Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Defiance: Feds sneak seven Syrian refugees into New Jersey...

I wonder how Gov. Chris Christie is feeling about hugging Obama now? Obama just stuck his finger in Christie's eye.
A family of seven Syrian refugees was quietly ushered into their new home in Paterson in a climate so tense that the agency working to help the family shunned media attention as Governor Christie continued to rail against bringing them here in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.
The political firestorm over Syrian refugees — which erupted when links between the Paris attackers and the Islamic State group in Syria came to light — has heightened anxieties among advocates, who worry the families they’re working to help will be denied services like Medicaid or food assistance.
The family’s arrival comes two weeks after Christie refused to permit more Syrian refugees to settle in New Jersey and vowed to prevent them from getting public services. Christie, who was campaigning on Monday for the GOP presidential nomination in New Hampshire, again slammed the Obama administration for what he said was a lack of information-sharing about refugees, through a governor’s office spokeswoman. The Obama administration, at the same time, offered a new program for notifying governors about refugees in their states.

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