Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It begins. Lamestream media begins effort to limit Trump media exposure...

Chris Wallace and Fox News led the way...
Donald Trump will no longer be allowed to phone in to NBC’s Meet The Press. If Trump wants free media coverage on the Sunday show, he will now be forced to appear on camera in person.
Jim Ruttenberg of The New York Times reported, “On Friday, Chuck Todd, the moderator of “Meet the Press,” told me he had only grudgingly allowed Mr. Trump to call in to his show earlier in the campaign, determining that he would rather have Mr. Trump take questions via phone than not at all. Now, Mr. Todd said, he will no longer allow Mr. Trump to do prescheduled interviews by phone on the NBC program.”
Todd was following the lead of Chris Wallace and Fox News Sunday, which was the first Sunday show to ban the Trump phone in interview.

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