Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shocking Video Proof Our Borders Are Not More Secure Today

In President Obama's immigration speech, he made this outlandish clam:
Contrary to some of the reports that you see, crime along the border is down. And statistics collected by Customs and Border Protection reflect a significant reduction in the number of people trying to cross the border illegally.

So the bottom line is this: The southern border is more secure today than at any time in the past 20 years.

Of course, Republicans Democrats from Arizona scoffed at this claim.

Here is a short web based film that uses hidden cameras to document large numbers of illegal immigrants and drug runners crossing the Arizona border. One hidden Camera (15 Miles Inside the US Border) documented 735 illegal aliens in a 39 Day period. The camera failed to pick up a single border patrol agent.

"Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens"

Via YouTube:
"Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens" is the Center for Immigration Studies' second web-based film on the impact of illegal alien activity in Arizona. The Center's first video on the subject, "Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Coyotes, Bears, and Trails," has received over 50,000 views to date. This new 10-minute mini-documentary raises the bar, featuring footage of both illegal-alien entry as well as gun- and drug-smuggling. At minimum, the inescapable conclusion is that hidden cameras reveal a reality that illegal-alien activity is escalating.

The hidden camera footage...

Hat tip Weasel Zippers.

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