Saturday, May 27, 2023

American voters may be finally growing weary of the Ukraine-Russia proxy war

 Economics is number one with voters. So, it's often missed in the polling, but a recent poll shows only 38% approve of Biden's foreign policy. I believe it's Ukraine weariness. Taxpayers are tired of spending 10s billions for no return. The war is stalemated. Nobody even seems to know where our money went. Trump is the only major candidate on the side of making peace in Ukraine. Biden's a warmonger. DeSantis flip-flopped. After wanting to disengage from the war, he now supports it. His big donors in the defense industry got to him? I believe voters and taxpayers want a peace treaty. They have had enough. Another $100 billion of our tax dollars and another hundred thousand dead won't change a thing. If we keep funding it, this war could last a decade! Via Fox News:

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