Monday, December 24, 2012

Obama buddy and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg uses tax havens to avoid taxes...

Why are democrats and their supporters such hypocrites
Facebook channelled profits through a series of tax havens in order to pay just  £2.9m of corporation tax on more than £800m of overseas profits in 2011, it has been reported.
Like Google and Apple the social networking site is said to have used its headquarters in Ireland to avoid tax liabilities in the UK before directing earnings to a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands.

British companies that buy advertising on Facebook must do so via Facebook Ireland Ltd which entitles the company to sidestep HM Revenue and Customs and authorities in other higher-tax jurisdictions, reported the Sunday Times today.
When Obama did a townhall at Facebook's headquarters in California, Mark Zuckerberg can be heard saying he is cool with paying higher taxes...

Zuckerberg tells Obama he's "cool" with paying higher taxes 

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