Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alligator spotted in Long Island river. Will liberals blame global warming?

New York News | NYC Breaking News

OK, liberals haven't yet blamed global warming, but I wouldn't be surprised...


Long Island environmental officials say they are looking for another alligator seen in a river.

According to Newsday, state Department of Environmental Conservation say the gator was reported on Sunday night and was confirmed by officers on Wednesday. The sighting is the fifth in the same area of the Peconic River where DEC officials captured four alligators in April.

The gator has been sighted lurking below the waters of the Peconic River and is the type of reptile you would expect to find in the wild, not on Long Island.

Environmental officials are searching for a three to four foot alligator and while it has been spotted as recently as Saturday, trying to catch it is another story. “They use chicken, catch poles and nets,” said Matt Blaisings of the NYS Environmental Conservation. “They’re using nets in the river itself to try to contain and isolate the animal.”

A canoe launch has been closed for the time being along with the trail leading to it. Authorities say even a small alligator can cause big harm.

[...] “People are buying them as pets. They're getting too big and then they’re letting them go.”Read more:

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