Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama’s DOL Secretary Puts Out Ad Offering To Help Undocumented Workers Get "Paid Fairly "

Most Americans are in favor of enforcing the law, but the Obama administration only wants to enforce the laws they agree with. Why won't they enforce the law that says undocumented workers can't work or live here? In this video ad, Obama's DOL Secretary Hilda L. Solis says,
"Every worker in America has the right to be paid fairly whether documented or not"...

The ad displays a telephone number which Solis touts as "free and confidential."

Obama's DOL Secretary Hilda L. Solis: You Have the Right to Be Paid Fairly Whether Documented or Not

Where is the ad telling undocumented workers they are breaking the law by working here and need to return to their home countries so U.S. citizens and legal residents can have jobs?

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