Friday, June 28, 2013

Did prosecution's second degree murder charge against George Zimmerman bite the dust today?

An eyewitness claims  Trayvon Martin was on top punching George Zimmerman Mixed Martial Arts style. The witness also believes the man on the bottom was the one screaming for help. My guess is manslaughter is the best the prosecution could hope for now. This witness was called by the prosecution and supposed to be supporting the prosecution's case. If they prosecutor had this information, why, other than political reasons, would she have charged Zimmerman with second degree murder?

Via Legal Insurrection:
A neighbor, John Good, who witnessed the fight between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman has just devastated the State’s case, testifying that he saw the fight between the two, that Trayvon was on top punching Mixed Martial Arts style, and that the scream must have come from Zimmerman because Zimmerman was on the bottom and Trayvon was faced away from the witness.
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Anonymous said...

I've seen a number of prosecutors do this. It may not be for political reasons at all. The crime must fit the specific language of the criminal statute. If it does not, you must acquit or find not guilty. Some prosecutors, if forced to prosecute a case they know they have no basis for,,they charge under an inappropriate statute knowing there will not be a conviction.