Monday, August 27, 2012

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Romney 47, Obama 46

This is a poll of registered voters from Washington Post-ABC News. They are usually favorable to democrats by 2 points or more.
TAMPA — The Republican National Convention opens this week with President Obama and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney running evenly, with voters more focused on Obama’s handling of the nation’s flagging economy than on some issues dominating the political debate in recent weeks.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Romney at 47 percent among registered voters and Obama at 46 percent — barely changed from the deadlocked contest in early July.
An interesting finding of the poll was registered voters have little interest in Romney's tax returns. 
Just 20 percent see Romney’s handling of his tax returns as very important to their vote. The issue has attracted considerable attention, largely due to efforts by the Obama campaign and other Democrats to force the Republican candidate to release more than the two years of returns he has promised. On the substance of the issue, public opinion nearly matches the horse race: 47 percent of voters say releasing two years of tax information is sufficient, and 47 percent want more.
Harry Reid hardest hit by this news...

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