Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Senate democrats to vote on Amendment to overrule part of 1st Amendment

Free speech is for liberals, not their political enemies...
Via The Hill:
Senate Democrats will schedule a vote this year on a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance as they face tens of millions of dollars worth of attack ads from conservative groups.
The Senate will vote on an amendment sponsored by Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) that would overturn two recent court cases that have given corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals free rein to spend freely on federal races.
“The Supreme Court is trying to take this country back to the days of the robber barons, allowing dark money to flood our elections. That needs to stop, and it needs to stop now,” said Senate Rules Committee Chairman Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who announced the plan.
“The only way to undo the damage the court has done is to pass Senator Udall’s amendment to the Constitution, and Senate Democrats are going to try to do that,” he said.
Schumer said the vote would take place by year’s end and called on Republican colleagues to join Democrats to ensure “the wealthy can’t drown out middle-class voices in our Democracy.”

HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius now refusing to testify...

I guess she is through lying for now. 
Via The Daily Caller:
Outgoing Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius is now refusing to testify before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies, a Senate aide told The Daily Caller Tuesday.
Sebelius had originally been set to testify before the subcommittee about the department’s 2015 $70 billion budget request on April 2.
According to another aide, however, several weeks after confirming the hearing date, she requested a date switch with the National Institutes of Health budget hearing on May 7. The committee accommodated her request.
Now, after announcing her resignation on April 11, she is refusing to testify according to the two aides, even though she is still the sitting secretary — remaining at the post until her successor, OMB Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell is confirmed.

Sad: is going to cost taxpayers another $121 million in 2014 to repair it

Feeding the beast...
Via TWS:
After shelling out $677 million to build the federal health care website, the government will spend an additional $121 million in 2014 to repair it—$30 million more than previously estimated—the Washington Times reported last night. This comes just as the Obama administration is starting the hunt for next year’s diverse group of contractors.
CGI Federal, the original lead contractor awarded $93.7 million, was replaced by Accenture this past January. Accenture received an initial payment of $45 million—an amount that was supposed to double by year’s end, according to the Washington Post. But yesterday, Accenture Federal Services announced their final agreement of $121 million for work through January 10, 2015.
The search for Accenture’s successor has commenced, and the administration has some specific criteria on its applicants’ gender, race, and socioeconomic status. From the New York Times yesterday.

Spokesliar Jay Carney denies Benghazi email is about Benghazi...

Jay Carney thinks he can say anything and people will believe. It reminds me of

The Emperor's New Clothes story.

Watch Carney lie...

Russian Deputy Prime Minister to NASA: Hey, why don't you trampoline to the ISS...

Ending the space shuttle program before we had a replacement was a mistake made by George Bush. Barack obama doubled-down on it and cancelled the replacement to fund his entitlement state expansion. Now, we either have to kiss Russia's butt or start building a giant trampoline or slingshot.

Via NBC News:
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, a target of U.S. sanctions sparked by the Ukraine crisis, said Tuesday that those sanctions would boomerang against America's space effort and essentially told NASA to take a flying leap ... on a trampoline.
"After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline," Rogozin said via his Russian-language Twitter account.

Obvious: Google removes anti-abortion ads because they score high on Web searches for "abortion clinics,"

Unless you are experience something firsthand, never forget someone may be filtering your information. Sadly, that someone is usually a liberal.

Via NewsMax:
Google Inc. is eliminating advertisements for Crisis Pregnancy Centers because the ads reportedly come up 79 percent of the time when Web searches are made for "abortion clinics," The Hill reported. 
Crisis Pregnancy Centers are operated by groups that oppose abortion. Google had been lobbied by NARAL Pro-Choice America to remove the advertisements.
"Anyone looking for abortion services should be able to depend on their search engine to provide them with accurate resources," Ilyse Hogue, the group's president, said in a statement. "Anything less is aiding and abetting ideologically driven groups with a calculated campaign to lie to and shame women making one of the most important decisions of our lives."
Pro-life supporters say that the centers provide necessary options besides abortion, The Hill reported. 
Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee termed Google's decision "unconscionable" and said many pregnant women would be hurt by the move. "Google is waging a war on women by limiting knowledge of the options and services available to women," she told The Hill.

Demos abandon 'Abortion Barbie'...

Via WSJ:
Despite the hype surrounding Texas Democrat Wendy Davis’s run for governor, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association didn’t include her state in a list of top targets in 2014.
Ms. Davis, a state senator, gained national acclaim for filibustering a bill last year that increased regulation of abortion clinics and banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Polls show Republican nominee Greg Abbott with a double-digit lead in the state, which hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1994.
“We’re hopeful in Texas but we all understand that Democrats haven’t won Texas in a long time,” DGA Chairman and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin told reporters Tuesday at the Third Way think tank. He added, “We hope this will be our year.”

Fukushima radiation found in albacore tuna caught off the shores of Oregon

The amount is very small, but this shows the global impact of the Fukushima disaster. Check out these shocking photos of Fukushima mutants.
PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) - A sample of albacore tuna caught off the shores of Oregon and Washington state have small levels of radioactivity from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, researchers said on Tuesday.
But authors of the Oregon State University study say the levels are so small you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive level to match the amount of radiation the average person is annually exposed to in everyday life through cosmic rays, the air, the ground, X-rays and other sources.
Still, the findings shed some light about the impact of the meltdown on the Pacific Ocean following the March 2011 tsunami and subsequent power plant disaster, said Delvan Neville, a graduate research assistant at OSU and lead author of the study.
“I think people would rather have an answer on what is there and what isn’t there than have a big question mark,” Neville said.
At the most extreme, radiation levels tripled from fish tested before Fuskushima and fish tested after. That level was 0.1 percent of the level set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for concern. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Obama's federal rules and regulations are costing average U.S. household $14,974 annually...

This is a backdoor tax increase by Obama.

Via The Washington Examiner:
Here's a sobering fact likely known to few Americans outside of the nation's capital: The federal government is the only government on earth that collects more than $1 trillion in taxes annually.

That's not unexpected since the U.S. also has the biggest single national economy in the world. It stands to reason the most productive economy would generate the most tax revenue.

But there is another way to look at that data point. Are there additional costs to Americans as a result of what the federal government does with its trillions in tax revenues?

Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute provides a definitive answer to that question today with publication of the latest edition of his annual compilation, "10,000 Commandments: An annual snapshot of the federal regulatory state."

Crews estimates the annual cost of compliance with the record number of new federal rules and regulations issued under President Obama at $1.863 trillion.

That works out to a $14,974 "hidden tax" every year for the average U.S. household. That's 23 percent of the $65,596 annual average household income in America.

What does two night in a Chinese hotel cost?

$222,000 at current exchange rates if you are Michelle Obama. 
Michelle Obama wrapped up her March visit to China with a stop in Chengdu, arriving on March 25 and departing for the United States on the following day. But that one leg of the trip alone required about 900 room nights, ranging from 21 rooms beginning on March 13 for the advance team to a peak of 144 rooms when the first lady herself was at the hotel.
The documents prepared in support of the stay estimated the cost at around 1,393,500 yuan (RMB), or $222,000 at current exchange rates:

Smoking Gun Email Links White House To False Clam Benghazi Attack Was About YouTube Video...

Proof the Obama administration put politics above telling Americans the truth about the death of our ambassador.

Via FOX News:
Newly released emails on the Benghazi terror attack suggest a senior White House aide played a central role in preparing former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice for her controversial Sunday show appearances -- where she wrongly blamed protests over an Internet video.
More than 100 pages of documents were released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Among them was a Sept. 14, 2012, email from Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.
The Rhodes email, with the subject line: "RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 pm ET," was sent to a dozen members of the administration's inner circle, including key members of the White House communications team such as Press Secretary Jay Carney.
In the email, Rhodes specifically draws attention to the anti-Islam Internet video, without distinguishing whether the Benghazi attack was different from protests elsewhere.
The email lists the following two goals, among others:
"To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy."
"To reinforce the President and Administration's strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.

Obama's EPA defends secret science...

If science can not be duplicated by other researchers, it's not science. If you keep the data secret, no other researcher can check your results. The House GOP introduced a bull in February to end EPA's secret science. Obama's EPA is responding by going after the critics. Much of what we are told is science is really mostly politics. 
Via The Daily Caller:
Environmental Protection Agency administrator has issued a warning to Republicans who continue to question the integrity of the agency’s scientific data: we’re coming for you.
McCarthy told an audience at the National Academy of Sciences on Monday morning the agency will go after a “small but vocal group of critics” who are arguing the EPA is using “secret science” to push costly clean air regulations.
“Those critics conjure up claims of EPA secret science — but it’s not really about EPA science or secrets. It’s about challenging the credibility of world renowned scientists and institutions like Harvard University and the American Cancer Society,” McCarthy said, according to Politico.
“It’s about claiming that research is secret if researchers protect confidential personal health data from those who are not qualified to analyze it — and won’t agree to protect it,” she added. “If EPA is being accused of secret science because we rely on real scientists to conduct research, and independent scientists to peer review it, and scientists who’ve spent a lifetime studying the science to reproduce it — then so be it.

Obvious: Lead IPCC report author reveals report changed for political reasons...

Politics trumps science when it comes to climate change. 
Via Daily Mail:
A top US academic has dramatically revealed how government officials forced him to change a hugely influential scientific report on climate change to suit their own interests.
Harvard professor Robert Stavins electrified the worldwide debate on climate change on Friday by sensationally publishing a letter online in which he spelled out the astonishing interference.
He said the officials, representing ‘all the main countries and regions of the world’ insisted on the changes in a late-night meeting at a Berlin conference centre two weeks ago.
Three quarters of the original version of the document ended up being deleted.
Prof Stavins claimed the intervention amounted to a serious ‘conflict of interest’ between scientists and governments. His revelation is significant because it is rare for climate change experts to publicly question the process behind the compilation of reports on the subject.
Prof Stavins, Harvard’s Professor of Business and Government, was one of two ‘co-ordinating lead authors’ of a key report published by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) earlier this month.
His chapter of the 2,000-page original report concerned ways countries can co-operate to reduce carbon emissions.
IPCC reports are supposed to be scrupulously independent as they give scientific advice to governments around the world to help them shape energy policies – which in turn affect subsidies and domestic power bills.
Prof Stavins said the government officials in Berlin fought to make big changes to the full report’s ‘summary for policymakers’. This is the condensed version usually cited by the world’s media and politicians. He said their goal was to protect their ‘negotiating stances’ at forthcoming talks over a new greenhouse gas reduction treaty.

Toyota tells California goodbye

5000 jobs head to business friendly Texas...
Toyota Motor Corp. plans to move large numbers of jobs from its sales and marketing headquarters in Torrance to suburban Dallas, according to a person familiar with the automaker’s plans. …
The automaker won’t be the first big company Texas has poached from California.
Occidental Petroleum Corp. said in February that it was relocating from Los Angeles to Houston, making it one of around 60 companies that have moved to Texas since July 2012, according to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Perry last month visited the California to recruit companies. The group Americans for Economic Freedom also recently launched a $300,000 advertising campaign in which Perry contends 50 California companies have plans to expand or relocate in Texas because it offers a better business climate.
Like these other companies, Toyota could also save money in an environment of lower business taxes, real estate prices and cost of living.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Shocker: 20% of American Families have No One Employed...

( - In 20 percent of American families in 2013, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), not one member of the family worked.
A family, as defined by the BLS, is a group of two or more people who live together and who are related by birth, adoption or marriage. In 2013, there were 80,445,000 families in the United States and in 16,127,000—or 20 percent--no one had a job.
The BLS designates a person as “employed” if “during the survey reference week” they “(a) did any work at all as paid employees; (b) worked in their own business, profession, or on their own farm; (c) or worked 15 hours or more as unpaid workers in an enterprise operated by a member of the family.”

Unbelievable: US State Department now quoting Daily Kos...

Unleashing their inner liberal...

Hypocrisy: Anti-gun group "Everytown for Gun Safety" uses armed security...

Erica Soto Lamb, Communication Director for Everytown for Gun Safety made this startling admission.

That is some weapons grade hypocrisy...

Who is up for Romney 2016?

Count me out...
Via Newsmax:
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may take another run at the White House, “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer said.
The veteran CBS newsman said that despite Romney’s repeated claims that he’s not interested in joining the GOP race for 2016, the ex-Massachusetts governor could run if former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush opts against seeking the nomination.
“I have a source that told me that if Jeb Bush decides not to run, that Mitt Romney may actually try it again,” Schieffer said during a panel discussion on the CBS Sunday morning news show.

Ted Cruz: Kerry Should Resign Over Apartheid Comments

Lois Lerner’s Lawyer: Holding Her In Contempt of Congress Would Be “Un-American” or Something…

“Un-American” is when you use the power of the IRS and other government agencies to target someone because you don't agree with them politically. Lois Lerner is likely the one who is “Un-American.”

Via WSJ:
A lawyer representing former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner is requesting a chance to plead her case against a planned House vote to hold her in contempt of Congress.
On Friday, Majority Leader Eric Cantor said in a memo to members that the House of Representatives would vote in May to hold Ms. Lerner in contempt of Congress over her refusal to testify before a congressional committee about IRS targeting of conservative groups. Ms. Lerner headed the division that handled the groups’ applications for tax-exempt status, and is at the center of congressional investigations.
Ms. Lerner has twice declined to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, citing her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. GOP lawmakers argue that she waived her privilege by making a statement at the first hearing, professing her innocence of any wrongdoing.
They were further angered when it became known that Ms. Lerner gave a lengthy interview to the Justice Department about the matter. The committee approved a contempt resolution concerning Ms. Lerner earlier this month.
Ms. Lerner’s lawyer, William Taylor III, said on Monday in a letter to GOP leaders that holding Ms. Lerner in contempt of Congress “would not only be unfair and, indeed, un-American, it would be flatly inconsistent with the Fifth Amendment as interpreted by the Supreme Court.”

Video: Deadly Tornado in Mayflower, Arkansas

Raw Footage Tornado video from Mayflower, Arkansas, 27. April 2014. 

Judge Jeanine Pirro Goes After Dirty Harry (Harry Reid) & BLM Land Grab

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sarah Palin To NRA: Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists.

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fired up a crowd of thousands inside Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night to kick off the National Rifle Association's "Stand and Fight Rally," saying Americans' constitutional rights as envisioned by the founding fathers are under attack and policies like gun-free zones constitute "stupid on steroids."[...]She said later in her address that if "I were in charge" — a line that drew applause from the crowd — "they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists."

Religion of Peace: Foreigners wearing mini-skirts cause terror attack

I am beginning to think Jihadists are gay...
Foreigners wearing mini-skirts and entering Jama Masjid in Central Delhi prompted Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and his accomplices to plan conspiracy for terror attack and to commit terror strike at the historic mosque in September 2010, the Delhi Police has told before a city court.
In its charge sheet filed against Bhatkal and his aide Asadullah Akhtar,the Special Cell of Delhi Police said the accused considered wearing of short clothes by the foreigners as unIslamic and due to this they decided to strike at gate no-3 of the mosque. After the recee carried out by Yasin, it was decided that gate no.3 of the Jama Masjid was suitable for shootout as foreigners were found frequenting the place and their wearing of mini skirts/ short clothes while entering the Jama Masjid compound was considered by these terrorists as un-Islamic, the police said.
Bhatkal and Akhtar were charge sheeted in connection with the September 19, 2010 Jama Masjid terror attack case in which two Taiwanese tourists had sustained bullet injuries. Police said that two bikers had fired at tourists at the gate no-3 of Jama Masjid and Taiwanese, Ku-Ze-Wei and Ko-chiange, had sustained injuries.

Sen. Rand Paul sweeps Maine GOP straw poll...

Rise of the Aqua Buddha... 

Via Breitbart:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) easily swept a straw poll of 2016 GOP contenders at the Maine GOP convention this weekend, securing nearly a hundred votes more than the next best potential presidential candidate.
Paul topped the field with 176 votes out of 690 cast, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finishing second with 98 votes. Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker rounded out the top three vote-getters in the straw poll with 70 votes, while Dr. Ben Carson placed fourth with 62 votes.
Establishment Republicans like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) couldn’t even break the top four in the Maine GOP straw poll. Christie placed fifth with 60 votes, Bush sixth with 57 votes, and Ryan seventh with 37. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) all received fewer than 30 votes.
The Tea Party is a force to be reckoned with in the GOP primary system.

Is Al Gore dating a Klingon?


(NY Daily News)- Al Gore, though not divorced from wife Tipper, confirmed he is indeed dating environmental activist Elizabeth Keadle.
“I don’t want to get into my personal life, but we’re a couple,” the 66-year-old former presidential candidate told Politico.
The former Vice President and his wife shocked supporters in 2010 when they announced their separation after 40 years of marriage. The parents of four have yet to actually divorce.
The decent thing would have been to divorce Tipper first, but we are talking about Al Gore.

Stupid: The City of Minneapolis re-brands Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples Day"

Political correctness runs a muck in Minneapolis...
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The City of Minneapolis will recognize the second Monday in October as "Indigenous Peoples Day" instead of Columbus Day.    The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges unanimously approved the resolution Friday. It takes effect this year.    Hundreds of people came to City Hall to commemorate the vote.    American Indian Movement co-founder Clyde Bellecourt calls the change "a long time coming."

Retreat: Illinois demo Gov. Walks back tweet of story comparing black Republicans to Jewish Nazi collaborators...

You know this is how democrats really feel. They just don't have the balls to own it.  
Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn says that his campaign did not actually read a controversial article comparing black Republicans to Jewish Nazi collaborators before tweeting it several times to the public.
Quinn has been under heavy fire from the Jewish and black communities since the Washington Free Beacon first reported that his campaign had tweeted—and then quietly deleted—several messages urging backers to read a Chicago Sun Times article that compared conservative black voters to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.
Quinn—who would not address the controversy during a Holocaust memorial event yesterday evening—had his campaign issue a statement claiming that nobody on staff “thoroughly” read the article before tweeting it out several times.
“We retweeted a local publication’s news story on Twitter last week before thoroughly reading it and didn’t realize there was an inaccurate and offensive sentence in the story,” the Quinn campaign said. “When it was brought to our attention, we immediately deleted the tweet.”

Stupid: Obama on human rights, "Malaysia still got some work to do just like the United States" (Video)

That is really holding their feet to the fire...

Demo, liberal cause supporter and accused racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling scheduled for NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award...

I'll bet this gets quickly cancelled.
Via The Corner:
L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom commentators have tried to tie to the Republican Party after his alleged racist statements, is in fact a Democrat, according to campaign contribution records.[...]At the American Power blog, Donald Douglas has an extended discussion of Sterling’s donations to liberal causes and the left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past. At the time TMZ released its recording, Sterling was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Change: Oklahoma House seeks to impeach 5 of 9 state Supreme Court Justices

Two men convicted of heinous crimes against children had the executions stayed by activist judges. The inmates claim lethal injection will cause them physical discomfort. I hope they are right.   
The issue started out simply enough. Two men, condemned to death, were challenging their executions based on the drug combination used to execute them. One of them had shotgunned a teenage girl and buried her alive, the other had raped and murdered a young child, and they were concerned that the drugs used during the lethal injection process would cause them discomfort. As an aside, because of the political pressure placed on pharmaceutical companies, states using lethal injection are finding it difficult to obtain supplies of the necessary drugs. This has led states to start keeping the names of suppliers confidential and attorneys to start attacking the death penalty based on the drugs being ineffective or insufficiently pain-free.
The House is moving to impeach the five justices who ordered the stay.
I mentioned yesterday that the recent order by the Oklahoma Supreme Court staying an execution had riled members of the legislature and the state’s governor who refused to acknowledge the order. According to media reports that stay has now been lifted however there is an effort underway to impeach the 5 justice majority that ordered the stay (h/t Gavel Grab for the pointer).
HR 1059 has now been introduced and is replicated below. Read more here...

Obama is a parasite, fungus, lizard and spider...

     Caloplaca Obamae

I am not being insulting. I am just stating the facts...
Via Washington Post:

Obama is a parasite.
He’s also a fungus, a spider and an extinct lizard.
But before President Obama’s critics rejoice, having unappealing species named after you is apparently a good thing.
“Honestly, it’s difficult for me to envision a higher honor,” Jason Bond, an Auburn University professor, told the Loop. “It’s permanent. In science, there are few things that we do as scientists that has the permanency that taxonomy does.”
Bond, a spider expert at the university’s Department of Biological Sciences and its Museum of Natural History, discovered several new species of trapdoor spiders in late 2012, and named one of his
favorites, “Aptostichus barackobamai” after the president. It had unique characteristics, Bond said, like Obama.
Keep on reading…

Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters out themselves as clueless morons...

Low information voters...
Via IJR:
In celebration of Earth Day, protesters against the Keystone Pipeline Project hooked up with Native Americans on the National Mall.
Obviously, both groups were neither aware – nor cared – that a billionaire hedge fund manager had bought off Barack Obama to the tune of $100 million in order to delay the pipeline decision yet again

NRA Chief: You know the mainstream media is lying because "they still call themselves journalists."

On target...

Rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal, the media elites whitewash it all,” he said. “Move on, they tell us, there’s nothing to see here, don’t worry. One of America’s greatest threats is a national news media that fails to provide a level playing field in this country for the truth. Americans just like you are on to that fact.  They know now it’s all entertainment, it’s ratings, its personal celebrity, it’s the next sensational story. And the deliberate spinning and purposeful use of words and language. Truth be damned to advance their own agenda. And here’s how you know they’re lying, they still call themselves journalists. They’ve never been honest about the NRA. They hate us just for saying out loud and sticking up for what we believe in our hearts. As if we have no right to do that. So they try to ridicule us into oblivion or shame us into submission. But their moral indignation should be directed right into their own makeup mirrors. The media’s intentional corruption of the truth is an abomination.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Video: RINO John Boehner mocks immigration reform opponents...

John Boehner is a douchbag...

Nanny State Alert: Connecticut lawmakers considering banning whole milk or 2 percent milk at day care centers...

When did the people in government become smarter about our lives than us?  
WASHINGTON –  Milk — it does a body bad?
Some Connecticut lawmakers seem to think so. The state legislature is considering a bill that would ban day care centers from serving whole milk or 2 percent milk to children.
The move, according to the bill’s sponsors, is aimed at curbing childhood obesity — but opponents say the information is outdated.
While the American Academy of Pediatrics put out a 2008 recommendation that children switch to low-fat milk after the age of 2 because they don’t need the fat content, others argue that the fat isn’t the dietary demon some claim.
Greg Miller, executive vice president of the National Dairy Council, says new research shows that dairy fat isn’t as harmful to someone’s health as once thought.
Miller argues that consumption of milk and milk products — regardless of fat level — is associated with lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Interesting: Rand Paul would beat Hillary in Colorado if election were today...

High times...

Via Politico:
Sen. Rand Paul appears to be the man to beat in Colorado in 2016, a new poll says.Colorado voters would favor the Kentucky Republican over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 48 percent to 43 percent in a potential 2016 presidential race, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.Paul also has a higher favorability rating than the other three possible Republican presidential contenders listed in the poll — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.Paul’s favorability ranking is 41 percent and his unfavorability ranking is 30 percent. Huckabee has a favorability rating of 37 percent and an unfavorability ranking of 30 percent. The other two GOP candidates both have higher unfavorability than favorability rankings.

Obama isn't having a very good foreign trip...

Obama is a foreign policy failure because has no credibility.

TOKYO — President Obama encountered setbacks to two of his most cherished foreign-policy projects on Thursday, as he failed to achieve a trade deal that undergirds his strategic pivot to Asia and the Middle East peace process suffered a potentially irreparable breakdown.
Mr. Obama had hoped to use his visit here to announce an agreement under which Japan would open its markets in rice, beef, poultry and pork, a critical step toward the trade pact. But Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was not able to overcome entrenched resistance from Japan’s farmers in time for the president’s visit.
In Jerusalem, Israel’s announcement that it was suspending stalemated peace negotiations with the Palestinians, after a reconciliation between the Palestine Liberation Organization and the militant group Hamas, posed yet another obstacle to restarting a troubled peace process in which Secretary of State John Kerry has been greatly invested. Read it all...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Political Ad of the Day: A Marine's ObamaCare Story

Here is the Americans for Prosperity ad.

here is an interview with Megyn Kelly.

Girl Hands Her Jobless Dad's Resume to Michelle Obama

Eric Holder cancels speech to avoid impeachment protesters...

Via WFB:
Attorney General Eric Holder canceled a speech to a graduating class of police cadets in Oklahoma City on Thursday, after crowds of Oklahomans flocked to the ceremony to protest his appearance.
Protest organizers said Holder’s planned speech to the law enforcement graduates was “inappropriate,” and argued that the attorney general has failed to uphold the law himself.
“A lot of people just felt that it was very inappropriate for this man, with his track record, to speak to law enforcement officers that demand and expect to be backed up by the government working on behalf of the citizens, not against the citizens,” State Rep. Mike Turner (R.), who is running for U.S. congress, told the Washington Free Beacon.

Steve Wynn calls President Barack Obama an 'a--hole,' George Clooney storms out...

Barking Hollywood moonbat alert...

Via The NY Daily News:
If you haven't heard, George Clooney is a huge supporter of President Barack Obama.Hotel-casino developer Steve Wynn may not have been aware just how much Clooney backs the Prez, but he quickly found out after calling Obama an "a--hole," reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal."He called the President an a--hole … that is a fact," the 52-year-old actor said in a statement about the heated words they exchanged during a recent dinner at Botero restaurant inside Wynn's Encore hotel in Las Vegas."I said the President was my longtime friend and then he said, 'Your friend is an a--hole,'" he continued. "At that point I told Steve that HE was an a--hole and I wasn't going to sit at his table while he was being such a jacka--. And I walked out."

Amusing: California State Senators undergo ethics training to learn not to sell shoulder-fired missiles to terrorists...

 Let's hope business 101 is the next training course.
The California State Senate held an "ethics refresher course" for its members after federal indictments were issued against two senators and a third was convicted. Senate leaders are hoping to regain the public's trust.
The purpose of the course is to teach members and their staffs to avoid potentially compromising situations. It's the latest in a series of moves by senate leaders aimed at putting political distance between them and their colleagues facing criminal charges.
The leader of California's state senate stopped all regular business on Wednesday so everyone could go "back to school" in a sense: ethics school.
"We appreciate the opportunity just to go back to the basics, to re-establish what the rules are," said state Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar).
The lessons are behind closed doors and are encouraged by leaders of both parties. Attendance at so-called ethics school is required for members and their staffs.
The curriculum includes bipartisan panel discussions, meetings with ethics attorneys and the playing out of hypothetical scenarios.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama after dining on $300 sushi in Tokyo: 'That's some good sushi right there'

'That's Some Good Sushi Right There,' Says Obama in Japan

Political Ad of the Day: "Trust" (Monica Wehby for Senate in Oregon)


Clarence Thomas vote against affirmative action causes liberals to lose it on Twitter...

Lack of civility...

Rasmussen: 61% of Likely U.S. Voters now at least somewhat favor building Keystone XL Pipeline...

Most democrats are on the wrong side of this one. 
Via Rasmussen:
Support for building the Keystone XL pipeline is now at its highest level ever.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 61% of Likely U.S. Voters now at least somewhat favor building the major oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, while just 27% are opposed. This includes 37% who Strongly Favor the project and 10% who Strongly Oppose it. Thirteen percent (13%) are undecided.