Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey #Cruzbots, Scott Walker believes an open convention would pick someone not running...

Ted Cruz and his supporters seem to have given up on beating Donald Trump and are working to keep Trump under 50% of delegates. If they succeed, the GOPe will control the convention and there is no way in hell Cruz will be the nominee. Cruz should pick up the phone and join forces with Trump.

Via Madison:
If the Republican Party finds itself with an open convention in July, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes the nominee may not be Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.
“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker told reporters Thursday. “I mean, who knows. The one thing I qualify — it’s like the qualifications you see on those ads you see for car dealerships. I think any of us who comment on this election have to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything.”
The governor, who ended his own presidential campaign in September, has yet to endorse a candidate. He plans to decide whether to endorse within the next few days, he said.

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