Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama's Plan to destroy the coal industry advances. GenOn to shut 7 U.S. Mid-Atlantic coal power plants.

President Obama wants both higher gas and electric prices. It is part of his 'green' strategy. Obama, Al Gore and their ilk want to force the world into their vision of a green utopia by driving the market through higher prices and increased regulation.

Feb 29 (Reuters) - U.S. power generator GenOn Energy
Inc on Wednesday said it would deactivate 3,140
megawatts of mostly coal-fired generating capacity in
Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey by 2015 due to more stringent
federal environmental regulations.
 Over the past few years, energy companies have announced
the shutdown or planned retirement of more than 30,000
 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired generation due to proposed
more stringent federal environmental regulations, weak power
market conditions and record switching from coal to natural
gas-fired generators as gas prices hold near 10-year lows.
Natural gas is very cheap now. The reason is 'fracking'. This sounds like a new dirty word, but 'fracking' is a process where water and other things are pumped into the ground to fracture underground rock formations. This has unlocked vast amounts of natural gas. Environmentalists want to ban it and some states already have. EPA is considering issuing new regulations. President Obama won't likely allow them to do so before the 2012 election, but after that is over, don't be surprised to see the Obama administration try to regulate the process to extinction. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. When you burn natural gas, you get only water, CO2 and energy. Obama and the 'warmists' claim CO2 is a pollutant. You release CO2 every time you exhale. Perhaps, EPA will regulate breathing someday.

 Obama on building coal plants in the United States

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