Friday, August 31, 2012

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Romney Speech: “narrow-minded…small and insular and piggish"

What? He didn't call Romney a racist too?

Via Newsbusters:
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t even wait for the balloons and the confetti to stop falling before laying into Mitt Romney. Moments after the former Massachusetts governor finished his Thursday night speech at the Republican National Convention, Matthews slammed the supposedly “very dark, very jingoistic, very anti-scientific, and, really, Know-Nothing” elements of the address.
The left-wing host concluded that “on science, on war and peaceI personally think this was a bad address for the American people.” Matthews later went on a tear on how Romney was apparently “narrow-mindedsmall and insular and piggish…to say, we don’t care about the planet we live on, which is getting hotter.”
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