Friday, June 28, 2013

Defiance: Magpul Industries giving away 1,500 30-round magazines before ban goes into effect...

Magpul Industries is also in the process of moving their business out of the state of California...

Via TheDC:
As a final protest of Colorado’s new high-capacity magazine ban going into effect on Monday, Magpul Industries is giving away 1,500 30-round magazines on Saturday during an event the company calls “Farewell to Arms.”
They will be given away on a first-come first-served basis at Infinity Park in Glendale, near Denver.
The magazine ban is one of several new gun-control laws going into effect July 1, including universal background checks for all firearms transfers, requirements for gun buyers to pay for those checks, and other measures.
The magazine ban, however, is the most contentious. It has led gun parts manufacturers like Magpul to move out of Colorado — a process that the company says has been underway for several weeks. It has not yet announced where it will relocate, but has hinted on its Facebook page that it may operate from several locations.
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