Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Half of Americans think "fiscal cliff" deal unlikely...

Rea;ism set in... Via Gallop:

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Interested Bystander said...


I would bet you that over 50% of "we the people" have no idea what the "fiscal cliff" is.

All we hear day in and day out is that "they" are trying to avoid it, and that it's bad, and that the Republicans are holding up the process.

It is my belief that it is "the elitist's" goal to keep the people ignorant. And the people seem more than willing to go along.

When you can indoctrinate "the people" in less than 4 years that the definition of "Natural Born citizen" is simply being born in Country, then I believe you can indoctrinate them on anything.

Honestly, we deserve what we get.