Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stupid: GOP Rep. Peter King calls conservatives worried about NSA spying "Michael Moores"

Douchebag alert...

Via NRO:
On Fox News this afternoon, Peter King (R., N.Y.) called for the prosecution not just of Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA employee who leaked details about NSA surveillance operations and the government’s PRISM program, but also of Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who first broke the details in the U.K.’s Guardian. Greenwald is an American citizen currently living overseas. [...]
“Too many Republicans and conservatives have become Michael Moores, and I think it’s really dangerous to our country.”
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Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,


I know this is from the Maddow Blog, but here goes:

I looked Zazi up, and come to find out it WASN'T the NSA's program that got Zazi caught. it was British Intel provided to us that was monitoring a KNOWN AQ operative who Zazi contacted asking about how to build a bomb.

A bomb wasn't even made yet.

I can't believe the Government didn't contact Zazi and try to SUPPLY him with the "ingredients" for his bomb before taking him down on his way to conduct the bombings (of course the Government would tell us that the material provided was harmless).

King has no problem with OUR Government tracking who we send emails to and who we get emails from.

I'm sorry, but the Fourth Amendment tells me that the Government can NOT snoop on me without a warrant given by OATH (which doesn't mean anything anymore either)specifying what is to be searched and what is being looked for.

When you sacrifice liberty for will have neither.