Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alleged "Crazed Sex Poodle" Al Gore May Be Prosecuted

Could things get any worse for Al Gore? First the settled science of global warming was called into question by Climategate. Then, he announced a divorce from his wife Tipper after 40 years of marriage. That announcement was quickly followed by allegations of an extramarital affair. Now, he may face charges for an alleged sexual assault against a masseuse in 2006.

Big Government reported:

In a bombshell new development in the Al Gore sex scandal — broken exclusively earlier today by The ENQUIRER — the Oregon District Attorney says there’s “the possibility of a criminal prosecution.”

In a statement just released by Multnomah County (OR.) D.A. Michael D. Schrunk, the official reveals that “our office was notified by the Portland Police Bureau that further investigation of this matter had been conducted by it in 2009 ...

Schrunk goes on to add: “If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution, additional investigation by the Bureau will be necessary and will be discussed with the Portland Police Bureau.”...

57% Say Obama's Handling of Oil Spill as bad or Worse Than Bush's Handling of Hurricane Katrina

Americans are comparing President Obama's poor handling of the Gulf oil spill with President Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina. 57% say his response is the same or worse...

Marist Poll
President George Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina was a black mark on his administration, and now, there’s bad news for his successor. Nearly six in ten voters nationwide — 57% — say President Barack Obama’s handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is either the same or worse than Bush’s handling of Katrina. This includes 34% who report Obama’s management of the disaster is comparable and 23% who view it as worse. 37%, however, say he is handling the crisis better than Bush managed Katrina. 6% are unsure.


Senator Tom Coburn to Elena Kagan: Can Commerce Clause allow government to compel Americans to eat their veggies (video)

Obama SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan refused to say the Commerce Clause couldn't be used to force Americans to eat three servings of vegetables a day. Kagan appears to prefer waffles. It was an easy question if the answer was no.

Kagan Declines To Say Gov't Has No Power to Tell Americans What To Eat

Oil Clean Up Worker Quits in Disgust: "It's all cosmetic" (video)

This woman quit an $18 an hour job because she claims the clean up is a farce.

WKRG News reported:
Former oil clean-up worker Candi Warren says she signed up to make a difference, but soon found out the work of cleaning the beaches was all cosmetic. That’s what she was told, she says....

She said she was told to only clean the surface of the sand...

Gulp! Scientists Say We better Do Something About Global Warming Before 2200!

2200? Yes. That is the date 14 scientists have determined as a likely tipping point in global warming. They claim the consequences of increases in warming and CO2 are unknown after that date. Since global warming is caused mainly by fossil fuels, I have good news for the scientists. We will run out of oil and natural gas well before 2100. There is still plenty of coal still around, but it is becoming more difficult to get and may not be economically feasible in the future.

The Independent reported:
The global climate is more than likely to slip into an unpredictable state with unknown consequences for human societies if carbon dioxide emissions continue on their present course, a survey of leading climate scientists has found....

The 14 scientists, all experts in their fields of climate research, were asked about the probability of a tipping point...

Nine of the fourteen scientists said that the chances of a tipping point for the high scenario were greater than 90 per cent, with only one saying that the chances were less than 50:50. At current rates of CO2 emissions, the world is on course for following the higher trajectory on global warming suggested by the IPCC.

The Road to Recovery May be Coming to a Dead End for Many States

The Stimulus money that was propping up state budgets is coming to an end. Congress has not refunded this public sector employee welfare. The jobs of many public sector employees will soon be coming to an end too.
In 2010, the Obama administration has estimated school districts across the country might lay off as many as 300,000 employees, many of them teachers. That would be five times the number of layoffs in 2009, and 10 times the number of layoffs in 2008....

Elena Kagan deliberately subverted scientific report to win partial-birth abortion approval

Elena Kagan deliberately subverted a scientific report by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to win partial-birth abortion approval. The Federal Court case involved Nebraska’s ban on partial-birth abortion in 2000. The ACOG put out what was billed as a non-partisan report that played heavily in the Courts decision to strike down the partial-birth abortion ban. The draft report from the ACOG contained the following statement that was very damaging to partial-birth abortion supporters.
"[A] select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which [the partial-birth] procedure ... would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the woman."

The allegedly non-partisan ACOG shared this draft statement with the Clinton White House and Elena Kagan, then a deputy assistant to the president for domestic policy, freaked out and wrote her superiors this in a memo (pdf):
Todd Stern just discovered that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is thinking about issuing a statement (attached) that includes the following sentence: "[A] select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which [the partial-birth] procedure ... would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the woman." This, of course, would be disaster -- not the less so (in fact, the more so) because ACOG continues to oppose the legislation. It is unclear whether ACOG will issue the statement; even if it does not, there is obviously a chance that the draft will become public.

Kagan had a solution. She drafted a suggested revision to the scientific report.

Click image for larger view.

The suggest change reads:
"An intact D&X [the medical term for the procedure], however, may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman."

The supposedly non-partisan ACOG replaced their scientific opinion with Elena Kagan's political opinion verbatim in the final report.

This language was crucial in the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban. Elena Kagan helped dupe the Supreme court with inaccurate and deceptive scientific information. She is unqualified to join that body.

Video: Al Franken Naps During Kagan Hearing

I guess the joke from Minnesota has already made up his mind how he will vote on President Obama's SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan. Minnesota Senator Al Franken was seen napping and doodling during a confirmation hearing. Of course, Kagen is being vague and disingenuous. She will not out herself as a far-left progressive activist jurist. Franken taking a nap may be the most noteworthy event that occurs during the hearings.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My! Did Tom Brokaw Out Himself and Matt Lauer as Democrats? (video)

Listen to the video very closely. While talking to Lauer, Tom Brokaw says,
“A Western Governor said “We’re losing Independents.” He’s a Democrat – from our party.”

He's a Democrat from "our party?" This shouldn't be surprising.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Heartache: Daily Kos Pollster Accused of Fraud by Markos

Markos Moulitsas over at the left-wing site Daily Kos is accusing his pollster, Research 2000, of fraud. Hmm... Could they be telling him what he wants to hear? That would explain why the R2000/Daily Kos polls are often outliers over at Real Clear Politics.

Here are screen shots of a couple of recent examples.

It would seem the Daily Kos polls are very kind to Democrats.

Here is some of what Markos had to say about his pollster.

From Daily Kos:
We contracted with Research 2000 to conduct polling and to provide us with the results of their surveys. Based on the report of the statisticians, it's clear that we did not get what we paid for. We were defrauded by Research 2000, and while we don't know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can't trust it. Meanwhile, Research 2000 has refused to offer any explanation. Early in this process, I asked for and they offered to provide us with their raw data for independent analysis — which could potentially exculpate them....

Obvious: Media Matters attacks Sean Hannity for not attacking Kagan

The liberals over at Media Matters must have been looking forward to an opportunity to slam Sean Hannity when he attacked President Obama's SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan. The Hannity attack has so far failed to materialize. Media Matters fires a preemptive shot and attacks Hannity for not attacking Kagan. Huh?

From Media Matters:

We've noted that most right-wing media have been willing and eager to go back to the same well of discredited and false smears of Elena Kagan in their effort to take down her Supreme Court nomination.

But not Sean Hannity.

Yes, it appears that the case against Kagan is so weak that Hannity -- who basically uses his show to act as a GOP spokesman - isn't even going through the motions.

Tonight, on the first night of her confirmation hearings, Hannity mentioned Kagan in passing before turning to a discussion of the Supreme Court's ruling today on guns. According to a Nexis search, it was the first time her name had been spoken on his show in more than a month....

SCOTUS Nominee Sotomayor on Right to Bear Arms: "it is the law of the land right now ..." She's Had a Change of Heart.

During her Senate confirmation hearings, Sonia Sotomayor talked like the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment was settled law.
Sotomayor earlier acknowledged the Supreme Court's 2008 decision that overturned Washington, D.C.'s restrictive handgun law, noting that "it is the law of the land right now in the sense of precedent, that there is an individual right to bear arms as it applies to government, federal government regulation," she said.

The Supreme Court overturned Chicago's ultra restrictive handgun ban Monday by a vote of 5-4. Justice Sotomayor was one of the four dissenting Justices.
Justices John Paul Stevens and Stephen Breyer, joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, each wrote a dissent. Stevens said that unlike a ruling two years ago overturning a Washington, D.C., handgun ban, Monday's decision "could prove far more destructive — quite literally — to our nation's communities and to our constitutional structure."

Never believe anything a liberal tells you.

Wonderful: $1.44 Million in Federal Dollars Spent Studying Male Prostitutes in Vietnam

The CBO has estimated President Obama's budget plans will generate
$10 trillion in new deficits
over the next decade. I realize $1.44 million may not seem like a lot to Congressmen or Washington bureaucrats, but this is real money out here in fly-over country. In the current budget climate, it is absurd to spend this kind of money on a project that is irrelevant to ordinary Americans.

CNS News
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has so far awarded $1.44 million in federal funds to a project that, among other things, is estimating the size of the population and examining the “social milieu” of male prostitutes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“In Study 1, formative ethnography will be used to describe the settings, venues, and overall social milieu in which male sex work is being situated,” says the NIH abstract for the grant. “In Study 2, we will conduct a Capture-Recapture Survey to estimate the size of the male sex worker population in each city.”...

Demo Rep. Pete Stark to Minuteman: “Who are you going to kill today?” (video)

Democratic Rep. Pete Stark held a Town Hall in Fremont, California June 26th. At the beginning of the video he ridicules California Minutemen and asks them,
“Who are you going to kill today?” (00:10)

The crowd demands an answer from him on why the government won't secure the border. Rep. Stark declares,
"the borders are quite secure..." (01:50)

Watch the entire video and understand what a complete jerk this moron is.

German Jihadists in Pakistan Want Out

Foreign Jihadists in Pakistan are whining in phone calls, emails and Internet chat about how their situation is hopeless and they are fearful for their lives. The German government is trying to concoct an opt-out scheme for their Jihadist citizens.

Via The Jawa Report:
Wiretaped Phonecalls, E-Mails, Chats showed growing Fear and Despair among foreign Jihadists according to Intelligence Agencies.

Several of the ~40 German Islamists in the Pakistan tribal Region of Waziristan are now looking to surrender and return to Germany.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany is currently developing an opt-out scheme for German jihadists...

One of the captured radical islamists Rami M. moaned about his hopeless situtation in phonecalls with his islamist friends in Hamburg. He is without passports and wants to hand himself in to the Germany Embassy.

A high ranking security expert added that foreign jihadists have come under great pressure in the last months.

Here is an opt-out plan we can support.

Lib Talker Mike Malloy on Cheney's Possible Death: "He is a walking mass of horror and when he’s gone this planet will be cleaner!"

Can you imagine the liberal outrage if Rush Limbaugh said this about President Obama?
I’m not going to feel anything but intense gratitude that this miserable bastard has stepped off this earthly coil. Really! And I’m sure on a much lesser scale when I die, there will be some of you right-wing flip tops who will feel the same way, I frankly don’t give a damn!

Cheney is responsible, Cheney is a murderer, he’s a killer, he’s a torturer, he is evil personified! He is a walking mass of horror and when he’s gone this planet will be cleaner!

Some of his listeners have comments even more vile than Malloy.

Shocker: 99% of Earmarks in Homeland Security Bill Go to Democrats

The proposed Homeland Security spending bill for 2011 contains $69.95 million in earmarks for various Congressmen. 99% of the earmarked money goes to Democrats. The only Republican project is $800,000 for an emergency operations center in New Orleans sought by GOP Rep. Joseph Cao (La).

The Hill reported:
All earmarks in the proposed Homeland Security spending bill for 2011 went to Democrats — save one.

Rep. Joseph Cao (La.) was the only House Republican to win a Homeland Security earmark: $800,000 for Federal Emergency Management Administration state and local programs and an emergency operations center in New Orleans. Every other earmark was sponsored by a Democrat.

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Ridicules Republican Congressman’s Blowing Up Oil Well Idea... Remains Silent When Bill Clinton Said Same Thing

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow is brutal in her ridicule of Rep. Phil Gingrey (R - GA)when he suggests BP blow up the leaking oil will in an effort to stop the leak. She calls it a dumb idea and compares it to a 'Road Runner' cartoon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gun Control Advocates Circle the Wagons and Prepare New laws

The Supreme Court struck don the Chicago handgun ban. In response, Mayor Daily refuses to recognize American's Second Amendment rights and prepares new gun control ordinances. The Chicago Mayor presumably took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. he is failing miserably.

NBC Chicago reported:
As expected, Mayor Daley and Chicago's City Council are circling the wagons to defend against an unfavorable decision by the Supreme Court concerning the city's gun ban.

Daley said the city would have in place a new ordinance aimed at making it difficult to purchase and own a gun in Chicago.

"We'll publicly propose a new ordinance very soon," Daley said at an afternoon press conference concerning the gun ban.

View more news videos at:

President Obama Gathers Leftists to Push for Amnesty

The forces of "open borders" are gathering...

AP reported:
President Barack Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation that will showcase Republican opposition and include a major speech by the president.

The strategy was discussed during a meeting Monday by a range of prominent labor leaders and activist groups. Participants say that Obama reiterated his support for immigration legislation but noted the political realities that have stalled it in Congress.

Latino leaders say they will work in coming months to pressure Republicans to give way and support an immigration bill – and make them pay at the ballot box if they don’t.

Former President Bill Clinton Wants Obama to Hold off the Blame Game and Focus on "Fixing the Leak"

Former President Bill Clinton wants President Obama to put "fixing the leak" before finding out who to blame. He is willing to take extreme measures to do it.

From Freedom's Lighthouse:
Clinton also said it may become necessary for the U.S. Navy to "blow up the well" to stop the leak on the floor of the Gulf. He said that can be done without using a Nuclear Weapon.

Let's hope President obama is able to take time out of his busy golf schedule and follow Bill Clinton's "fix the leak" advice.

Anyone Up For Buying State Owned Liquor Stores?

Severe budget pressures are forcing states to consider getting out of the very profitable liquor business and selling their interests to private companies. Does this mean politicians won't get free samples anymore?

Penn Live reported:
While efforts to privatize Pennsylvania's 621 state liquor stores have circulated for years, some say the budgetary realities the state is facing could be the pressure that finally forces the issue....

Pennsylvania and Utah are the only states that completely control wholesale and retail liquor sales....

SCOTUS Invalidates Chicago's Handgun Ban

There is good news for Second Amendment fans. The Supreme Court has made a second major ruling affirming the right of individuals to bear arms. This ruling invalidates the Chicago handgun ban.

Fox News reported:
In its second major ruling on gun rights in three years, the Supreme Court Monday extended the federally protected right to keep and bear arms to all 50 states. The decision will be hailed by gun rights advocates and comes over the opposition of gun control groups, the city of Chicago and four justices.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the five justice majority saying "the right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as the States legislated in an evenhanded manner."

The ruling builds upon the Court's 2008 decision in D.C. v. Heller that invalidated the handgun ban in the nation's capital. More importantly, that decision held that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was a right the Founders specifically delegated to individuals. The justices affirmed that decision and extended its reach to the 50 states. Today's ruling also invalidates Chicago's handgun ban.

The Most Popular Politician in Massachusetts is Republican Scott Brown

This is change we can believe in. The most popular politician in Massachusetts isn't named Kennedy or Obama. He isn't even a Democrat. A Boston Globe poll has found that after five months in Washington, Republican Scot Brown is Massachusetts most popular elected official.

The Boston Globe:
US Senator Scott Brown, who only months ago was a little-known figure even within the tiny band of Republicans in the state Senate, not only catapulted to national stature with his upset US Senate victory, but is today the most popular officeholder in Massachusetts, according to a Boston Globe poll.

After less than five months in Washington, Brown outpolls such Democratic stalwarts as President Obama and US Senator John F. Kerry in popularity, the poll indicates. He gets high marks not only from Republicans, but even a plurality of Democrats views him favorably.

Hypocrisy: Obama Calling "Bluff" Of Those Complaining About "Deficits And Debt" (video)

After almost 18 months of seeing how fast he can spend money and run up the national debt, President Obama now claims he is going to call the "bluff" of those "who are hollering about deficits and debt."
“Somehow people say, why are you doing that, I’m not sure that’s good politics. I’m doing it because I said I was going to do it and I think it’s the right thing to do. People should learn that lesson about me because next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step-up because I’m calling their bluff. We’ll see how much of that, how much of the political arguments that they’re making right now are real and how much of it was just politics.”

Has President Obama forgotten no House Republican and only three Senate Republicans voted for the Stumulus. No Republican voted for his bloated budget passed last year. Republicans aren't the cause of excessive spending. Of course, when he says 'hard choices," President Obama isn't talking about spending cuts. This is code for raising taxes.

The comment starts at about the 3:45 mark.

At the 2:50 mark, President Obama calls the tax system "unfair in a whole lot of ways." He is correct about the tax system being unfair. 47% of Americans don't pay any federal income tax. Some of this group actually receive extra money from the government in the form of tax credits when they file. Instead of paying the government at tax time, the government pays them. We can be sure this disparity between the half of Americans who pay federal income taxes and the half who don't isn't what President Obama thinks is "unfair." He thinks the 53% of Americans paying all the federal income tax aren't paying enough.

Obama Pushes G20 Leaders to Spend, Spend, Spend

President Obama is throwing concern for deficits out the window and pushing the other G20 leaders to keep spending as a stimulus to the global economy. They are pushing back over concern the world is broke.

The Hill
President Barack Obama’s push for continued global stimulus in light of a tenuous economic recovery was largely pushed back at the G-20 as world leaders agreed to focus on deficit reduction.

Obama and his team have repeatedly warned that while the worst of the crisis has passed, the recovery is still “uneven and fragile” and ongoing stimulus efforts are needed.

But European leaders, led largely by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have pushed back on increased spending as deficits rage out of control.

The King of Pork Has Died

Senator Robert Byrd (D) of West Virginia has passed away. Byrd was both the longest serving Senator and the oldest Senator in the 111th Congress. He was well know for bringing home the bacon and his membership in the KKK as a young man. WV Governor Joe Manchin III (D) can appoint a temporary successor, but only until an election can be held in November.

FOX News reported:
Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the longest-serving senator in American history, died Monday at the age of 92, a spokesman for the family said.

Byrd, a Democrat who served in the U.S. Senate since 1959, had been plagued by health problems in recent years and was confined to a wheelchair. He had skipped several votes in Congress in the past months.

Jesse Jacobs, a family spokesman, said Byrd died peacefully at about 3 a.m. at Inova Hospital in Fairfax, Va.

He was the oldest member of the 111th Congress.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hillary Clinton Plays Abortion Politics With Funding to Prevent Third World Maternal Deaths

US Secretary of State is shamefully playing politics at the G8 summit and trying to set conditions on funding to prevent maternal deaths in third world countries. Is she trying to prevent terrorism or end the scourge of rape and murder many women in the third world have to endure? No. She is trying to hold up the funding over abortion rights.

The Corner reported:
The numbers are shocking: In Sierra Leone, 16 percent of all infants perish, and 28 percent of all children die before they reach the age of five. In thirteen countries in sub-Saharan Africa, more than 1,000 women die in childbirth for every 100,000 live births. In Afghanistan, one in eight women will die as a result of bearing children. All in all, 99 percent of maternal deaths worldwide occur in developing countries...

Given this, one would expect there to be universal support for Canada’s leadership in taking on these problems and working to meet these critical needs. But the Obama administration is obstructing this positive consensus. Hillary Clinton, when asked about Canada’s G8 plan to address infant and maternal health in the developing world, said the following: “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.”

It is surprising that Hillary Clinton would insist on funding for abortion and risk derailing...

"Tingles" Compares Republicans to Suicide Bombers (video)

We do not expect Chris Matthews to find anything good to say about Republicans, but comparing them to suicide bombers is outrageous.
MATTHEWS: Being a suicide bomber is the new political role model. Just kill everything, destroy everything. Blow it up. Nothing gets done. You`re dead, but who cares?

Feel Good Story: 15 Islamists Blow Themselves Up When Bomb Prematurely Explodes

15 Islamists, including foreign fighters, have blown themselves up when the bombs they were building detonated prematurely inside an Afghan Mosque.
Eight Arab, five Pakistani and two Afghan militants were killed when bombs they were making exploded prematurely inside a mosque in eastern Afghanistan, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.

The insurgents were assembling bombs in Desi Mosque of Yousifkhela district...

Democrats Exclude Unions From Their Campaign Finance Bill

Democrats want to pass a campaign finance reform bill, but they don't want to anger their supporters. What is the solution? Exclude unions from all or part of the legislation. That should keep the $100 plus million in union campaign money for democrats flowing this Fall.

The Politico
Overcoming opposition from within their own ranks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic House leaders pushed through a controversial campaign finance reform bill Thursday on a 219-206 vote.

The DISCLOSE — Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Election — Act will require corporations, labor unions, trade associations and advocacy groups to publicly declare their role in TV ads...

But the House bill exempts the National Rifle Association, unions and other special interests from all or part of the legislation, which Republicans charged was the product of “backroom deals” and Democrats said was necessary to get the bill passed. ..

Reverend Wright is Back and He is as Crazy as Ever!

President Obama's favorite reverend is back and he is still crazy.

The NY Post reported:
He's been keeping such a low profile since nearly derailing Barack Obama's campaign for president in 2008 -- is it possible that the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright has mellowed?


During a five-day seminar Wright taught last week at the University of Chicago, he was back at it, claiming that whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.

"White folk done took this country," Wright said. "You're in their home, and they're gonna let you know it."

Why Did "Propeller Head" Leave The Obama Administration?

A week ago, President Obama's budget director, Peter Orszag, suddenly announced he was leaving the administration in July. Orszag was nicknamed "Propeller Head" by Obama for being a spreadsheet whiz. So why did is he leaving? The Federal Budget outlook for 2011 looks bleak. Peter Orszag is a deficit foe, but without draconian spending cuts or large tax increases on the middle-class, there is no way to resolve the deficits. Reportedly, Orszag has been advocating President Obama throw off the last tattered remains of his "raise no taxes on households earning less than $250,000 a year pledge" and raise taxes on the middle-class.

The Financial Times reported:
“Mr Orszag, whom Mr Obama has dubbed a “propeller-head” because of his brilliant facility with projections and spreadsheets, has tried but failed to convince his colleagues to “step up the action”, according to one insider.

In particular, he has collided with the political team, led by Rahm Emanuel, Mr Obama’s chief of staff, over Mr Obama’s 2008 election pledge not to raise taxes on any households earning less than $250,000 a year – a category that covers more than 98 per cent of Americans.

Economists say that would put all the fiscal emphasis on draconian – and highly unrealistic – spending cuts, or else pushing the marginal tax rates on the very rich to confiscatory levels...

Of course, Democrats lack the political will and intestinal fortitude to support large taxes on the middle class or serious cuts to social programs popular with their base voters this close to the 2010 election cycle. So, what do democrats plan to do? They are going to abandon their responsibility and not make a budget until after the November elections.

From Ed Morrisey at Hot Air explains:
The Democrats in Congress believe what Rep. Gerry Connolly told the LA Times, which is that no member of Congress ever lost an election because of a failure to pass a budget. They don't want to be on the hook for the hard decisions that must come in FY2011, which is either to drastically reduce spending from the binge levels of the last three Democratic Congresses, or to raise taxes to cover it. Spending cuts won't change voter perception of this Congress at this late date -- and tax hikes will make it worse.

Spratt is right -- a failure to budget is a failure to govern. Democrats seem intent on proving their unworthiness to lead Congress in even its most basic tasks. At the same time, their leadership wants voters to trust them to make the most personal of decisions in their health care, as well as believe that they can cool the planet and lower the sea level with punitive taxes on energy production and boondoggles in alternative energy.

After the November election, look for a full-court press from a lame duck Democratic Congress and President Obama to raise taxes on "households earning less than $250,000 a year." It looks like Peter Orszag is unwilling to twiddle his thumbs for the next five months while this farce unfolds.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illegal Immigrants in Arizona Head for the Border...of New Mexico

Will Democratic Governor Bill Richardson welcome them?

Lefty Bill Press Compares Upcoming Tea Party at Lincoln Memorial to Al Qaeda Rally at Ground Zero

The National Park Service has given Glenn Beck permission to hold a Tea Party rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010. Some Beck and Tea Party haters are angry. Aren't they always? But I digress. Forty years ago, on August 28th, Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream speech" on the steps of the Washington Monument. The timing has caused some on the left to flip-out. Bill Press, Huffington Post blogger and liberal radio talker, is comparing giving permission for the Tea Party rally to giving al Qaeda permission to hold a rally on 9/11 at Ground Zero. The left can not come to grips with the reality a large number of Americans oppose President Obama for reasons other than his race. Here is some of what Bill Press posted on his website.
In a slap at both President Lincoln and Dr. King, not to mention the American people, the National Park Service has given Glenn Beck permission to hold a Tea Party rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 – 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King gave his magnificent “I Have A Dream” speech.

If you ask me, that’s like granting al Qaeda permission to hold a rally on September 11 – at Ground Zero.

What the hell were those bureaucrats at the Park Service thinking?...

Glenn Beck’s August 28 Tea Party rally at the Lincoln Memorial is an abomination. It should be cancelled – immediately.

That’s my parting shot for today.

VP Joe Biden Gives Up on Restoring All Lost Jobs

CBS News reported:
Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession."

Here is a jobs loss/gain chart for this recession from Steve Benen at Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog. It is notable he highlights the Bush job losses in red and Obama job losses/gains in blue.

The chart shows huge job losses of over 200,000 per month during the last five months of the Bush administration and first nine months of the Obama administration. The chart makes it look like the job market has turned around during the last three months. If this is true, why doesn't VP Joe Biden think we can recover the lost jobs? The reason is Joe Biden isn't the complete buffoon many believe him to be. He knows the April and May numbers are pumped up by hundreds of thousands of temporary workers hired for the 2010 Census.

Bill O'Reilly Talking Point: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals (video)

There are reports President Obama is considering bypassing Congress and granting unilateral amnesty to millions of illegal immigrant if his attempts at immigration reform fail. Bill Oreilly said, "an impeachment movement would explode," if Obama tried this usurpation of congressional authority.

Newsmax reported:
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is warning that if President Barack Obama ever bypasses Congress and uses his pardon power to make millions of illegal aliens citizens, he could face serious calls for his impeachment.

“If President Obama were to sign an executive order giving illegal aliens amnesty, his career would be over and an impeachment movement would explode,” O'Reilly said Friday night on his “Talking Points” segment during his top-rated Fox show.

At the same time, O'Reilly said he did not believe reports that the Obama administration would grant such a blanket amnesty...

President Barack Obama Arrives at G8 and Immediately Checks on Golf Courses

After stepping off the helicopter at the G8 summit, President Obama's first words were:
“You’ve got a lot of golf courses here, don’t you?”

At least he has priorities...

The National Post reported:
When US President Barack Obama stepped off his helicopter in Huntsville on Friday, the first thing he said was, “You’ve got a lot of golf courses here, don’t you?” Industry Minister Tony Clement told the National Post in...

When Biden asked business owner how much he owed him, the owner responded: “Nothing, just lower our taxes.” (video)

When Biden asked Kopp’s Frozen Custard stand owner how much he owed him, the owner responded,
“Nothing, just lower our taxes.”

Gaffing Joe managed to keep quit for once. He ignored the business owner and walked away. No surprise there. Team Obama has been ignoring business owners since they took office in 2009.

Biden Embarrased By Custard Stand Owner: "Lower Our Taxes"

The “most transparent presidential administration in history” meets lobbyist at coffee shop across street from WH

How does Obama's administration continue business as usual with lobbyists when Obama promised to be the “most transparent presidential administration in history”? It's easy. They just walk across the street and meet the lobbyists in a coffee shop. That avoids having anything appear on that pesky White House visitor log.

The NY Times reported:
WASHINGTON — There are no Secret Service agents posted next to the barista and no presidential seal on the ceiling, but the Caribou Coffee across the street from the White House has become a favorite meeting spot to conduct Obama administration business.

Here at the Caribou on Pennsylvania Avenue, and a few other nearby coffee shops, White House officials have met hundreds of times over the last 18 months...

But because the discussions are not taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they are not subject to disclosure on the visitors’ log that the White House releases as part of its pledge to be the “most transparent presidential administration in history.”

Woman Accusing Al Gore of Sexual Assault Says She Still Has Pants With DNA Proof

This could get interesting. At the very least, people will not be able to look at Al Gore without the term "crazed sex poodle" popping into their minds. It should be noted what the woman reportedly really wants is money.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Video: Muslim Leader Declares "You can't say Islam is a religion of peace"

Both former President Bush and current President Obama have declared “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” We can forgive former President Bush's ignorance. He has never been a Muslim. British Islamic Leader Anjem Choudary clears the issue up and flatly declares Islam is not a religion of peace.
Anjem Choudary: "You can't say Islam is a religion of peace..."

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: “Greatest Threat to National Security is Our Debt” ( Video)

President Obama doesn't get the threat the national debt is to our country, but his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff does.
“I was shown the figures the other day by the comptroller of the Pentagon that said that the interest on our debt is $571 billion in 2012. That is, noticeably, about the size of the defense budget. It is not sustainable.”

The Consistent President

From William Warren via Get Liberty.

Gallop Poll Finds Record Number of Conservatives: Twice as Many as Liberals

President Obama is following his roots and taking us on a hard left turn. Americans are revolting by turning to the right. A new Gallop poll has found a record number of conservatives. Conservatives now outnumber liberals 42% to 20%. Moderates make up most of the balance at 35%.

The Washington Post reported:
In new Gallup numbers released this morning, 42 percent of Americans describe themselves as conservative while 35 percent say they are moderates and 20 percent call themselves liberals.

Blame Bush Fail: Barney Frank Blames Low Approval of Obama and Congress on Bush (video)

Democratic representative Barney Frank thinks he knows why public approval of President Obama and this democratically controlled Congress are so low. It's the fault of former President Bush and the media. The media? The mainstream media has been falling over each other to shill for President Obama and Democrats ever since the 2008 election. This Congress may have been productive, but it was the most partisan in my lifetime. They are passing legislation, but the legislation has been either ineffective (Stimulus) or against the will of the American people Health Care Reform).

Video: Demo County Supervisor Peggy West Fails at Understanding Illegal Immigration and Geography

Well, we suspected the opposition enforcing immigration law was driven by ideology rather than logic. Here is the video evidence.

From YouTube:

Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee--strong advocate for the City of Milwaukee to boycott Arizona over SB1070--demonstrates the kind of intelligence we have come to expect from pro-illegal alien advocates.

Moonbat Liberal Activist Compares Border Patrol to KKK

Moonbat Detroit liberal activist Elena Herrada compared the Border Patrol to the KKK at a US Social Forum event in Detroit. At the end of this outrageous and offensive rant, she actually got applause...

What is the US Social Forum? It is a moonbat groups of community organizers that Barack Obama would undoubtedly love. They claim they are uniting the struggles of oppressed communities and peoples within the United States (particularly Black, Latino, Asian/ Pacific-Islander and Indigenous communities) to the struggles of oppressed nations in the Third World. Their slogan is:
“another world is possible, another U.S. is necessary”

Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Danny Glover are among the lefty lunatics spotted there.

Obama Picks “Sanctuary City” Supporter for Key Role at ICE

President Obama has selected Harold Hurtt as the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office Office of State and Local Coordination. Hurtt is a sactuary city supporter and outspoken critic of local immigration enforcement. President Obama has no desire to actually enforce current immigration law.

FOX News reported:
The Obama administration has tapped an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officials.

Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix, has been hired as the director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of State and Local Coordination...

But as a police chief, Hurtt was a supporter of “sanctuary city” policies, by which illegal immigrants who don’t commit crimes can live without fear of exposure or detainment because police don’t check for immigration papers.

He also, during his tenure as Houston police chief, criticized ICE’s key program...

Hurtt’s position at ICE reportedly pays $180,000 a year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wayback Machine: Remember when Harry Reid called General Petraeus a liar?

Obama appointed a liar to lead us to victory in Afghanistan? So said Harry Reid in 2007.

Harry Reid Calls General Petraeus a Liar

Video: Demo Rep. Kanjorski Says He Has Been Helping “Good American People” – Not “Minorities” or “Defective” People

Oops! Rep. Kanjorski has a few toes missing after that shot... If a Republican had said this, the MSM would be yelling 'Racist!'

Judge Who Overturned Obama's Drilling Moratorium is Now Receiving Death Threats

No surprise here.
New Orleans–While many Americans undoubtedly agree with the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman to overturn the Obama administration’s moratorium on deep water drilling, not everyone is happy. In fact, the Judge is now receiving death threats in the aftermath of his bold ruling...

Anti Global Warming Measure Qualifies for California Ballot

California has a state version of climate change legislation to reduce CO2 emissions. An initiative to suspend this law has qualified for the ballot in November.
California headed for a high-stakes battle over global warming Tuesday, as an oil industry-backed measure to suspend the state's aggressive climate-change law qualified for the November ballot....

Harry Reid's Son Drops Reid Name from His Ad

Talk about putting some distance...
Rory Reid, the son of Senate majority leader Harry Reid, has been careful to distance himself from his unpopular father in his campaign to be Nevada's next governor.

In his first campaign advertisement, he omits all mention of his last name and opts instead to encourage voters to support "Rory."

The biography section of Rory's website also does not mention that he is Reid's son. The banner at the top of the site simply says "Rory 2010."

Rory's ad asks voters if politicians always have the highest ethical standards and put Nevada first. He can't be talking about his father Harry Reid.

Moonbat Director Oliver Stone Says Obama is a Centrist

Have your barf bag ready...

Democrat Hank Johnson: We Have To Pass This Bill To Make Sure Republicans Don't Get Elected (video)

After trying to save Guam from tipping over, Rep. Hank Johnson is focusing on making sure Republicans don't get elected. How did this moron get elected to Congress? Oh, he is a Democrat.

Blagovich Aide: Obama Knew About Senate Seat Deal

A top aide to Blagojevich has testified Obama knew about the deal to trade a senate seat for a job in the administration.

The Sun Times reported:
John Harris, Blagojevich’s former chief of staff, testified Wednesday in the former governor’s corruption trial that three days after the Nov. 4, 2008, presidential election, the ex-governor told Harris he felt confident Obama knew he wanted to swap perks...

Can Obama Finally Admit the Surge Worked in Iraq?

Yesterday, President Obama sacked Gen. Stanley McChrystal and replaced him with Gen. David Petraeus. You may remember Gen. Petraeus was led the extremely successful 2007 surge in Iraq that led to the remarkable progress we see there today. He was vilified by President Obama's supporters as 'General Betray Us' in a ad. The ad claimed Gen. Petraeus was cooking the books about the surges success. This led to a Senate resolution condemning the liberal groups unpatriotic attack on General Petraeus credibility. has scrubbed their site of of this ad, but you can see screen-shots here. In hindsight, we all know the surge was successful and the ad was a lie. Where was President Obama during these events? He was strangely missing for the vote to condemn the ad even though he had left the campaign trail to be in Washington for votes. It is strange that President Obama has appointed a General who led a surge he opposed and has never admitted worked.

The time has come for President Obama to admit he was wrong. The surge in Iraq was a good strategy that was brilliantly implemented by his new favorite General.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: ‘I’m Curious What President Obama Has Done to Make People Not Like Him’

Well there is his extreme narcissism, unbelievable arrogance and a complete failure to listen to the US Voters who elected him...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Report: Al Gore accused of sexually attacking masseuse in 2006

The National Enquirer has scooped the lamestream media again. This time they have uncovered a police report from Portland, Oregon in which a woman accused Al Gore of sexual assault during a massage.

Oregon Live reported:
Today, as the National Enquirer reported that it had interviewed a Portland masseuse who complained of unwanted sexual contact by the former vice president at the Hotel Lucia on Oct. 24, 2006, the district attorney’s office was notified that the Portland Police Bureau had conducted a further investigation of the allegation in 2009.

“If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution..."

It's Safe for Liberals to Discuss the Weather Again

Liberals in the mainstream media love to use hot weather as anecdotal evidence proof of man-made global warming. In the middle of a scorching heat wave in 2006, CBS proclaimed the global warming argument was over. In 2007, Newsweek blamed the deadly European heat wave of 2003 squarely on man-made global warming. During the abnormally cold weather and record blizzards of last winter, the media either remained silent or tried to blame the extreme cold and snow on global warming. Now, summer has returned and 90+ degree heat is gripping a large section of the U.S. It is safe for liberals and the Anthropogenic Global Warming crowd to discuss the weather again.

Or is it?

Housing Sales Headache: New Home Sales Fall to 1963 level

The housing tax incentive for home buyers has ended. This incentive was for housing what 'cash for clunkers' was for vehicles. Now that the artificially pumped up sales have ended, the inevitable has happened. New home sales have collapsed to the lowest level since the year JFK was assassinated. That breaks a low housing sales record that has stood for 47 years.

AP reported:
Sales of new homes collapsed last month, sinking 33 percent to the lowest level on record as potential buyers stopped shopping for homes once they could no longer get government incentives.

The Commerce Department says new home sales fell in May from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 300,000. That was the slowest sales pace on records dating back to 1963.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is Now free to Speak His Mind

General McChrystal has been relieved of his command and replaced by General Petraeus. I can't wait to see Gen. Stanley McChrystal on Hannity. If he was so plain spoken while in command, he will be brutally honest now.
Obama said bluntly that Gen. Stanley McChrystal's scornful remarks about administration officials in interviews for a magazine article represent conduct that "undermines the civilian control of the military that is at the core of our democratic system."

He fired the commander after summoning him from Afghanistan for a face to face meeting in the Oval Office and named Petraeus, the Central Command chief who was McChrystal's direct boss, to step in.

The Narcissist-in-Chief Ordered Signed Magazine Cover With Artwork of Him

President Obama has ordered a signed copy of the “New Yorker” cover showing him “Walking on Water.” Can his ego get any bigger?

Obama needed something to fill the hole after he returned Winston Churchill's bust to Great Britain.

Hat tip Freedom's Lighthouse.

Judge Strikes Down Drilling Ban Order. Team Obama Yawns and Prepares a New Ban Order

Yesterday, a federal judge overturned the drilling ban issued by the Obama administration. The Judge rules there wasn't enough justification for the ban. The ban has cost tens of thousands of Gulf Coast jobs. In a show of contempt for the law, Team Obama will change the language in the order and attempt to reset the clock on the legal process.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday he will issue a new order imposing a moratorium on deepwater drilling after a federal judge struck down the existing one.

Salazar said in a statement that the new order will contain additional information making clear why the six-month drilling pause was necessary in the wake of the Gulf oil spill. The judge in New Orleans who struck down the moratorium earlier in the day complained there wasn’t enough justification for it.

Tim Scott Poised to Become 1st Black GOP Congressman Since 2003

Black Republican Tim Scott has won the South Carolina GOP primary after defeating Paul Thurmond, the son of the late U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond, in a primary run-off. Scott's congressional district is heavily Republican and he is expected to win easily this fall. Tim Scott had the endorsement of Sarah Palin.


Tim Scott beat Paul Thurmond, the son of the late U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond, in a GOP runoff Tuesday in the state’s coastal 1st District.

Scott is now a heavy favorite in a district that has elected a Republican congressman for three decades. He is poised to become the nation’s first black GOP congressman since 2003 when Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts retired.

The 44-year-old Scott was the first black Republican in the South Carolina legislature in more than a century when elected in 2008. Before that, he served 13 years on Charleston County Council.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In February Obama Threatened Health Insurers With Rate Controls: Insurance Companies Double-Down By Raising Rates 20%

Last February, President Obama proposed new controls to limit rate increases by health insurance companies. How have insurers reacted? They have doubled-down on Obama by raising private policies an average of 20%.

The average premium hike insurers imposed was 20%, and while the majority of people paid whatever was asked to stay insured, some chose to “buy down” and switch to a cheaper plan or a different carrier entirely. That brought the average rate increase that people actually paid down to 13%.

Blame Bush Fail: No official responsible for overseeing the exploded rig was a Bush political appointee

Nancy Pelosi is one of many democrats trying to play the "blame Bush" card over the Gulf oil spill. Here is Nancy Pelosi's attempt to blame Bush.
“Many of the people appointed in the Bush administration are still burrowed in the agencies that are supposed to oversee the [oil] industry,” Pelosi said when asked if Democrats could have prevented or mitigated the crisis by keeping a closer watch on the industry.

Added the Speaker, “the cozy relationships between the Bush administration’s agency leadership and the industry is clear…I’ve heard no complaints from my members about the way the president has handled it,” Pelosi stated.

Unfortunately for Speaker Pelosi, not one of the officials responsible for overseeing the exploded New Horizon rig were leftover "burrowed in" Bush appointees.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., recently blamed Bush appointees who “burrowed in” at the Minerals Management Service for the regulatory failures that led to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. But as it turns out, not one of the officials responsible for overseeing the exploded rig was a Bush political appointee.

The Washington Examiner has obtained biographic information on the MMS officials responsible for overseeing BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig at the time it exploded...Not one was a presidential appointment of George W. Bush...

Humorous Video From RNC: Obama's Chicago Network

This amusing video is complements of the Republican National Committee.

44% say Obama is not qualified to be president after 17 months on the job

President Obama has been in the Presidency for 14 months, but only 51% of voters feel he is qualified for the job. Who do voters think is more qualified? Hillary Clinton is their top pick.

Rasmussen reported:
U.S. voters think Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama, but most believe that both Democrats are more fit for the White House than three top Republicans interested in the job.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 57% of voters feel Clinton is qualified to be president, but 34% disagree and say she is not.

As for President Obama, 51% say he is fit for the job. However, 44% say he is not qualified to be president, even though he has now served 17 months in the job....

Only 18% of Americans think higher taxes are the way to lower the federal budget deficit

Only 18% of Americans think higher taxes are the way to lower the federal budget deficit. 69% are unwilling to pay any more in taxes, but voters expect Congress to ignore their wishes and raise taxes anyway. No wonder only 12% think Congress is doing a good job.

Rasmussen reported:

Only 18% of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes to lower the federal budget deficit, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Sixty-nine percent (69%) are not willing to have their taxes raised to deal with deficits that are projected to rise to historic levels over the next decade. Thirteen percent (13%) more are not sure.

But most voters think President Obama’s new bipartisan deficit reduction commission is more likely to recommend tax increases than spending cuts to meet the growing deficit, and 78% expect Congress to raise taxes if the commission recommends it.