Friday, August 24, 2012

Can Todd Akin really be this stupid or is he a democrat plant?

It is time to wonder if Todd Akin is a democrat plant. After all, democrats spent over $1,00,000 in the Republican primary to help Akin win. Within a week of winning the GOP nomination, Todd Akin steps in it deeply on an interview question he should have been well prepared for. Then, he refuses to step aside after all national money is pulled and he is asked to quit by almost every Republican and Conservative in the country. He had already claimed he wasn't dropping out. There was no need to call a Friday afternoon press conference if he is staying in. Friday afternoon press conferences are for thing you want to fly under the radar. The only thing this one served was possibly Akin's ego. We can only conclude from this series of events that Todd Akin is either dumber than a bucket of rocks or a democrat plant.

Via FOX News:
A defiant Rep. Todd Akin vowed Friday to stay in the race for Missouri Senate, reaffirming that he will not bow to pressure from Republican Party leaders to withdraw over his controversial comments on rape and abortion. 
The Republican congressman, who had already stated earlier in the week that he was staying in the race, called a press conference late Friday to say it again -- as GOP officials continued to call on him to step aside. 
"Apparently, there's some people who are having trouble understanding our message. I'd like to be clear on that today -- that we're going to be here through the November election, and we're going to be here to win," Akin said. 

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