Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There are 20 oil skimmers off Florida's coast, Obama doesn't want to move other 2000 because they could be needed for an oil spill

Florida Senator LeMieux is concerned there are only 210 oil skimmers off the coast of Florida when there are 2,000 in other places. He relayed that concern to President Obama and got a strange response.
“He said to me, some of these (2,000) skimmers from other places in the country we can’t take because they may need them for an oil spill”

President Obama is clueless and detached when it comes to the Gulf oil spill. Senator LeMieux explains in the video embedded below.


Anonymous said...

What? Clean it up? Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Tina said...

No one seems to get it- Obama is not interested in returning America to it's glory-he's interested in flat-lining the country while he lines his and his friends' pockets with our wealth-he wants to be one of those families who help control the issues of the world.
American citizens and legal immigrants need to take back our country and soon before there is not a country to take back!

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