Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump rescinds pledge to support GOP 2016 nominee...

Game on. I have never seen anything like the attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump by the GOPe, many conservatives, democrats and the mainstream media. They are terrified their cushy worlds will be turned upside down when Trump wins. It's like Trump poked a hornets nest with a stick. He doesn't need their money and the elites that control this country are terrified they will lose their power. Could you have imagined a year ago the GOP front-runner, a man who has brought a ton of new voters into the party, would be called a clown, bigot, conman, misogynist, racist, and a Hitler wannabe? And that was often by fellow Republicans. Trump has had as much as $150 million in negative campaign ads run against him by his opponents and their SuperPacs and they and the media now claim he can't win in November because his negatives are too high. Doh! Trump has been threatened with prosecution for inciting a riot in spite of the fact his supporters have never rioted. Now, they have charged his campaign manager with simple battery in what has to be the lamest charge I have ever seen. Party leaders and several other candidates are actively and openly plotting to thwart the will of the voters at the July convention and give the nomination to someone who didn't get the most votes. If that happens, the Republican Party is finished. Trump should form a 3rd party and take his supporters with him.

Via Politico:
Donald Trump has rescinded his pledge to support the Republican nominee for president.
“We’ll see who it is,” he said Tuesday during a CNN town hall.
He said he had been treated “unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment. He said he was unsure whether the Republican establishment was plotting to take the nomination away from him during the convention in Cleveland.
He also said he didn’t need Cruz to promise to support him should Trump win the nomination.
“I’m not asking for his support,” Trump said.

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