeks ago that he had agreed to deliver the  prime-time benediction at the Republican convention in Tampa next week, Dolan’s  spokesman Joseph Zwilling told The Post.

Can Todd Akin really be this stupid or is he a democrat plant?

It is time to wonder if Todd Akin is a democrat plant. After all, democrats spent over $1,00,000 in the Republican primary to help Akin win. Within a week of winning the GOP nomination, Todd Akin steps in it deeply on an interview question he should have been well prepared for. Then, he refuses to step aside after all national money is pulled and he is asked to quit by almost every Republican and Conservative in the country. He had already claimed he wasn't dropping out. There was no need to call a Friday afternoon press conference if he is staying in. Friday afternoon press conferences are for thing you want to fly under the radar. The only thing this one served was possibly Akin's ego. We can only conclude from this series of events that Todd Akin is either dumber than a bucket of rocks or a democrat plant.

Via FOX News:
A defiant Rep. Todd Akin vowed Friday to stay in the race for Missouri Senate, reaffirming that he will not bow to pressure from Republican Party leaders to withdraw over his controversial comments on rape and abortion. 
The Republican congressman, who had already stated earlier in the week that he was staying in the race, called a press conference late Friday to say it again -- as GOP officials continued to call on him to step aside. 
"Apparently, there's some people who are having trouble understanding our message. I'd like to be clear on that today -- that we're going to be here through the November election, and we're going to be here to win," Akin said. 

Amusing: Mitt Romney Cracks Birth Certificate Joke

If Obama can crack a birth certificate joke, it's fair game for Romney. Liberal heads exploding in 3...2...1...

Fail: GQ criticizes Paul Ryan for being a "pot virgin"

Before Bill Clinton smoked pot, but didn't inhale, admitting smoking pot would have likely ended a political career. In the era of Barack Obama's Choom Gang, Paul Ryan is being criticized for not having smoked pot. The implied message to young people is Ryan isn't as cool as Obama. Will GQ next criticize Ryan for having never ate a dog either? 

Via GQ:
Paul Ryan, "the first Gen-X candidate," was 19 when the Berlin Wall came down, draft age during the first Gulf War, 21 when Nevermind dropped. All of which makes him a contemporary of many of us who work on and read GQ. Which got us wondering, what kind of a dude is Paul Ryan? Would we want to go to Coachella with this fella? More precisely: has he ever been stoned to the bejeezus belt?

The question of whether or not Ryan has ever smoked pot is not entirely out of left-field. Well over half of Americans between ages 18 and 50 say they've smoked before, and American presidential candidates as far back as Dukakis have had to wrestle with how to handle inquiries about past drug use. We know that Bush the Latter was "young and irresponsible" when he was young and irresponsible. Bill Clinton apparently "didn't inhale" anything but Big Macs and g-strings. Barack Obama, back when he was Barry, was a pot-mooching babe-hound who never met a doobie he didn't bro up to. And despite that rep, Obama won the last presidential election.

So we asked (and asked) the Romney-Ryan campaign for an answer to this famous, legitimate, and increasingly innocuous question. And we received a lot of bouncing around, and finally no answer at all. Apparently, they've decided they have nothing to gain from taking a position on this.

No matter. We can make an educated guess.[...]

In other words, all signs indicate Ryan has never tried pot.* And time was that fact would've helped his campaign.[...]
Being a pot virgin is a lot like being an actual virgin; it feels disconnected somehow.[..] More here...

Twitter is now tracking sentiment of users about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Twitter updates this political index daily and they have a history going back to May 1, 2012. This index is great for quickly gauging reaction to breaking events. Mitt Romney scores very well considering Barack Obama has over 10X as many followers.

The Twitter Political Index

DNC Chair Debbie Downer Torn To Shreds By Anderson Cooper Over False Claims

Seven minutes of fun...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New poll dashes Obama's hope to use Mediscare as a wedge issue against Romney-Ryan

Seniors seem to prefer Romney-Ryan to Obama on Medicare.

Via Hot Air:
An important addendum to Ed’s CBS/NYT number-crunch from lefty Greg Sargent:
The breakdown sent over by CBS:
* In Florida, 48 percent of seniors say Romney would do a better job on Medicare, versus 44 percent who say that about Obama (the Ryan pick was supposed to be particularly problematic in this state).
* In Ohio, 49 percent of seniors say Romney would do a better job on Medicare, versus 43 percent who say that about Obama.
* In Wisconsin, 49 percent say Obama would do a better job on Medicare, versus 46 percent who say that about Romney. Close.
What’s striking is that the poll also finds very big majorities of seniors in all three states support leaving Medicare as it is, while small minorities support changing it so government provides fixed amounts to spend on insurance.

ICE agents sue Obama administration to be allowed to enforce the law

President Obama is forcing ICE agents to violate their own oaths of office...

Via Washington Times:
Saying they’re fed up with being told they can’t do their jobs, 10 immigration agents on Thursday sued the Obama administration to try to halt the president’s new non-deportation policy and an earlier memo instructing them not to go after rank-and-file illegal immigrants.

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Texas, adds a legal controversy to the political fight that has been brewing over President Obama’s immigration policies, which have steadily narrowed the range of immigrants the government is targeting for deportation.

The 10 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and deportation officers said Mr. Obama’s policies force them to choose between enforcing the law and being reprimanded by superiors, or listening to superiors and violating their own oaths of office and a 1996 law that requires them to demand proof of legal status from those they suspect are not in the country legally.

Claire McCaskill ridicules poll showing her beating Akin by 10 points

Claire McCaskill thinks Todd Akin is a fool. She may be right.

Biden tweets Obama fist-bump picture

Fist-bumping and leadership, They are the some thing. Right?

Obama's lead drops to two points in Nevada

Obama is suffering a serious polling slide. It started in the mid-west, but may be spreading nationally now.

Via The Hill:
President Obama is holding to a narrow two-point lead in Nevada, although Mitt Romney has seen his prospects improve after naming Paul Ryan as his running mate, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The survey by the Las Vegas Review Journal showed President Obama and Vice President Biden edging the Romney-Ryan ticket 47 to 45 percent. That's the closest Romney has been to the president since an NBC News poll in May.

Fisking Obama's weird basketball analogy...

My comments in red.
“I can’t resist a basketball analogy, (I am surprised it isn't a golf analogy)” Obama told the crowd, according to a White House pool report.  “We are in the fourth quarter.  We’re up by a few points (not according to polls of likely voters) but the other side is coming on strong (Paul Ryan for the win) and they play a little dirty.(Talk about the issues instead of made up distractions and divisiveness)

“We’ve got a few folks on our team in foul trouble.(Joe Biden) We’ve got a couple of (Brain) injuries (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz), and I believe that they’ve got one last run in them. (And it will last to November 6)

“I’d say there’s about seven minutes to go in the game.  And [Michael Jordan's] competitiveness is legendary (Jordan is a has been), and nobody knows better than Michael that if you’ve got a little bit of a lead (Quit believing +7 Democrat polls) and there’s about seven minutes to go — that’s when you put them away. (Not going to happen)
Transcript from here.

New Mitt Romney Ad Takes On Obamacare

Giddy up!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amusing: Desperate Democrats will let former Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria speak at the DNC convention

In the wake of the Todd Akin controversy, Democrats are rolling out the women to speak at the DNC convention. Eva Longoria will join the President of  NARAL Pro-Choice America, Nancy Keenan, and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Sandra Fluke, who will explain how to spend way too much for birth control,  and others as speakers.

Here's the list:
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin
Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth
Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Student
Denise Juneau, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Montana
Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America
Caroline Kennedy
Lilly Ledbetter
Eva Longoria, Obama Campaign Co-Chair
U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, together with the women of the U.S. Senate
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund
 Interestingly, Eva Longoria's Las Vegas restaurant-and-nightclub venture has gone bankrupt. A victim of Obamanomics?
In 2009, Longoria and various investor-partners opened a Beso restaurant, with a nightclub called Eve above it, in the Crystals retail and entertainment district of CityCenter in Las Vegas.[35]
In 2011, the corporation Beso LLC, owner of the Vegas restaurant-and-nightclub venture, with listed assets of about $2.5 million and Eva Longoria as a 32 percent shareholder, filed for Chapter 11 protection, entering bankruptcy proceedings, in order to restructure nearly $5.7 million in debt and other liabilities.[37] Longoria stated, on the occasion, that she's looking "forward to a more pro-active, hands-on approach in the coming years" with her Las Vegas business interests.[38] On 28 July 2011, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Nevada, following a request filed by Beso investor Mali Nachum and her husband Ronen, who have been litigating against Longoria and other Beso investors in multiple courts, ordered Eva Longoria to appear in Las Vegas on the 20th of August in order to be examined about the bankrupt restaurant's finances.[39]

Classy: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich releases all delegates and asks them to support Romney-Ryan

Kudos to Newt Gingrich. Romney should offer his a position in his administration.
WASHINGTON — One-time Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is asking the delegates he won during the GOP primary race to support the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney.

In an open letter to delegates released Tuesday, Gingrich says it’s time for all Republicans to come together to defeat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.
Gingrich says he is releasing all delegates bound or pledged to his candidacy...

Read more here.

Maureen Dowd: That Paul Ryan is a Taliban or something

If you need proof liberalism is a form of insanity, look no further...

Just Think No — Maureen Dowd, NYT
. . .Other Republicans are trying to cover up their true identity to get elected. Even as party leaders attempted to lock the crazy uncle in the attic in Missouri, they were doing their own crazy thing down in Tampa, Fla., by reiterating language in their platform calling for a no-exceptions Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and threat to the life of the mother.
Paul Ryan, who teamed up with Akin in the House to sponsor harsh anti-abortion bills, may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed — the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core. Amiable in khakis and polo shirts, Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.

Federal Appeals Court rules states can withhold funding for planned parenthood...

Best news of the day!

Via Beltway Confidential:
A federal appeals court upheld Texas’ right not to give Planned Parenthood taxpayer money Tuesday, a blow to the abortion provider’s bottom line.
The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a district court judge’s earlier temporary injunction that forced Texas to fund Planned Parenthood.
Texas law has always prohibited state agencies from contracting with “entities that perform or promote elective abortions or are affiliates of entities that perform or promote elective abortions.” But until Gov. Rick Perry’s administration, the statute was never given force with an implementing regulation.
Keep on reading…

Flashback Video: State Senator Barack Obama said he was pro-choice on abortion including late term and partial birth

Obama is pro-Choice in all situations. This view is far from the mainstream of Americans.

ACORN is not as dead as we had hoped...

174 ACORN are still around. they just changed their names.President Obama is most pleased...

Via Washington Examiner:
The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN famously came under fire a few years ago because its political affiliates engaged in electioneering and lobbying. There was also an embezzlement scandal, allegations of facilitating voter fraud and a notorious video sting by conservative provocateur James O’Keefe. The organization officially announced the closure of its offices in 2010 after losing government funding due to the controversies.
But that doesn’t mean it vanished from the landscape altogether. The nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action published a list today of “still-active ACORN entities, ACORN allies, and rebranded ACORN organizations.”
The connections between these groups and the old ACORN groups include: having the same physical location, sharing leadership or staff or having the same tax ID number.
Keep on reading…

Interesting: GOP includes anti-Sharia plank in their official platform

Liberals claim Sharia law is an imaginary threat. If they are correct, a law banning Sharia would hurt nothing. If they are incorrect, we need an anti-Sharia law. Better safe than sorry?

Via TPM:
The Republican National Convention adopted an amendment to their platform supporting a ban on foreign law, with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) specifically stating that Sharia posed a threat to America.

"We see it from the top where the United States Supreme Court has repeatedly quoted foreign law in interpreting our U.S. constitution and it's actually coming in at the bottom as well, it's being raised as an argument in courts around the country," Kobach said.

Czech President equates global warming supporters goals with communism...

Czech President President Václav Klaus knows what communism is like and has a valid point. It takes draconian state controls and central planning to achieve the kind of greenhouse gas reduction desired by the global warming cabal.
(TNN) — President Václav Klaus has again spoken words of wisdom on global warming. Here is an extract of his speech at the International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, organized by the World Federation of Scientists in Erice, Sicily on 20 August 2012:
As someone who personally experienced central planning and attempts to organize the whole of society from one place, I feel obliged to warn against the arguments and ambitions of the believers in the global warming doctrine. Their arguments and ambitions are very similar to those we used to live with decades ago under Communism. The arrogance with which the global-warming alarmists and their fellow-travellers in politics and the media present their views is appalling. They want to suppress the market, they want to control the whole of society, they want to dictate prices (directly or indirectly by means of various interventions, including taxes), they want to “use” the market. I agree with Ray Evans that we experience the “Orwellian use of the words ‘market’ and ‘price’ to persuade people to accept a control over their lives”. All the standard economic arguments against such attempts should be repeated. It is our duty to do it.
To conclude, I agree with many serious climatologists who say that the warming we may expect will be very small. I agree with Bob Carter and other scientists that it is difficult “to prove that the human effect on the climate can be measured” because “this effect is lost in the variability of natural climate changes”. Provided that there are no irrational attempts to mitigate the human effect on global temperature, the economic losses connected with the warming we may expect will be very small. The loss generated as a result of the completely useless fight against global warming would be far greater.
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