Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moonbat democrat accused of secretly recording a meeting of Kentucky's Senator Mitch McConnell's campaign staff is unapologetic...

Let's hope the federal grand jury indicts both of them. 
Both Reilly and Morrison are well-known (not to say, infamous) in Kentucky political circles for past bizarre behavior. Reilly's past involves such interesting items as accusations of his possible involvement in the murder of his roommate, and Morrison was one of the organizers of the Looney Tunes movement two years ago, known as Occupy Louisville.

In a blatant plea for notoriety, Morrison wrote a piece in today's Salon Magazine, entitled, "Why I secretly recorded Mitch McConnell: My effort to expose the Senate minority leader's ugly campaign upended my life." In this desultory melange of admissions, justifications, and pleas for understanding (and requests for money to pay his legal bills), Morrison confesses that he is responsible for the surreptitious recording of a private campaign strategy meeting at the political offices of Kentucky's senior senator, Republican Mitch McConnell.

Part of Morrison's motivation for penning this bit of self-aggrandizing drivel seems to be the fact that his little escapade is being presented to a federal grand jury next week, and the likelihood of his indictment for a felony appears to be as close to a Sure Thing as one can find here in Derby City.

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