Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fail: NY Times hammers Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo for poor ethics, after they endorse him for Governor...

Will the MY Times ever stop carrying water for Democrats?

Via NY Times
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has faced intense scrutiny in recent months, including an investigation by federal prosecutors, over his management of a commission that he created to root out corruption in New York politics, but prevented from examining his administration’s conduct and then prematurely shut down.
An analysis of Mr. Cuomo’s handling of an earlier investigative commission, which highlighted the failures of electric companies in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, reveals some of the same hallmarks: interference, efforts to shield his administration’s role and a sense that the governor had a clear idea at the outset of what the commission should conclude.
His first use of the Moreland Act, which empowers governors to investigate problems and recommend solutions, focused heavily on the post-hurricane failures of the Long Island Power Authority. A state-run utility, it had a hapless history and a fed-up customer base from the Rockaways to the Hamptons.
 Via The NY Times:
For nearly four years, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has used his formidable political skills to achieve major advances for New York. He pressured and ultimately persuaded some Republican legislators to allow same-sex marriage in the state in 2011. That provided momentum for marriage equality nationally and changed many lives for the better. At least 30,000 same-sex couples have celebrated legal marriages in the state since the law changed.
He pushed through the strongest gun-control measure in the country after the mass killing of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. The new law expanded the ban on automatic weapons and big ammunition magazines and requires background checks for private gun sales, changes that are an improvement to public safety. Many voters upstate have anti-Cuomo bumper stickers and lawn signs registering their anger at the gun control bill. These are badges of political courage for Mr. Cuomo.
His budgets have been on time, and though his tax policies have favored the wealthy, he managed to get higher credit ratings for the state for the first time in decades.
While The Times’s editorial board chose not to make an endorsement in the Democratic primary in September, we recommend Mr. Cuomo for re-election on the basis of these achievements.

Video of the Day: Democrat theft of GOP signs in Middletown, DE

Democrat theft of GOP signs in Middletown, DE 

The husband of Delaware State Senator Bethany Hall-Long was caught on camera pilfering GOP campaign signs.

Dems losing Hispanic support ahead of midterm elections...

If this isn't a huge political wave election, polling is completely out of sink with reality. Hispanics seem to be losing interest and the youth vote has actually flipped to the Republican side.

Via WaPo:
This number jumped out at me from the new Washington Post/ABC News poll: It showed that, among Latinos, 50 percent say it doesn’t matter who wins the Senate come November. And among those who do think it will matter, twice as many say it would be a good thing (30 percent) if the GOP took over as say it would be a bad thing (15 percent).
This is a demographic, we will remind you, that voted 71-27 for President Obama just two years ago. And only 15 percent are concerned about a GOP-controlled Senate.

Dingy Harry Reid tries to whip up impeachment fear...

You can smell the fear...

Via Washington Times:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned in a fundraising pitch Wednesday that Republicans could try to impeach and remove President Obama from office if the GOP wins control of the Senate in next week’s elections.
“Frankly, a Republican House and Senate could go beyond shutting down the government — they could waste months of our lives on impeachment,” Mr. Reid said in a fundraising email sent by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which is an outside group whose goal is to bolster liberal Democrats.
The email appeal asks for support for three Democrats in particular: Sen. Mark Begich in Alaska, Sen. Mark Udall in Colorado, and Rep. Bruce Braley, Democrats’ nominee in Iowa.
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Stupid: TSA is confiscating belt buckles again...

The TSA should be disbanded and we should go back to 100% private screeners.

Via Logicology:
I am livid. Angry. Filled with rage.
A few minutes ago (as of this posting, a few hours), I lost my favorite belt buckle to the TSA at Los Angeles International Airport, because – they claimed – it was a “replica” of a gun.
What kind of a gun, you might ask?
A 1950s Flash Gordon-style RAYGUN!! A fictional weapon. A child’s toy.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stupid: Obama brings Ebola hot zone doctors who should be under quarantine to press conference...

Politics trump safety with this administration. 

Fun Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats Who Are Distancing Themselves From Obama…

Tweet of the Day: Obama Quips, “You Can Only Vote Once. This Isn’t, Chicago”…