Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Irony: That anti free speech Mizzou professor who resigned her position is still employed there...

Shell games...

Via Independent Sentinel:
Irony of ironies! Mizzou has a journalism professor who is anti-free speech!
The anti-Free Speech journalism/communications Professor Click at Mizzou, who does research on Lady Gaga, has resigned her courtesy position at the school of journalism but don’t be fooled, she’s still at teaching at the school of communications. They are merely presenting a facade of repercussions for having an anti-free speech professor in the school of journalism.
She can’t teach at the school of journalism but she can at the school of communications? She’s going to communicate her fascist, anti-free speech blather. She can also review papers!
This is how far we’ve come under the so-called liberals. It’s actually fascism. That’s funny or ironical or insane. Choose one.
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