Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can Obama Finally Admit the Surge Worked in Iraq?

Yesterday, President Obama sacked Gen. Stanley McChrystal and replaced him with Gen. David Petraeus. You may remember Gen. Petraeus was led the extremely successful 2007 surge in Iraq that led to the remarkable progress we see there today. He was vilified by President Obama's supporters as 'General Betray Us' in a ad. The ad claimed Gen. Petraeus was cooking the books about the surges success. This led to a Senate resolution condemning the liberal groups unpatriotic attack on General Petraeus credibility. has scrubbed their site of of this ad, but you can see screen-shots here. In hindsight, we all know the surge was successful and the ad was a lie. Where was President Obama during these events? He was strangely missing for the vote to condemn the ad even though he had left the campaign trail to be in Washington for votes. It is strange that President Obama has appointed a General who led a surge he opposed and has never admitted worked.

The time has come for President Obama to admit he was wrong. The surge in Iraq was a good strategy that was brilliantly implemented by his new favorite General.

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