Sunday, February 5, 2017

What the media, Democrats and Hollywood have wrought: 6th grader beat up for Make America Great hat...

When you sow disorder on the level the media, Democrats and Hollywood have, you reap civil war.

Via NY Daily News:
A Missouri sixth-grader wearing the iconic red baseball cap made famous during President Trump’s campaign became the center of a school bus scuffle after students ganged up on him for his choice of headgear.
In cellphone video of the incident obtained by News 4, students en route to their Parkway school can be heard arguing with the 12-year-old over his “Make America Great Again” hat and some of Trump’s proposed plans.
“You want to build a wall?” one student yells in the clip. “You want to build a f–king wall?”
Things quickly escalated from there, the unnamed 12-year-old said.
At one point, he just got so frustrated he pushed me,” the sixth-grader told the news station. “And then he kept hitting me and backing me up by the window of the bus, and so I just had to push him out.”
A spokesperson for the Parkway School District said the altercation was investigated and that all students involved have faced “consequences.”
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