Sunday, June 9, 2013

Interesting: North Korea wants to talk to South Korea about that closing of the Kaesong Industrial Zone...

Considering this industrial zone is North Korea's few sources of foreign currency, it was a really dumb thing to close their cash cow.

Via CNN:
Pyongyang on Friday reconnected a hotline between the two sides that it had severed amid recent tensions.

North Korea set off months of tensions with a long-range rocket launch in December followed by an underground nuclear test in February.

The North broke the impasse between the two sides over the Kaesong Industrial Zone -- a shared industrial complex and major symbol of cooperation between the two countries where Pyongyang halted activity in April -- by issuing a proposal on Thursday for talks.

It said that "the venue of the talks and the date for their opening can be set to the convenience of the south side."

South Korea reacted quickly and positively to the offer, noting that it had been "continuously" seeking talks on Kaesong since the North shut it down.

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