Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amusing: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee personally vouches for Eric Holder's “integrity”

Well, that settles it then...

Via Red Alert Politics:
In the midst of the scandals involving Department of Justice, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee gave a spirited half-hour defense of Attorney General Eric Holder on the House floor Thursday afternoon, saying she was “baffled” by the attacks on the AG that she could personally vouch for his “integrity” and the good works he’s done for the American people.
“When it is suggested that the DOJ would violate that scared trust of blocking info to the American public, then obviously there is enormous amount of concern, Jackson Lee said.
However, she ruled out Holder’s involvement in any of the scandals, citing his 37 years of public service. “Those were many years since 1976, and if I would take a guess, if he were going to falter in the practice of law, or in the upholding of justice, he would have faltered a long time ago,” she said.
The Democratic Representative went on to to discuss the acts of AG “away from the aura of cameras and hysteria” stating that in regards to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, the AP Scandal and investigation into Fox News’ James Rosen that, “It seems like all of this is piling on all on someone who was not involved.”
“It serves no purpose to go on an unsubstantiated witch hunt on what is one of the finest public servants that this country has seen,” Lee said. “And that is the Attorney General of the United Stated, Eric H. Holder Junior.”

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