Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama's Justice Department Proves Democrats Lied About Health Insurance Penalty Not Being A Tax

President Obama and Democrats claimed the penalty imposed by their health care takeover wasn't a tax. Now, President Obama's own Justice Department has defined the penalty as a tax in an attempt to defend against Constitutional challenged launched by many states.
Twenty attorneys general, led by Republican Bill McCollum of Florida, filed suit against the federal government immediately after President Obama’s health-care overhaul became law...

In its defense of the law, the Justice Department invoked the Commerce Clause and claimed penalties for Americans without health-care coverage were consistent with the federal government’s powers to regulate interstate commerce and impose taxes.

The Justice Department filing describes the penalty as a tax, stating that the law “imposes a tax on the choice of a method to finance the future costs of one’s health care.”

Let's fire up the Way Back Machine:

The Liar-in-Chief claims the health care insurance penalty isn't a tax. Zoom to the 3:15, 3:50 and 5:00 marks.


lady di said...

For those of you who choice to call us crazy 'Teabaggers', do you hear us now!!!!

Anonymous said...

What many do not realize is that begining in 2011, your Health Insurance benfits will be added to your Gross Income on your W2 forms. This will place everyone into a higher tax bracket depending on the amount of coverage you have. Most will see an increase of $10.000 to $20.000 dollars of monies you never had.