Friday, December 28, 2012

Obama calls first meeting with congressional leaders since Nov. 16, fails to offer any new "fiscal cliff" ideas...

The liberal messiah pushed his old plan which has already been  rejected by Republicans...

Via FOX News:
If Americans were looking to Washington on Friday to unveil a bold new solution for averting the fiscal crisis, they didn't get it.

President Obama, at a last-ditch meeting with congressional leaders just days before sweeping tax hikes take effect, presented a recycled version of the scaled-back proposal he pitched last week.
There was little sign of a breakthrough, as lawmakers left shortly after 4 p.m. Stocks on Wall Street dove at the close of the day, amid fears that the tax increases along with steep spending cuts will hit Jan. 1.

According to one source familiar with the White House meeting, Obama pushed lawmakers to either bring his proposal for a scaled-down bill to a vote or put forward a counterproposal of their own. 
As she returned to Capitol Hill, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested Obama is trying to get the Senate to act first. "I think it moved us forward," she said of the meeting, without offering specifics about what was discussed. Keep on reading...

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