Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Fun Video: Loretta Lynch Video Calling for Marching, BLOOD and even DEATH in Resistance to Trump

Wut? Democrats think this is inspirational?

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Riftsrunner said...

Can someone show me where rights are being assailed, trampled or rolled back? I guess if we don't want to do what the Democrats want, we are violating people's rights. And I would daresay that it wasn't the marching that changed people's minds, but the brutal attacks on peaceful protesters that did. So the civil rights marches in the South wouldn't have accomplished much if the police, dogs, hoses etc. weren't used to attack the peaceful marchers. Because it show what they were saying was actually happening. So I say let them waste their shoe leather, and only react when they step over from peaceful to violent because if you allow them to bait you, you lose.