Friday, June 14, 2013

Gallop poll: 53% oppose Obama's domestic spying...

When suspected terrorists are being targeted, the number should be 100% in favor of spying, but broad spying programs are a violation of American's privacy and rights. Most people justify for broader spying by saying they aren't doing anything illegal so it isn't a problem. They claim people should have nothing to hide if they aren't doing something wrong. I would ask these questions to those people. Why do you have curtains on your windows? Do you shut the door when using a public bathroom stall? Why? If you aren't doing anything illegal, you have nothing to hide! The truth is many Americans value, and have a constitutional right to, their privacy.

Via Daily Caller:
Gallup released a new poll Wednesday revealing that 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the National Security Agency’s domestic phone spying program revealed last week by intelligence leaks by 29 year-old defense contractor Edward Snowden.
The sentiment closely matches the results of a CBS News poll conducted between June 9 and 10, which found that while 75 percent of Americans approve of the surveillance of phone records of Americans suspected of terrorist activity, 58 percent disapproved of “this type of data collection of ordinary Americans.”
The Gallup poll — conducted from June 10 – June 11 — also found that only 37 percent of Americans are concerned about violations of privacy if  “the government had computerized logs of their telephone calls or Internet communications.” 22 percent of Americans are “somewhat concerned” of the NSA’s domestic spying.
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 BTH, Team Obama still won't spy on Mosques...

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