Saturday, March 28, 2020

This should scare the crap out of Democrats

Trump's favor-ability rating are rising to near 50%. Let's compare 2020 to 2016.

 Hillary Clinton November 2016 
Donald Trump November 2016 
Hillary Clinton had a 4 point favor-ability rating advantage and won the popular vote by about 2%, but got slaughtered in electoral votes. Then candidate Donald Trump favorable was a low 37.5%.

 Let's check the current situation for Joe Biden.
As you can see, Joe Biden is 3 points ahead of Hillary. So, he looks good, right? Let's check President Trump.

President Trump is 6 points better than 2020 and the three most recent polls were all in the Upper 40's.  I used favorable ratings to keep apples to apples comparisons. If I had used President Trump's Presidential Approval, his reelection chances would look even better.