Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chris Christie calls Marco Rubio "boy in the bubble”


Via Breitbart:
Chris Christie is not finished with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).
Speaking to a gaggle of reporters, the New Jersey Governor mocked Rubio as “the boy in the bubble” who continued to ignore his record on contentious issues like immigration reform.
“I’m not the boy in the bubble … you know who the boy in the bubble is up here – who never answers your questions, who’s constantly scripted and controlled, because he can’t answer your questions,” he said this morning, using the phrase “boy in the bubble” five times in only a few minutes.
Christie defied the media narrative that Rubio’s third place win in Iowa would help him sew up establishment support. He challenged reporters to take on Rubio once he got to New Hampshire, pointing out that the freshman senator was too cautious and scripted.
“Time for him to man up and step up and stop letting all of his handlers write his speeches and handle him, because that’s what they do,” Christie said. “But that’s what you have to do for someone who has never done anything in life.”
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