Monday, June 10, 2013

Obama vacations in lavish Hawaiian resorts; Sen. Jeff Flake takes his sons on a survivalist adventure...


Here is a look at where Obama vacations in Hawaii:

Here is a video of AZ Sen. Jeff Flake's tropical island survivalist adventure with his sons:

Via The Daily Mail:

Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake, took a vacation from Capitol Hill, and went on a four day survivalist holiday with his two teenage sons to an isolated, uninhabited tropical island.

A Republican Congressman, Flake and his youngest sons, Taller, 15, and Dallin, 13, traveled 5,200 miles from Phoenix, Arizona to Biggarenn, in the North Pacific Ocean, without any food or water.

Part of the Marshall Islands, the beach front destination offered no amenities, forcing the Flakes to catch and cook their own food, purify their water, and swim with the sharks to procure their meals.

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