Thursday, March 29, 2012

After this March, should President Obama be put on suicide watch?

President Obama has had an absolutely horrible month. There is no other way to spin it.

The Sandra Fluke controversy blew up in his and democrats' face. She turned out to be a 30 year-old left wing activist with a Socialist boyfriend, an overactive sense of entitlement and too stupid to know Target sold birth control for as little as $9 a month next door to her campus. President Obama planned to damage Republicans with the women's vote, but ended up alienating Catholics.

Meanwhile gas prices are skyrocketing and threatening President Obama's popularity and re-election chances. 

President Obama was forced in March to meet with his most hated foreign leader.

Then, the Trayvon Martin indecent blew up in his and democrats' face. President Obama claimed Trayvon Martin would look a lot like his son. Take a look at this image and you will see why Obama would love to have that comment back.

It looks probable that SCOTUS will take a wrecking ball to his signature accomplishment Obamacare.

While that was going on, in a hot mic moment, Obama was caught plotting to sell us out to the Russians after the election.

If that weren't enough, this week every democrat in the House voted against Obama's proposed budget.

Oh, and Obama's NCAA bracket is seriously broken. He had North Carolina winning it all.

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Anonymous said...

No mercy.