Monday, February 15, 2016

Louisiana Demo Gov. threatens GOP: Raise taxes or LSU football may get cancelled...

I am guessing the football program makes money...

Via Fox News:
Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is suggesting the legendary Louisiana State University football team’s 2016 season might be canceled — and other doomsday consequences — unless the GOP-led legislature swiftly passes a package of tax increases to help close a looming $940 million budget shortfall.
Edwards, who took office just last month, made the suggestions Thursday night in a rare, state-wide TV address.
Among the worst-case scenarios, he said, is that college campuses would be forced to close in April, resulting in student-athletes receiving grades of “incomplete” on their report cards, making them ineligible for the fall 2016 season.
“That means you can say farewell to college football next fall,” Edwards said in the address.
The warning about the LSU Tigers football program, which has won three national championships, captured most of the headlines.

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