Monday, December 31, 2012

Scary: British hospitals prepare to euthanize 60,000 old people without telling them or their families...

Take a look at the future under Obamacare...

Via Mail Online:
Up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their consent, shocking figures revealed yesterday.

A third of families are also kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones. 

Despite the revelations, Jeremy Hunt last night claimed the pathway was a ‘fantastic step forward’.
In comments that appeared to prejudge an official inquiry into the LCP, the Health Secretary said ‘one or two’ mistakes should not be allowed to discredit the entire end-of-life system.

But Elspeth Chowdharay-Best of Alert, an anti-euthanasia group, said: ‘The Pathway is designed to finish people off double quick. It is a lethal pathway.

Demand Video: A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!

The hypocrisy of Hollywood laid bare...

(Violence and language warning)

Liar-in-Chief claims he cut spending in 2011 by a trillion dollars...

Perhaps Obama was confused. His deficit in 2011 was a trillion dollars...

( – Appearing on NBCs “Meet the Press” on Sunday, President Barack Obama said that he cut spending by more than $1 trillion in 2011. However, the White House Office of Management and Budget says that federal spending increased by $147 billion from fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2011.
Host David Gregory asked Obama: “Well, you talk about dysfunction in Washington. You signed this legislation setting up the fiscal cliff 17 months ago. How accountable are you for the fact that Washington can’t get anything done and that we are at this deadline again?”
Obama responded: “Well, I have to tell you, David, if you look at my track record over the last two years, I cut spending by over a trillion dollars in 2011.
“I campaigned on the promise of being willing to reduce the deficit in a serious way, in a balanced approach of spending cuts and tax increases on the wealthy while keeping middle class taxes low,” Obama continued.
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Liberal Heartache: Hugo Chavez is suffering more complications

Left-wing Hollywood hardest hit...

(Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is suffering more complications linked to a respiratory infection that hit him after his fourth cancer operation in Cuba, his vice president said in a somber broadcast on Sunday.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro flew to Cuba to visit Chavez in the hospital as supporters' fears grew for the ailing 58-year-old socialist leader, who has not been seen in public nor heard from in three weeks.

Chavez had already suffered unexpected bleeding caused by the six-hour operation on December 11 for an undisclosed form of cancer in his pelvic area. Officials said doctors then had to fight a respiratory infection.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unlikely: Obama Claims, “I’m Not Driven By Some Ideological Agenda”…

Is he serious?

Via Human Events:
President Obama turned up on NBC’s “Meet the Press” for the first time since the passage of ObamaCare, and gave exactly the performance that every veteran Obama-watcher would have expected: a bitter, intransigent partisan claiming to be the only non-partisan, non-ideological participant in the “fiscal cliff” drama. “I’m not driven by some ideological agenda – I’m a pretty practical guy,” he explicitly stated, offering his past four years in office as evidence.

Dingy Harry Reid gives up on "fiscal cliff" talks?

Harry Reid's heart wasn't in it anyway. Voters voted for higher taxes when they re-elected Obama. They just didn't think they would be the ones paying them. I say let's teach them a hard lesson. Fiscal cliff diving anyone?

Via WaPo:
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has appealed directly to Vice President Biden to try to break an impasse in negotiations to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” as Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) steps back from talks.

On the Senate floor just after 2 p.m., McConnell said he had delivered Senate Democrats an offer at 7 p.m. Saturday, and had yet to hear back from them with a potential counter-offer. In hopes of reaching a last-minute deal, McConnell said he had reached out to Biden. “I was here all day yesterday,” McConnell noted as he spoke.

Good News: Piers Morgan threatens to self-deport himself if we don't change out gun laws...

Message to Piers Morgan: "Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out."

Via Daily Mail:
I have fired guns only once in my life, on a stag party to the Czech capital Prague a few years ago when part of the itinerary included a trip to an indoor shooting range. For three hours, our group were let loose on everything from Magnum 45 handguns and Glock pistols, to high-powered ‘sniper’ rifles and pump-action shotguns.
It was controlled, legal, safe and undeniably exciting. But it also showed me, quite demonstrably, that guns are killing machines.
Rarely has the hideous effect of a gun been more acutely laid bare than at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, two weeks ago – when a deranged young man called Adam Lanza murdered 20 schoolchildren aged six and seven, as well as six adults, in a sickening rampage. [...]
In conclusion, I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me.
Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.

Irony: Gun ban talk spikes gun and ammo sales...

If Congress gets around to banning so-called "assault weapons,"  it won't much matter in the short term. They are already all sold out.
NEW YORK (AP) — The phones at Red's Trading Post wouldn't stop ringing. Would-be customers from as far away as New York wanted to know if the Twin Falls, Idaho gun shop had firearms in stock. Others clamored to find out if their orders had been shipped.

Overwhelmed, manager Ryan Horsley had to do what no employee would think of doing just days before Christmas: He disconnected the phone lines for three days.

"We had to shut everything off," says Horsley, whose family has owned Red's Trading Post, the state's oldest gun shop, since 1936. "We were swamped in the store and online."

Phones at gun shops across the country are ringing off the hook.

Demand for firearms, ammunition and bulletproof gear has surged since the Dec. 14 shooting in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 20 schoolchildren and six teachers and administrators. The shooting sparked calls for tighter gun control, especially for military-style assault weapons like the ones used in Newtown and in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting earlier this year. Keep on reading...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

NPR Host Tweet: "Al Qaeda isn't the same league as Congress when it comes to terrorizing Americans"

Yet another reason to defund NPR...

Obama giving NRA attacker NBC’s David Gregory exclusive interview...

Being an Obama propagandist has it's rewards...

Via Politico:
NBC’s David Gregory will interview President Obama on this Sunday’s Meet The Press, reversing earlier news that the host would be on vacation.
Gregory’s exclusive interview with Obama comes in the final hours before the deadline for the looming fiscal cliff and is the President’s first since September 20, 2009, during the health care reform fight.
Earlier this week, NBC News spokesperson Erika Masonhall told POLITICO that Gregory was on vacation and would not be hosting this week’s show.
Gregory has been the subject of a police investigation after he showed an empty gun magazine clip on air while interviewing the president of the National Rifle Association last Sunday. Officials at the Washington Metropolitan Police Department have called the action illegal. NBC News has not commented on the investigation.

Millionaire tax ruled unconstitutional in France...

Barack Obama hardest hit...

Via Bloomberg
President Francois Hollande’s 75 percent millionaire-tax is unconstitutional because it fails to guarantee taxpayer equality, France’s top court ruled today.

The tax, one of Hollande’s campaign promises, had become a focal point of discontent among entrepreneurs and other wealth creators, some of whom have quit French shores as a result. The ruling comes as the president seeks to cut France’s public deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product next year from a projected 4.5 percent this year.

“Politically, this has an impact because it was a symbol for French public opinion, and was considered abroad as the emblem of French tax excess, of French tax hell,” said Dominique Barbet, senior economist at BNP Paribas SA in Paris. “In deficit terms, it’s truly negligible.”

Ever wonder how the Federal Budget compared to a family budget?

Ever wonder how the Federal Budget compared to a family budget?
Federal Budget:
* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000
Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:
* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,71
* Total budget cuts so far: $385
 Adjusted to median family income:
* Annual family income: $50,502.00
* Money the family spent: $88,902.14
* New debt on the credit card: $38,400.14
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $332,126.29
* Total budget cuts so far: $896.00
H/T Hot Air

A liberal’s case for the Second Amendment (Video)

Via Reason TV:

Pay raises for Biden and Congress, tax hikes for you...

Barack Obama has his priorities upside down. Taxpaying Americans are about to get hit with  Taxmageddon after the first of the year and he is handing out raises...

Via The Weekly Standard:
President Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.

According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he'll now make $231,900 per year.

Members of Congress, from the House and Senate, also will receive a little bump, as their annual salary will go from $174,000 to 174,900. Leadership in Congress, including the speaker of the House, will likewise get an increase.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Obama calls first meeting with congressional leaders since Nov. 16, fails to offer any new "fiscal cliff" ideas...

The liberal messiah pushed his old plan which has already been  rejected by Republicans...

Via FOX News:
If Americans were looking to Washington on Friday to unveil a bold new solution for averting the fiscal crisis, they didn't get it.

President Obama, at a last-ditch meeting with congressional leaders just days before sweeping tax hikes take effect, presented a recycled version of the scaled-back proposal he pitched last week.
There was little sign of a breakthrough, as lawmakers left shortly after 4 p.m. Stocks on Wall Street dove at the close of the day, amid fears that the tax increases along with steep spending cuts will hit Jan. 1.

According to one source familiar with the White House meeting, Obama pushed lawmakers to either bring his proposal for a scaled-down bill to a vote or put forward a counterproposal of their own. 
As she returned to Capitol Hill, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested Obama is trying to get the Senate to act first. "I think it moved us forward," she said of the meeting, without offering specifics about what was discussed. Keep on reading...

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to send his posse to guard schools...

Yes. They will be armed....
PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday that he plans to deploy his armed volunteer posse to protect Valley schools from the kind of violence that happened in the Connecticut shooting tragedy. Arpaio believes having armed law officers around schools will deter would-be criminals from trying anything violent and, possibly, stop them if they do.
“I have the authority to mobilize private citizens and fight crime in this county,” Arpaio said.
Arpaio first started using his posse to protect malls during the holiday shopping season in 1993 in response to violent incidents in prior years. Since then he said malls where his posse members are on patrol have had zero violent re-occurrences and patrols by his all-volunteer squad during the 2012 shopping season netted a record 31 arrests.
Arpaio said since the program has worked so well in malls he believes it will work just as well protecting schools.
“We’re not talking about placing the posse in the schools right now but in the outlying — the perimeters of the school — to detect any criminal activity.”

Congratulations! You are going to pay one fifth the UN budget for the next three years...

If our leaders had any sense, they would kick this ineffective and anti-American snake pit off American soil...
( – In one of its last actions of the year, the United Nations General Assembly on Christmas Eve agreed to extend for another three years the formula that has U.S. taxpayers contributing more than one-fifth of the world body’s regular budget.
No member-state called for a recorded vote, and the resolution confirming the contributions that each country will make for the 2013-2015 period was summarily adopted. The assembly also approved a two-year U.N. budget of $5.4 billion.
The U.S. has accounted for 22 percent of the total regular budget every year since 2000, and will now continue to do so for the next three years.

Gallop: 54% of Americans approve of the NRA...

Liberals scoffed at the NRA idea to put armed police or guards in all schools. They called the idea “delusional” and “paranoid.” This idea is so delusional at least 23,000 schools nationwide— about one-third of all public schools — already have armed security. The NRA may be under attack after the recent wave of shooting, but they still have strong support among the public.

Via Gallop
Fifty-four percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the National Rifle Association, while 38% have an unfavorable opinion. The public’s ratings of the NRA have fluctuated since first measured by Gallup in 1993 — from a low of 42% favorable in 1995 to a high of 60% in 2005.
What is your overall opinion of the National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA?
… Favorable opinions of the NRA are much higher than average among the 45% of Americans who report having a gun in the household — although one in four view the NRA unfavorably. At the same time, four in 10 of those without a gun in the household have a favorable opinion of the NRA.

Scary: Feinstein gun control bill requires grandfathered weapons owners to be registered and fingerprinted...

There is no way this bill is ever going to pass Congress...
  • Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:
    • Background check of owner and any transferee;
    • Type and serial number of the firearm;
    • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
    • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Image of the Day

Source here...

Libs hope George H. W. Bush dies...

Isn't this new civility thing great? /snark

Via Twitchy:

Prepare for "fiscal cliff" diving...

There is no question we are going over the fiscal cliff. However, this is the most overblown event since the Y2K hype. It will take months for the effect to seriously damage the economy. On the other hand, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the 2% payroll tax cut will hit paychecks in January. This is the most serious threat to family budgets and the economy.

Via Politico:

Nearly all the major players in the fiscal cliff negotiations are starting to agree on one thing: A deal is virtually impossible before the New Year.

Unlike the bank bailout in 2008, the tax deal in 2010 and the debt ceiling in 2011, the Senate almost certainly won’t swoop in and help sidestep a potential economic calamity, senior officials in both parties predicted on Wednesday.

With the country teetering on this fiscal cliff of deep spending cuts and sharp tax hikes, the philosophical differences, the shortened timetable and the political dynamics appear to be insurmountable hurdles for a bipartisan deal by New Year’s Day.

Hopes of a grand-bargain — to shave trillions of dollars off the deficit by cutting entitlement programs and raising revenue — are shattered. House Republicans already failed to pass their “Plan B” proposal. And now aides and senators say the White House’s smaller, fall-back plan floated last week is a non-starter among Republicans in Senate — much less the House.

On top of that, the Treasury Department announced Wednesday that the nation would hit the debt limit on Dec. 31, and would then have to take “extraordinary measures” to avoid exhausting the government’s borrowing limit in the New Year.

Not so wise Latina upholds morning after pill Obamacare mandate...

 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has upheld the Obamacare requirement for "Plan B." There is a great deal of controversy if the morning after pill actually causes an abortion, but the label inside the box says it can.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has denied a request to block part of the federal health care law that requires employee health-care plans to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception pills.

Hobby Lobby Stores and a sister company, Mardel Inc., sued the government, claiming the mandate violates the religious beliefs of its owners.

In an opinion Wednesday, Sotomayor said the stores fail to satisfy the demanding legal standard for blocking the requirement on an emergency basis. She said the companies may continue their challenge to the regulations in the lower courts.

Company officials say they must decide whether to violate their faith or face a daily $1.3 million fine beginning Jan. 1 if they ignore the law.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

GOP Senator to hold Kerry nomination vote hostage until Hillary testifies on Benghazi...

Nice move...

Via Washington Examiner:
Republican senators will refuse to confirm Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as Secretary of State until the nation’s current top diplomat, Hillary Clinton, testifies about her handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.
“The Senate is expected to take up Kerry’s nomination in early January, but multiple Republican senators have already said they won’t agree to a vote on Kerry’s nomination until Clinton testifies about the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi,” The Cable’s Josh Rogin notes.
Clinton backed out of testifying at a congressional hearing last week after fainting and suffering a concussion. She was the first cabinet-level official to acknowledge that terrorists played a role in the assault on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.
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Half of Americans think "fiscal cliff" deal unlikely...

Rea;ism set in... Via Gallop:

DC police told NBC not to brandish high-capacity gun magazine on air...

Ruh Roh!

Via Politico:
NBC was told by the Washington police that it was “not permissible” to show a high-capacity gun magazine on air before Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” according to a statement Wednesday from the cops.

“NBC contacted [the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department] inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment,” Gwendolyn Crump, a police spokeswoman, said in an email. “NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied. This matter is currently being investigated.”

Feel Good Story: Syrian Rebels Kill Top Palestinian Terrorist...

Evil kills evil...

Via Ynet:
The Syria-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command announced that its operations commander, Madal Elian, was killed by rebels in Syria, according to the Lebanese news channel LBC.
The group is one of the last Palestinian factions to remain loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

TSA whistle-blower: TSA officers routinely laugh at and make fun of passengers’ nude body scanner images...

If you haven't already suspected this kind of abuse was true, you are a clueless idiot...
A former TSA screener turned blogger who is now causing embarrassment for the federal agency has revealed that TSA officers routinely laugh at and make fun of passengers’ nude body scanner images in back rooms.
In a blog entitled Taking Sense Away, the anonymous ex-TSA worker reveals how he, “Witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of e-cigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passengers.”
The revelation was in response to a reader who asked, “Tell us, please, what really happens in that private room and why the TSA does not want it seen in public nor recorded.”
The ex-TSA screener also ridiculed the existence of I.O. rooms (image operator rooms) where naked images produced by body scanners are viewed by TSA agents.

Amusing: D.C. Police investigating NBC's David Gregory for brandishing illegal magazine...

Let's hope he gets a year in prison...

Via Breitbart:
Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has confirmed that the department is looking into allegations that NBC's David Gregory violated D.C.'s gun banning laws during a recent taping of Meet the Press.

In a discussion about gun control, host David Gregory brandished a 30-round magazine purportedly for an AR-15 or similar "assault rifle." The discussion took place on December 23, during the broadcast of NBC's Sunday morning political talk show.
It is also illegal to possess, sell or transfer any “large capacity ammunition feeding device.”  A person guilty of this charge can be sentenced to a maximum fine of $1000 and/or up to a year imprisonment.  D.C. Criminal Code 7-2506.01.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan actually increases spending by $880 billion

Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee have analyzed Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan. It's not helpful...

Via Weekly Standard:
Spending will increase 55 percent over the next decade, if President Barack Obama’s budget plan goes into effect. The finding comes from the Republican-side of the Senate Budget Committee, which notes that Obama’s “Proposal Would Spend $880 Billion Over Already Projected Increases.”
Here’s a chart, detailing how Obama’s plan would bring spending from $3.62 trillion in 2013 to $5.63 trillion in 2022.
“The President’s last fiscal cliff offer once again increased spending rather than reducing it,” writes the minority-side of the Senate Budget Committee. “His plan does claim $800 billion in spending reductions over ten years, but these claims are more than offset by new spending increases: increasing spending above BCA limits ($1,200 billion); paying for the doc fix ($400 billion); new transportation stimulus spending ($50 billion), and; a one-year extension of unemployment insurance ($30 billion).  After subtracting the president’s savings from his spending increases, over the next 10 years the President’s proposal actually spends $880 billion more – $44.368 trillion versus $43.488 trillion – than currently projected spending levels.  In the next two years alone, the President’s plan would spend $255 billion over current projected spending levels ($156 billion higher in FY13 and $99 billion higher in FY14). Overall, spending would increase 55% under the President’s plan, from $3.6 trillion in FY13 to $ 5.6 trillion in FY22.”
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What British children wish for Christmas...

A "Dad" came in 10th...

Via The Telegraph:
When it comes to Christmas, it might be safe to assume children will ask Santa for an extensive list of toys, games and treats.
But a survey of their typical lists for Father Christmas has shown many have more serious concerns, requesting "a dad" instead.
A study of 2,000 British parents found most children will put a new baby brother or sister at the top of their Christmas list, closely followed by a request for a real-life reindeer.
A "pet horse" was the third most popular choice, with a "car" making a bizarre entry at number four.
Despite their material requests, the tenth most popular Christmas wish on the list was a "Dad".  Keep on reading...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones...

Monday, December 24, 2012

NRA points out David Gregory hypocrisy in Tweet...

ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson Gets DUI Arrest

This story has flew under the radar. Guess who is DUI for the holidays...
Veteran ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson, 78, was arrested for driving under the influence in Lewes, Del. on Dec. 1, local WGMD radio reports.

The former ABC White House correspondent was pulled over for a traffic violation when Lewes police suspected he had been drinking. Donaldson failed the field sobriety test and was arrested for a DUI, and will appear in court early next year.

Donaldson has been with ABC News since 1967 for the network’s Washington bureau.

NBC’s David Gregory doesn't think armed guards keep kids safe at school; send his kids to private school with armed guards...

Weapon's grade hypocrisy... 

Via Weekly Standard:
David Gregory mocked the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for proposing that armed guards be at every school in America. But the NBC host seems to have no problem with armed guards protecting his kids everyday where they attend school in Washington, D.C.
“You proposed armed guards in school. We’ll talk about that in some detail in a moment. You confronted the news media. You blamed Hollywood and the gaming industry. But never once did you concede that guns could actually be part of the problem. Is that a meaningful contribution, Mr. LaPierre, or a dodge?,” asked Gregory.
Later the host suggested that guns don’t prevent violence in schools (he cited the mass shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech). “But you would concede that, as good as an idea as you think this is, it may not work. Because there have been cases where armed guards have not prevented this kind of massacre, this kind of carnage. I want you would concede that point, wouldn’t you?,” Gregory pleaded.
The NBC host would go on the rest of the segment to suggest that armed guards might not be effective in preventing mass murders at school. Which is perhaps an interesting theoretical argument.
But when it comes to Gregory’s own kids, however, they are secured every school day by armed guards.
The Gregory children go to school with the children of President Barack Obama, according to theWashington Post. That school is the co-ed Quaker school Sidwell Friends.
According to a scan of the school’s online faculty-staff directory, Sidwell has a security department made up of at least 11 people. Many of those are police officers, who are presumably armed.
Keep on reading…

Cornel West: Obama Doesn't Care When 'Black Folk' Get Shot

Cornel West also calls Obama and democrats "cowards."

Obama buddy and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg uses tax havens to avoid taxes...

Why are democrats and their supporters such hypocrites
Facebook channelled profits through a series of tax havens in order to pay just  £2.9m of corporation tax on more than £800m of overseas profits in 2011, it has been reported.
Like Google and Apple the social networking site is said to have used its headquarters in Ireland to avoid tax liabilities in the UK before directing earnings to a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands.

British companies that buy advertising on Facebook must do so via Facebook Ireland Ltd which entitles the company to sidestep HM Revenue and Customs and authorities in other higher-tax jurisdictions, reported the Sunday Times today.
When Obama did a townhall at Facebook's headquarters in California, Mark Zuckerberg can be heard saying he is cool with paying higher taxes...

Zuckerberg tells Obama he's "cool" with paying higher taxes 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Education for gun control advocates: Why banning high capacity magazines size is useless...

Gun control advocates want to reduce magazine size to 10 or less. This video demonstrates why that would be ineffective at preventing mass shootings.

Marine speed reloading m4 2 

Report: Prince Harry killed a Taliban top commander...

(The Sun) — PRINCE Harry has killed his first Taliban commander, The Sun can reveal.
The 28-year-old gunship co-pilot was called on to unleash a missile strike to eliminate a senior terror leader.

Harry has proved a massive hit with comrades in Helmand, Afghanistan, who have nicknamed him Big H.

A defence insider said: “Big H is a legend.

“We were on patrol and the Apache helicopters were called in. We heard this posh voice come over the radio and knew it was Big H. They were tracking a Taliban leader — he was commander level.
“The Apache then let off some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon and ‘boom’. It was Big H all the way.”

The Sun understands the decisive strike occurred in late October during a partnered patrol with Afghan troops hunting the Taliban chief. Keep on reading…

Asking the important questions: CNN wonders if we should profile white men after Newtown shooting…

How about profiling lunatics?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

CNN's Piers Morgan is upset over petition calling for his deportation

Reportedly,  CNN's Piers Morgan is upset over a petition at the White House web site calling for his deportation...

How Obama played Boehner...

A good negotiator or poker player never shows his cards until the time is right. Speaker Boehner fails to grasp that point. Obama reportedly offered "nothing" for Boehner's upfront $800 million in revenue.

From behind the NYT's pay-wall via Power Line:
Mr. Obama repeatedly lost patience with the speaker as negotiations faltered. In an Oval Office meeting last week, he told Mr. Boehner that if the sides didn’t reach agreement, he would use his inaugural address and his State of the Union speech to tell the country the Republicans were at fault.

At one point, according to notes taken by a participant, Mr. Boehner told the president, “I put $800 billion [in tax revenue] on the table. What do I get for that?”

“You get nothing,” the president said. “I get that for free.”

Religion of Peace Alert: Pakistani man burnt alive for allegedly desecrating a Koran...

Liberals and the politically correct try to spin Islam as just another mainstream world religion whose practitioners are mostly good people. The facts beg to differ. 
HYDERABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - A mob broke into a Pakistani police station and burnt a man accused of desecrating the Koran alive, police said Saturday, in the latest violence focusing attention on the country's blasphemy laws.

The man was a traveler and had spent Thursday night at the mosque, said Maulvi Memon, the imam in the southern village of Seeta in Sindh province. The charred remains of the Koran were found the next morning.

"He was alone in the mosque during the night," Memon said. "There was no one else there to do this terrible thing."

Villagers beat the man then handed him over to police. A few hours later, a crowd of around 200 stormed the police station, dragged the man out and set him on fire, said Usman Ghani, the senior superintendent of police in Dadu district.

Ex-Marine wrongly imprisoned in Mexican prison back on US soil...

Best news of the week...

FOX News reported:
The ordeal for Jon Hammar Jr., who languished under deplorable conditions in a violent Mexican prison for four months, is finally over.
Jon Hammar Sr. has confirmed that his 27-year-old son, a Marine combat veteran, is back on U.S. soil and with him in a rented car in Brownsville, Texas.
Hammar Sr. said his son was released from the notorious CEDES prison at 8 p.m. local time and made it back across the bridge between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas by around 8:30 p.m.
The ex-Marine, who was arres
ted at the same border crossing Aug. 13 after attempting to declare an antique shotgun, was suffering from a stomach virus, his father told Fox News as he and his son drove from the border looking for a hotel to spend the night.
“We’re both

Unlikely: The man who banned big gulps claims he has defended Second Amendment as much as anybody...

If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one...
Bloomberg: There Is Not ‘Anybody That’s Defended the Second Amendment as Much as I Have’ | The Weekly Standard
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said that there is not “anybody that’s defended the Second Amendment as much as I have.” He made the comments in a radio interview.
“I don’t think there’s anybody that’s defended the Second Amendment as much as I have,” said Bloomberg. “I think you have a perfect right to buy weapons and keep them for protection or for sport. We have tried to make sure that you have it. The Supreme Court says that there are–consistent with the Second Amendment–you can have reasonable restrictions, so, for example, you can’t buy a nuclear-tipped weapon.”

President Obama gives the ruling class an extra day off...

Federal employees already get 10 paid holidays in 2012. The number is now eleven. President Obama has given them Christmas Eve off.  Undoubtedly, they are exhausted after spending all those trillions of out tax dollars...
President Obama on Friday signed an executive order giving federal employees the day off on Christmas Eve, which falls on Monday.
Exceptions apply for employees asked by their departments and agencies to work for reasons of national security, defense or other public needs.
Most employees who are excused from duty Dec. 24 will receive the basic pay they would have received if no executive order had been issued. Workers who previously scheduled leave on Christmas Eve will not be charged that leave.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Missing your FedEx package? Check your UPS guy...

UPS guy allegedly caught on tape stealing FedEx package off porch...

Reporters at NRA press conference really impressed with Code Pink protesters...

As for the NRA, not so much...

Click image for video: 

Feel Good Story: Six Taliban Killed By Own IED...

 LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan, Dec. 19 — Six Taliban militants were killed as their explosive device went off accidentally in Helmand province 555 km south of Kabul on Wednesday, spokesman for provincial administration Ahmad Zirak said.
“A group of Taliban rebels were busy planting mine on a road in Gereshk district Wednesday morning but the device exploded accidentally, killing six insurgents including a group commander Mullah Mohammad Shah on the spot,” Zirat told Xinhua.

Priceless: SEIU attacks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel...

They compared him to a “Right Wing” employer....

Via Red Alert Politics:
Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is under attack by some of President Obama’s top political supporters.
The SEIU has committed half-a-million dollars to a new, anti-Rahm effort. The money was approved by a state council as part of a document titled “Taking on the millionaires’ mayor.” The document says SEIU will brand the Mayor as “the national poster child for Neo-Liberals who are hell-bent on adopting regressive policies.”
The SEIU also alleges the Mayor is adopting the tactics of “Right Wing” employers:
Mayor Emanuel is using the city’s procurement process to take advantage of a loophole in Obamacare to jettison the health care costs of many city contract work [sic].
Essentially, Rahm is doing the same thing to city contract workers that Applebee’s, Denny’s, Papa John’s Pizza and so many other Right Wing national employers have announced they are doing to their workers in the lead up to the implementation of Obamacare.
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Scary: Your cellphone is spying on you...

The government can track you to within 50 feet by your cellphone. What could possibly go wrong?
Big Brother has been outsourced. The police can find out where you are, where you’ve been, even where you’re going. All thanks to that handy little human tracking device in your pocket: your cellphone.

There are 331 million cellphone subscriptions—about 20 million more than there are residents—in the United States. Nearly 90 percent of adult Americans carry at least one phone. The phones communicate via a nationwide network of nearly 300,000 cell towers and 600,000 micro sites, which perform the same function as towers. When they are turned on, they ping these nodes once every seven seconds or so, registering their locations, usually within a radius of 150 feet. By 2018 new Federal Communications Commission regulations will require that cellphone location information be even more precise: within 50 feet. Newer cellphones also are equipped with GPS technology, which uses satellites to locate the user more precisely than tower signals can. Cellphone companies retain location data for at least a year. AT&T has information going all the way back to 2008.

Police have not been shy about taking advantage of these data. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), U.S. law enforcement agencies made 1.5 million requests for user data from cellphone companies in 2011. And under current interpretations of the law, you will never find out if they were targeting you.
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Rep. Barney Frank: Justice Antonin Scalia “an unreconstructed bigot,”

Nobody cares what Barney Frank thinks. It's time for him to head to the dustbin of history...

Via HuffPo:
In one of his last interviews before leaving Congress, Rep. Barney Frank gave a preview of the kind of no-holds-barred pundit he will be as he moves on to write books and become a TV commentator. The retiring 16-term openly gay Massachusetts Democrat called for the legalization of prostitution, cheered Washington State and Colorado for legalizing marijuana, labeled Justice Antonin Scalia “an unreconstructed bigot,” criticized those who took Prop 8 to the Supreme Court, defended the free speech of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, and heralded the arrival of Congress’s first “gaysian” — the election of Mark Takano, an openly gay Asian-American from California to the House. [...]
On Justice Scalia and his latest anti-gay outburst, Frank is actually happy to see Scalia being honest.
“I was glad that he made clear what’s been obvious, that he’s just a flat out bigot,” Frank said. “I’d previously said he was a homophobe. And Fox and the rightwing said, ‘Oh just because he’s not for same-sex marriage? And I said, ‘No, let me be very clear. That’s not it. This is a man who has said you should go to prison for having sex.’ It was an extraordinarily abusive sentiment and it was dead wrong. And, by the way, for a guy who is supposed to be so smart — quite stupid.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Venezuela babbles like an idiot at Miss Universe 2012...

What did she say? 

Meh. Who cares...

Obama regulations kill Kentucky power plant...

What's 120 jobs to the job-killing Obama administration...

Via NYT's:
American Electric Power, or A.E.P., the nation’s biggest consumer of coal, announced that it would shut its coal-burning boilers at the Big Sandy electric power plant near Louisa, Ky., a 1,100-megawatt facility that since the early 1960s has been burning coal that was mined locally. 

Big Sandy this year became a symbol of the plight of the coal industry nationwide. Strict new environmental regulations are forcing large utilities to spend billions of dollars to retrofit old coal-burning plants or shut them down, replacing them in most cases with equipment that uses cleaner-burning natural gas

A.E.P., which is based in Ohio, has repeatedly changed its mind over what to do with Big Sandy, a big employer in eastern Kentucky, both at the 120-employee plant itself and in the Appalachian-area coal mines that feed it 2.5 million tons of coal each year.

How to stop a massacre (Video)

Armed senior citizens for the win...

Assault-type weapons only used on 2% of crimes...


Via Washington Secrets:
Despite their overwhelming popularity, assault weapons like the rifle used by the Sandy Hook Elementary killer are very rarely used in crimes, according to a comprehensive Congressional Research Service report on guns and gun control legislation.
Citing a survey of 203,300 state and federal prisoners who were armed during the crime for which they were incarcerated, “fewer than 1 in 50, or less than 2 percent, used, carried, or possessed a semiautomatic assault weapon,” said the report.
The weapons, however, are at the center of President Obama’s bid to put in place new gun control rules following the Connecticut killings last week. His effort, backed by gun-control Democrats, is expected to lead to a new proposal to ban the weapons and also crack down on gun sales throughout the nation.
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Harry Reid promises to do nothing on fiscal cliff...

Least shocking story of the day...

Via Weekly Standard:
Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, made his “fiscal cliff” position clear in a press conference today. “We are not going to do anything,” said Reid.
Reid added, “We are not taking up anything they are working on over there.”
The top Democrat in the Senate was explaining his inaction on the House plan, the proposal put forward by Republican John Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives. Boehner’s plan is being referred to as ‘Plan B.’
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Shameless: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee says we need more food stamps because of Newtown massacre...

Liberal logic...

Via Fox Nation:
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) brought up the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and Newtown massacre in order to make a point about “Americans in need” who need the country to help them and will be hurt by Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B” because it will cause cuts to things like “nutrition plans” and “food stamps.”

Unexpected: NRA new membership spikes to an average of 8,000 new members a day...

In other news, Wal-Mart sells out of  AR-15 style rifles...

Via Fox News:
The National Rifle Association, while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut, has registered an average of 8,000 new members a day since the tragedy, an NRA source told Fox News.
While this broadly aligns with trends seen after similar incidents in the past, the surge in membership this time is said to dwarf past trends.
The source, based on his access to an internal memo prepared by the organization’s membership division, said both the number of individual contributions to the NRA and their average amount have risen significantly in this period.
Amid the uptick, the NRA is planning what it describes as a “major” news conference on Friday. In its first public statement since last week’s shooting, issued Tuesday by an aide to NRA President Wayne LaPierre, the organization also conveyed condolences to the murder victims’ families and expressed the group’s willingness to offer “meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.”
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UN condemnation votes: Iran-1, Syria-1, North Korea-1, Israel-22

So Israel is a 22 times greater threat to world peace, security and human rights than Iran, Syria and North Korea? We really need to get out of the UN.
GENEVA, December 18 – The U.N. General Assembly today adopted nine resolutions on Palestinian rights and the Golan, sharply criticizing Israel yet making no mention of Sunday’s massacre of Palestinians by Syrian warplanes firing missiles into a mosque in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. Nor did the texts mention the tens of thousands of Palestinians who continue to flee the camp.

By the end of this week, the current 2012 UNGA session will have adopted 22 country-specific resolutions on Israel – and only four on the rest of the world combined, one each for Syria, Iran, North Korea and Burma, noted UN Watch.

Today’s resolutions criticized Israel for “the continuing systematic violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people,” and focused on “the extremely difficult socioeconomic conditions being faced by the Palestine refugees in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.

Taxes to go up $1,000 a year for the typical American household in January

This will affect all workers, even the ones whodon't pay or owe any federal income tax. President Obama wanted to give money to the 47% of the country that doesn't pay federal income taxes, but vote democrat.  The mechanism for that reward was a 2% cut in the Social Security tax taken out of workers paychecks. Social Security is already financially unsound long-term. This tax cut  has to go away.

 Via WSJ:
Neither the Obama administration nor congressional Republicans want to increase taxes on everyone, but most workers are likely to see lower take-home pay in 2013, eating away at economic growth.

The White House, in its latest offer Monday to resolve the fiscal cliff, made a key concession that would be felt by every U.S. wage earner: allowing the expiration of the payroll tax cut, a provision that has lowered the workers’ share of Social Security taxes by two percentage points for the past two years. That translates into an average tax increase of about $1,000 a year for the typical American household making about $50,000 annually.

Letting the payroll tax rate revert to 6.2% from the current 4.2% would raise government revenue by about $125 billion next year, equivalent to 0.8% of total U.S. economic output, according to J.P. Morgan Chase.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surprise: Obama named Time 'Person of the Year"

I thought Obama was "Messiah of the Year."

Via Reuters

(Reuters) - Time has tapped U.S. President Barack Obama for its Person of the Year for the second time, citing his historic re-election last month as symbolic of the nation's shifting demographics and the rise of younger, more diverse Americans.
In announcing its annual selection on Wednesday, the magazine called Obama the "Architect of the New America."

"He's basically the beneficiary and the author of a kind new America - a new demographic, a new cultural America that he is now the symbol of," Time editor Rick Stengel said of Obama, who was also selected for the honor in 2008 when he became the nation's first black president.

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Retractable Steel Walls For Schools!…

How about arming teachers?

KPFT 90.1 FM: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, Houston, is speaking out about tighter gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. This audio interview excerpt is from the KPFT 90.1 FM Local News at 4pm broadcast for Monday, December 17, 2012.

Taxpayers to take multibillion-dollar haircut on GM bailout...

Taxpayers hardest hit...

Via FOX News:
The U.S. Treasury plans to sell its stake in General Motors Co over the coming year, all but assuring a multibillion-dollar loss in a move that will end the automaker's "Government Motors" era.

Treasury's plan - a two-step process that includes a $5.5 billion stock sale to GM - is part of a broader push to wind down the controversial financial bailout under the Troubled Asset Relief (TARP) program. TARP was created by former president George W. Bush to prevent the collapse of the U.S. banking industry during the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

The planned GM sale will raise the proceeds that Treasury has recovered to $28.6 billion of the $50 billion bailout GM received. With $20.9 billion left from the original bailout, the government would have to sell its remaining shares at an average price of $69.72 to break even.

Read more here...
Remember the campaign video where Obama claimed they repaid their loans?
A new Barack Obama campaign video narrated by Tom Hanks portrays the president’s bailout of General Motors and Chrysler as courageous and successful — with loans repaid by car companies.

"Because of the tough choices the president made, the stage was set for a resurgent U.S. auto industry," Hanks says in the 17-minute highlights reel of Obama’s presidency, titled The Road We’ve Traveled.

"With business booming, (GM and Chrysler) repaid their loans," he later concludes.

Education for Gun Control Advocates: Police officer demonstrates the differences between fully automatic assault rifle, semi-automatic rifle, hunting rifle (Video)

The difference between a hunting rifle and a what many people think is an assault rifle is mostly looks. 

Democratic lawmakers are coming after your violent video games now...

I think many parents do a poor job of enforcing the ratings on video games as well as movies.  However, it's not realistic to expect everyone to switch over to playing "Hello Kitty" online.

Via Politico:
As scrutiny of the Newtown, Conn., massacre continued on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers pointed fingers at another culprit in addition to the nation’s gun laws: Violent video games.

Reports that school shooter Adam Lanza played such video games as “Call of Duty” and “Starcraft” led some members of Congress to call for more scrutiny of an entertainment culture they say glorifies violence, as one prominent gamer called for a national day of “ceasefire” for those who play online shooting games.

“I think we need to do everything possible we can to prevent such tragedies, including addressing the culture of violence that may be spawned by video games,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told POLITICO Tuesday.

From the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), meanwhile, called for a national commission on violence that looks not only at gun laws but the entertainment industry to examine the underlying reasons behind shootings such as those in Newtown.

“Everything has to be on the table, including our gun laws, but a commission also needs to examine the effect the entertainment industry has on our culture,” Lieberman said. [...]

Benghazi report blames systematic State Department management and leadership failures for gross security lapses: Hillary in hiding...

In October, Hillary Clinton said she's responsible for the security of American diplomatic outposts. Now, she has a very mysterious and convenient concussion.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The leaders of an independent panel that blamed systematic State Department management and leadership failures for gross security lapses in the deadly Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya will explain their findings to Congress on Wednesday.

The two most senior members of the Accountability Review Board are set to testify behind closed doors before the House and Senate foreign affairs committees on the classified findings of their harshly critical report.

An unclassified version released late Tuesday said serious bureaucratic mismanagement was responsible for the inadequate security at the mission in Benghazi where the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hero: Texas Gov. Rick Perry hopes fed government doesn't have knee jerk reaction on gun control

Change: So-Called Democratic “Moderates” Call For More Gun Control (Video)

The election season is now officially over...

Claire McCaskill to NRA: “Score this!”

Good News: Obama to put Joe Biden in charge of gun control initiative...

This will go about as well as the Stimulus tracking and Recovery Summer...

Via WaPo:
President Obama on Monday began the first serious push of his administration to attempt to reduce gun violence, directing Cabinet members to formulate a set of proposals that could include reinstating a ban on assault rifles.
The effort will be led by Vice President Biden, according to two people outside the government who have spoken to senior administration officials since Friday, when a gunman killed his mother and rampaged through Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 children, six adults and himself.
The tentative steps ended a paralyzing debate within the administration over how hard to pursue gun-control legislation, which has been a politically perilous issue for many Democrats. There were signs Monday, however, that such fear was abating on the Democratic side of the aisle.