Saturday, July 24, 2010

Does Community Organizer Voter Registration Ad Encourage Non-Citizens to Vote? (video)

Texans Together appears to be a bunch of community organizers that would make Barack Obama proud. They have put out this Houston Votes ad. The ad clearly is playing on Hispanics fear of the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Taken at face value, the ad could be seen as encouraging non-citizens to register and vote. In the ad, a policeman stops a Hispanic looking man and asks him if he is from around here. The man replies no. Upon further questioning, it is revealed the man is from Mexico, but here legally. The policeman then asks to see the man's documents. The announcer then asks us, "Don't want this to happen?" Then he tells us to vote. The ad shows a voter registration form and the announcer says, "Fill out this one or fill out theirs." If the man stopped had been a U.S. citizen, the ad would have made sense, but the Hispanic man in the ad admits he is here legally from Mexico. This would make him a non-citizen and ineligible to vote. Watch the video and form your own opinion.

Houston Votes "Policeman" from Curiosity Shoppe on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

There is wiggle room for the ad producers, but it could easily be considered an encouragement for non citizens to vote.