Saturday, February 6, 2016

Flashback: Marco Rubio was once a registered lobbyist?

Boy we missed this one: former House Speaker Marco Rubio and U.S. Senate candidate was a Miami-Dade County lobbyist from 1997 (when he was a West Miami Commissioner) until 2005. By then, he secured the needed votes to become House Speaker. Also that year, he reported a new salary of $300k with his new firm, Broad & Cassel, which has had dozens of clients who do business with the state.
Rubio never talked about his lobbying and that's because, his campaign said, he wasn't really a lobbyist. He was a lawyer representing clients.
"The reason Marco Rubio never spoke about his “lobbying” is because he was never a “lobbyist,” in the Tallahassee-influence-peddling sense of the word that Charlie Crist is all too familiar with," said campaign spokesman Alex Burgos, who has wayyyy more to say on this below****.  More here...
Perhaps Rubio deserves the Establishment label. 

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