Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today The USS Rubio Will Capsize and Sink in a Florida Trumpcane...

It's over for Marco Rubio. He will be lucky to get second in his home state. His failure tracks back to the Gang of Eight and his inability to address that huge mistake. 
It is widely anticipated that Marco Rubio is going to get shellacked on his home turf in Tuesday's Florida presidential primary. A very unsympathetic Friday profile in the Tampa Bay Times suggests that part of the reason this is so is that Rubio's entire career has consisted of sweet-talking influential individuals into giving him big opportunities only to drop those individuals like hot rocks when another better thing comes along. The idea is that now, when he needs home-state support more than ever, Rubio has no one on the ground to rely on; a number of past allies in fact went on the record to tell the Times exactly how little they like lil' Marco and how bad he is at actually doing the jobs he's chosen for.

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