Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hackers cause power outage in Ukraine..

Iran or North Korea will soon do this here. They have absolutely no fear of Obama...

Via Washington Post:
Hackers caused a power outage in Ukraine during holiday season, researchers say, signalling a potentially troubling new escalation in digital attacks.
“This is the first incident we know of where an attack caused a blackout,” said John Hultquist, head of iSIGHT Partner’s cyberespionage intelligence practice. “It’s always been the scenario we’ve been worried about for years because it has ramifications across broad sectors.”
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Dean L said...

Who is to say that China or Russia, or even Iran or North Korea haven't already tried? Remember the Sony data breach because of that Seth Rogen & James Franco movie? It's entirely likely more than that has already been done but has been reported, or possibly even discovered.