Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Fun Video: ZoNation Destroys Earth Day

The Liberal Hypocrisy of Earth Day | ZoNation 


Deportations plummet 25%

All the illegals, even the older ones who are criminals, claim they are "Dreamers."

Via The Washington Times:
Deportations have plummeted by another 25 percent so far this year, with the government even struggling to find enough criminals to kick out of the country, according to the latest statistics that suggest President Obama’s amnesty has hampered removal efforts.
That could undercut Mr. Obama’s legal justification for the deportation amnesty, where the pace of deportations has been raised as a key way of judging whether the president is complying with the law by trying to grant “deferred action” to millions of illegal immigrants.
The numbers for the first six months of fiscal year 2015, which began Oct. 1, are striking: The government has deported just 117,181 immigrants, which is just three-quarters of the 157,365 immigrations kicked out during that same period a year earlier, according to figures provided to Congress.
“This is a stunning free fall in enforcement activity, not just deportations but arrests too,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports stricter immigration limits. “It turns out that even criminal arrests and deportations have dropped, including those of the ‘worst of the worst’ Level 1 felons, and the huge numbers of criminal releases continues.” Keep on reading...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Quinnipiac poll: 54 percent do not believe Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and honest.

It is hard to imagine how anyone answered yes to that question. 

Via Free Beacon:
A new Quinnipiac poll reveals a problem for Hillary Clinton in regard to her trustworthiness. The poll showed that 54 percent of respondents said no when asked if Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Only 38 respondents said that Clinton is trustworthy and honest.
U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore said this is a ‘real problem’ for Clinton, in an interview with Morning Joe Thursday.
This poll was conducted before the New York Times article that showed Russians were able to acquire a uranium mine company after several donations to the Clinton Foundation. The article also said Clinton violated an agreement with the White House that agreed that all foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation would be disclosed.
“What good does it do to disclose if somebody’s about to spend $100 million to promote their own interests and to defeat candidates who would stand up against them?” Moore said.

Study finds 62% of Americans have have saved less than $1,000 for retirement

When these people hit retirement, the welfare state will collapse and we will become Greece.

Via Breitbart:
Study after study shows that Americans are not saving for retirement like they should, and a new survey finds that nearly one third of people who have some sort of savings plan have amassed less than $1,000 for retirement.
The survey titled “Preparing for Retirement in America,” by Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and Greenwald and Associates, finds that only 65 percent of workers have any savings for retirement, a number that fell below the 75 percent figure from 2009.
But 28 percent of workers report that they have saved less than $1,000 for retirement, and almost 6 in 10 Americans say that their financial planning needs improvement.
Additionally, 34 percent say they have made no effort at all to saving anything or make a retirement plan. Still, most say that they intend to start saving at some point.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

While you weren't looking, democracy died in Hong Kong this week...

Communist China takes over elections in Honk Kong. Obama plans his next golf outing.

Via  France24:
Hong Kong’s government Wednesday announced a roadmap for leadership elections that offered no concessions to the city’s democracy camp — prompting opposition lawmakers to walk out as the plan was unveiled.
Deputy leader Carrie Lam said the first-ever public vote for the post of chief executive in 2017 would be held in “strict compliance” with a ruling by China’s National People’s Congress last August.
That ruling stated that candidates for chief executive must first be approved by a loyalist committee — a decision that sparked more than two months of street protests that paralysed the city towards the end of last year.

Senate Republicans Prove Again There Is No Change Since The Party Base Put Them In The Majority

BREAKING: Loretta Lynch confirmed as US attorney general, in 56-43 Senate vote

Here are the names of the 10 RINO's who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney general. So, how is this different than if Harry Reid was still Majority Leader?  I guess Mitch McConnell is enjoying the bigger office as he plans to do the same things Harry Reid would. McConnell even voted to confirm Lynch.

Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) joined Senate Democrats in approving her nomination.
For his next betrayal, Mitch is planning on continuing funding Obamacare subsidies if SCOTUS strikes them down. 
The legislation, offered by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), one of the most politically vulnerable Senate incumbents in 2016, would maintain the federal subsidies at stake in King v. Burwell through the end of August 2017.
The bill was unveiled this week with 29 other cosponsors, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his four top deputies, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), John Thune (R-SD), John Barrasso (R-WY) and Roy Blunt (R-MO). Another cosponsor is Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS), the chairman of the conference’s electoral arm…
Don't give any of these traitors, the Republican Party or any of their organizations or PAC's any money between now and 2017. If you think you know a candidate who isn't in a Washington insider or in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce, fund them. Good luck.

Woman fired by Popeyes after robbery offered job back...

I am still boycotting Popeyes until the douchbag, or douchbags, responsible are terminated. Since it is a franchise, they should look at revoking the franchisee's license.

Via Raw Story:
A pregnant Popeyes manager has been offered her job back after news of her firing sparked outrage against the fast-food chain.
Marissa Holcomb, who is five months pregnant with her fourth child, met Wednesday with Z & H Foods owner Amin Dhanani, reported KHOU-TV.
“He just apologized and pretty much offered me if I wanted to go back to his business and work there again,” she said.
Holcomb said she was offered her previous position, along with $2,000 in back pay, but she has mixed feelings about returning.
“I do need a way to support my kids,” she said. “I don’t want to go back to a business where I’m treated the same and I just get pushed back out if something else happened.”
Holcomb said she was fired less than 36 hours after a gunman demanded cash from the restaurant’s safe.
She was unable to open the safe but handed over about $400 from the cash register to the robber, who remains at large.
Holcomb said her employer offered her a choice: Reimburse the stolen money or be fired. Keep on reading

Jeb Bush: NSA domestic spying is the "best part of the Obama administration."

WTH? Jeb is melting down as a candidate. 
Jeb Bush continues to defend the National Security Agency's unconstitutional domestic spying program, telling a conservative talk show host that this gross encroachment on the Fourth Amendment is the "best part of the Obama administration."
There's absolutely no evidence that the National Security Agency's domestic spying program has prevented a terrorist attack in the United States. This is a conclusion reached by the New America Foundation and the White House Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board could "not identif[y] a single instance involving a threat to the United States in which the program made a concrete difference in the outcome of a counterterrorism investigation."
Bush, however, hails the massive expansion of the NSA and its domestic spying program. "I would say the best part of the Obama administration has been his continuance of the protections of the homeland using the big metadata programs, the NSA being enhanced," the former Florida governor told Michael Medved on Tuesday.